February 23rd 2018

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Used to roaming Kenyan towns, Chinese contractors find Naivasha a hard nut to crack

The manager indicated to the Kenya Free Press that three incidents had been reported involving the Chinese workers, sending fears to the contractors that there were armed criminals targeting the Chinese nationals.

By Free Press Correspondentnewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comSunday, 09 Oct 2016 13:34 EAT

Police in Naivasha rescued a Chinese contractor last week in an incident that has sent the local Chinese workers panicking about their security in the area. Flying Squad officers from Nairobi and Nakuru tracked down three suspected kidnappers who were handling the kidnapped man to Longonot along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway last Thursday.

Chinese workers building the Standard Gauge Railway line in Mai Mahiu breathed a sigh of relief after their colleague, who had been carjacked on the Nairobi-Naivasha road, was rescued unhurt. The man was driving from Naivasha Thursday morning when he was carjacked.

Flying Squad officers arrested the three suspects and promised to get to the bottom of a suspected cell of criminals targeting Chinese workers. A Kenyan supervisor with the Chinese firm building the railway confided to the Kenya Free Press that the Chinese contractors have appealed for increased security in the Naivasha area, which has witnessed more attacks on the Chinese people and cases of theft than anywhere else Chinese workers have been stationed.

The Naivasha sub-county commissioner Isaac Masinde, whose area has witnessed increased incidents of crime including highway robberies, also coordinated with the Flying Squad personnel on the arrest of the suspects. He told journalists that the police recovered all the money which had been stolen from the kidnapped Chinese worker, who was immediately taken to his colleagues.

The Kenyan manager indicated to the Kenya Free Press that three incidents had been reported involving the Chinese workers over the last three months, causing fear among  the contractors that there were armed criminals targeting Chinese nationals.

In a separate incident, Flying Squad officers gunned down three suspected armed robbers in Mirera area and recovered a pistol and three rounds of ammunition that the criminals had in their possession. The three were apprehended after tipoff from members of the public who have been on high alert following increased robbery incidents in Mirera and Karagita areas.

The police confiscated the gateway car and arrested the driver who was accompanying the three suspects. Area chief Hussein Guyo told journalists that after the police received the tipoff, they went into Mirera and flagged down the car, which was moving around with the suspects inside, probably being shown around the business premises they would target in their upcoming operation.

The car defied the order to stop and instead opened fire at the officers, who responded in kind, killing the three, the chief said. Local security officials have appealed for increased cooperation from members of the public in fighting crime.


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