January 20th 2018

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Uhuru leaves for Sudan amid outrage from Kenyans over corruption

After the president's updated news of his departure on Facebook, thousands of Kenyans responded angrily, with many asserting that the trip was an escape from the crisis over the loss of Sh5 billion scandal where the president's family members and confidants have featured prominently.

By Free Press Reporternewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comSaturday, 29 Oct 2016 16:01 EAT

A photo showing the president departing from JKIA. (Photo: Courtesy/The President's Facebook page)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has left the country for an official visit to Sudan, leaving behind a trail of desperation over corruption. Moments before the presiden'ts departure, a top opposition official had threatened a call for street protests (mass action) in protest against the vice. The opposition coalition CORD's co-chair and Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama said Kenyans "should no longer watch" as the resources budgeted for the nation's development went to waste.

While Mr Muthama expectedly gave his statement in the name of voiceless Kenyans, some of the voiceless found a way to vent their anger directly to the president or at least his handlers. After the news of the president's departure was updated on his official Facebook page, thousands of Kenyans responded angrily to the post, with many asserting that the trip was an escape from the crisis over the loss of Sh5 billion from the Ministry of Health, in a scandal where the president's family members and confidants have featured prominently.

The president's own supporters who said they had voted for him in 2013 expressed the most disappointment.

Below is a sample of the responses, in the order they were posted-


Kimani Sarah You couldn't stand the heat and the fact that your family is thieving our taxes while you are just looking,prepare your luggage's to leave,Tumechoka

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Wainaina Wa Wambûi The worst president in Kenya's history. I gave you my vote, a stupid mistake I can't wait for 2017 to rectify.

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Martin Van Ngigi Before you arrive in Sudan Mr. President, they'll have stollen some other Billions. Please address the issue of Corruption if you really care about your electorate and this Country.

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Anthony Njuru I just imagine a point where you are in a battlefield, in the middle of fierce and clueless enemy and the commander of your squad say "I don't know what to do now?" This means that the whole squad will die helplessly.
President Uhuru is tired of fight...See More

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Richard Nyakinya Leaving your country under serious corruption crisis without any comment. You think you will escape this. You think you are more human than other people with the same organs as you. I am ashamed of sharing the same country with you. I loathe you.

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Martin Njoroge May God protect you my president as you go to Sudan, please, deal with this issues of corruption it becoming a bad thing even to those who support you sir plz,plz.

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Stewart Mutwiri Thigunku You don't care about Kenyans who voted for you... that's y ministries are looting BILLIONS and as president you have NO IDEA what to do about it.. GOD is watching!!!

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Ben Mpenda Rhumba Duale will b giving a Press statement to the acting President Mike Sonko, at 7pm today on the corruption, he is still cooking the report,

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George Karugu We are here still been lectured by baba"..tuko episode 5b.when are u sir addressing the current situation??imagine ata pesa ya mum ya beyond zero wamepora akikimbia marathon,

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Irene Gituma Wewe endelea tu na "departing from JKIA to wherever "stories as your men continue milking our cofus dry. What a disappointment!

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James Thirikwa Give me 10 reasons Mr Uhuru Kenyatta for me to vote you in 2017,You are a big let down,I had hope in you but the embarrassment is to MUCH!

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Moses Arap Mitei Establish a firing squad to kill all corrupt friends of yours in the government. And Kindly accept my application for the lead firer. I will kill them all.

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Harry Mugoh Harris Even if u tour the whole world it's meaningless to kenyans if u can't lead the fight against corruption from the front. Bure kabisa!

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Gitau Njoroge May God have mercy on Kenya. May He protect the citizenry from evil people, the greedy, the opportunists, the corrupt and kleptomaniacs. Also, those who have no heart even to offend the sick, the vulnerable, destitute, widowed, orphaned and oppressed. ...See More

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Maxwell Lebo Since i voted for you in 2013, i have decided to skip my right to vote in 2017, wacha Estema Agencies Eshter Makanga, Peter Njaira, ypour nephew Kihanya and all the beneficiaries of "Afya house billions" do the voting for you this time. Am your staunch supporter but to be real am disappointed in your leadership. Raila is not the alternative either, so i better omit my vote nilale hiyo siku.

