December 12th 2017
By Free Press Reporter Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017 10:58 EAT

Star newspaper hires David Makali as Radio Africa seeks new relevance in tight market

A management source in The Star informed this newspaper that Makali's hiring is part of a new effort by the Radio Africa Group "to reposition The Star as the third largest newspaper that it used to be until recently."


Kenya 'dancing near the brink of dissolution', top British paper warns

The risks that this stand-off degenerates into something worse are real. There is no obvious political solution that would halt momentum in the wrong direction. A settlement that reassures all of Kenya’s ethnic groups that they have an equal political opportunity, and future elections will be free a


Kitui County ups accountability as it receives Sh600 million

The CBEF will comprise representatives of various community stakeholders such as churches, professionals, trade organizations, youth, labour organizations, the elderly, people with disability and community based groups to ensure continuous consultation on budget matters and economic planning in the

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