February 25th 2018

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Peter Kenneth assures supporters he's no spoiler, sets sights on Uhuru succession

To his supporters' surprise, Mr Kenneth entertained suggestions that he will be the Kikiyu candidate for the 2022 elections. This plan was revealed by a strong supporter Simon Karanja, who advised him, "Do not decouple 2022 politics from your bid. That way you will win andu a nyumba."

By Free Press Reporternewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comSaturday, 20 May 2017 16:59 EAT

Mr Kenneth (second right), seen in this photo with President Kenyatta and his predecessor Mwai Kibaki. The Nairobi governorship independent candidate has set his eyes on Uhuru succession.

Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Peter Kenneth has elicited strong opposition among Jubilee Party supporters who see him as a spoiler for the party's candidate Mike Sonko rather than as a realistic contender for the seat.

Mr Kenneth was forced to blog on Facebook most of this morning, responding to random accusations by some Jubilee Party members who flooded his page with accusations that he was a spoiler whose bid would only ease the election for incumbent governor Evans Kidero of ODM.

While he managed to maintain his cool in most of the responses, the candidate at times appeared angry to incessant appeals that he should have accepted the results of the Jubilee primaries in which Mr Sonko beat him handily.

For example, when Geoffrey Githinji Wachira wrote, clearly unfairly, that the candidate was "becoming sort of a foolish guy......... You are always a spoiler and for that reason I will never vote for you...Ata urundi muranga, siwezi kupea...Your decisions are lame. You are out to make money through sponsors...", Mr Kenneth responded curtly, "A foolish man is one who is not courageous enough to respect others decision."

The response raised concern from another blogger Sylvia Kendi Mwirabua who asked the candidate, "So now you are insulting?" reflecting that she had not expected the candidate to be so stern in his response. 

To his supporters' surprise, Mr Kenneth entertained suggestions that he will be the Kikiyu candidate for the 2022 elections. This plan, which Mr Kenneth kept guarded throughout his campaign for the Jubilee nomination, came in response to a proposal from his supporter Simon Karanja, who advised him, "Do not decouple 2022 politics from your bid. That way you will win andu a nyumba. Let them know ati gikuyu twi ugwatini twaga kwihuga."

Mr Kenneth answered in the affirmative - "I hear you", resulting in a rebuke by other supporters who felt he was playing politics but earning the praise of others who would want him to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta. Sylvia Kendi Mwirabua, who trolled the candidate, said this was "Nonsense", as did Javan Otieno who called in "Rubbish". 

Antony Mwangi was disappointed that Kenneth was openly playing tribal politics. "Another reason why we it might take long before we become a truly developed and sophisticated nation. If this is the way we are thinking, then we have a long way to go," he wrote.

Other supporters declared that his ambition for Kikuyu leadership was a pipe dream. Leah Nyamatu Nyambura wrote, "Mmmmh PK can and should never not be the kikuyu king or leader he is too selfish and proud.... am so sure he would have collaborated with wacolony if it was during the mau mau days..."

But Simon Karanja said the candidate should be wary of deputy president William Ruto. "Kenyatta handed power to the harmless seeming Moi only for him to make the Kikuyu nation "fit in an envelope". We now have one of his best students busy conspiring to send us into political leadership oblivion. It is all out there for the non-ignorant to see.

"To the ignorants they have been made to believe that we owe a particular person or tribe or probably that we have got to buy peace for our people in the Rift come 2022.Tutiri thiiri!!"

Leah Nyamatu Nyambura Simon Karanja, differed, "Well I understand your point of view but surely Kikuyus know that very well when 2022 comes it will be a different ball."

Overall, most reactions on Mr Kenneth's wall were critical, even though the former MP had some passionate supporters as well. Below is a collection of some comments.

Victor Kariuki Your political future is DONE and DUSTED.Everything is about you and not anyone else.
You've been on political sabbatical,came back bc you just want to be governor.Voters rejected you,yet you want to spoil for Jubilee. 

Mwangi Wa Kinyanjui You can work no doubt about that, however, the unfairness of the party primaries ought to have worked in your favor. Sonko won fairly. Agree demolishing your party was a political suicide. I also think you stepping out will be more honorable than losing in August. A loss in August will set you on the steepest descent to oblivion. All in all I wish you well but honestly independent candidature has no place in Nairobi.

Peter Achayo While I applaud your candidacy and your challenge to the incumbent, I have a question to you as well.. Do you think Uhuruto need a second chance based on their record?

Carol Ngochi You are only popular on social media not on the ground to the common mwaninchi..like Sonko.. Sonko strongly fought for Uhuru in their case in ICC u never stood with them but u did exactly wat u are doing right now spoiling Jubilee votes..Mungu anakuona most people have lost trust in u and I now think u have no chance of leading this nation..U should accept defeat and people will respect u Uhuru lost to Kibaki & accepted but He is now the president.. May God help u see the light...

Bonnie Muigai Everyone has a democratic right to vie for any position as long you meet the constitutional requirements. On the other hand every voter has a democratic right to elect a leader of his choice. So I don't understand the reason as to why Sonko supporters feels like they have a greater right than the rest of us who believe in PK's leadership. No one is obligated to vote for someone because of party politics, so that ideology of 'unaharibia Sonko' is one based on ignorance.

Kipkoech Simatwa Hello Mr. PK, true Patriots are those who put the interest of their country ahead of personal interests. I am absolutely convinced that the voice and will of people was manifested in the primaries in April that their choice was Mike Sonko. Dignified and worthy competitors are those that throw in the towel and accept the outcome of a process and move on.

In my estimation you are just embarrassing yourself by working straight into another humiliating defeat. My two pence advice is to shelf your selfish ambition and to support Mike Sonko the candidate who was nominated by the majority. Jubilee is a bigger house you will be given an chance to serve Kenyans in another capacity. Remember Mr. PK that the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Geoffrey Githinji Wachira Always a looser, Better Kabogo than you....... Always a spoiler, you spoilt for uhuru 2013... Now you are again spoiling for Sonko. Shame on you..... I voted for you at Nominations but this time round ..... No more.

Anderson Mwangi You will loose again simple because you think people will vote for you simple coz you came from mt Kenya first you are not in Jubilee so from now on talk about your party but talk this to the bank you will loose again

Caroline Njuguna You should see what he has done for us in Gatanga. Whether he is a project of nasa or trump I don't care as long as I live in a Nairobi that is clean and traffic free. Count on my vote Peter Kenneth.


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