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Kanyi Samuel Deal with corruption first. or are you going to plot for another scandal you have failed this country. Worst President ever

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Keiyo Kimaru Joel If my people,which are called by my name,shall humble themselves and pray,and seek my face,and turn from their wicked ways;then will I hear from heaven,and I will forgive their sin,and will heal their land.
☞☞2 Chronicles 7:14☜☜

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Murang'a Thairu I have always supported you and your government Mr. President but now you have just gone way too far! How can you sit back and watch all the plundering of public resources that is happening in our nation and fail to do ANYTHING??!! For Heavens sake, YO...See More

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Prince James Thank you Mr president for your hard work. Kindly make sure all these corrupt officials face the law as soon as possible. We don't want investigations please

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Mark Paul Kaminwa The country is in flames and you are busy crisscrossing the world.Go and don't come back.

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Ndugu Ishmael corruption meen! mwalimu Dida looks more presidential than yu.Y can't yu be man enough and tackle the manace even if yu loose coalition friends Kenyans we are behind yu.hata ya wamama wanaozaa nayo inaibwa?

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Anthony Ndegwa Sir my my first vote I voted for you was back in 2002 and 2013 because I do believe in your ability to transform this nation but sir as their say when the dog bark you just don't ignore kindly your this corruption criss is to much Mr President do something urgently.

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Michael Thuo Why are you traveling at this tyme when kenya needs you more, You are not serious with fighting graft, what is muranguli doing in the office. You said you cant do anything about corruption but remember MY VOTE CAN.

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Charles Onjiko Hizi msafara zote zenye umesafiri kuna yenye umetuletea kama wakenya? Kumbuka corruption ime tuzidi, Ithink their is no need of paying Tax, bcz it benefit's some Individuals while citizens are going hungry and no medication, this must be dealt with.SAFE JOURNEY SIR.

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Muhoro Wa Phita The biggest mistake I ever did has to be on that 4th Mar 2013 when I had to endure the scorching sun the whole day to vote you in n the best I get in return is welcoming grand scandal after every grand scandal as you sit n watch. You've really disappointed we the electorate who voted you in.

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Enkushuai E Esho Safe journey but travelling to south sudan when we are in the midst of major scandal is a slap on the face of kenyans.ADDRESS CORRUPTION.

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Cos Junior We voted for you & we are hugely disappointed !!You have failed us greatly

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Enos Olango Hehe Sonko has been waiting for this moment kesho utaskia ati he is the president at long last

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Blessed De Marto tell the people of sudan corruption is our swag nowadays and we are not leaving it soon

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Newton Davinceburet Should you be leaving for Sudan with this mess in the country now?! Really?

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Kiprotich Gilbert Gillie Jubilee guys have totally failed us. I regret voting you in 2013. That is the worst mistake i have committed in my life.

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John Karuga Your own base is Fed up of you had so much faith with but time has proven otherwise.Kenyans are frustrated and angry ready to send you to jail.

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Abdi Hakim plz tel us before u departure to sudan....billions of money stolen from the health ministry ...

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Symo Kamaa Mr President with all due respect kindly do something on this issues of corruption or else we show u way out in next years polls.

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Vincent Bosire Safe flight your excellence, although you have failed me on the issue of corruption

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Kiprono Jepkwony Victor my prezoo why don't you learnt from president Magufuli and deal with corruption in Kenya? if your words do work i thnk now our country could be compare to develop countries.

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Nicholas O. Ondiek Don't leave Sonko to act like the other day, it was embarrassing to the Nation Sir.

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Abdi Said surely you can't be leaving when the country needs you the most on matters corruption. what can you say about your kin's involvement

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Rocky Royce Thomas Just remain there Mr.President coz there's no difference when u here or not

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Murathime Julia Ok,,, greet em all,,,,n remind em iam still a hustler,,,despite em enjoying emselves in our motherland more than me

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Jacob Muraya Uhuru you are the best president in Kenya but the people around you makes me regret why I voted for you

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Hosea Dotkye Baba ako season 5 episode 3 ya corruption hope your watching this

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Haki Mi Ni John As you can see its 15 minutes and you have 100+ comments 

And 50+ replies .check yourself my president .things are going beyond your reach ...See More

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Moses Okoth loitering around while kenya is dying of corruption.bure kabisa

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Bouy Adrian Kazi yako ni Kutembea tu while Kenya is rotting due to tribalism and corruption being led by your kinsmen....!!!

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Will G Mathu Mr President put a leash on those sisters,cousins,buddies of yours.They are a disgrace to your govt.Dont be a disgrace if you are not one already.


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