February 25th 2018

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PNU leaders want Kiraitu to account for Sh1 billion miraa support fund

Mr Murungi is well known for undercutting upcoming politicians in Meru. In the just-concluded party primaries, he misled Kawira Mwangaza, to join the Jubilee Party on the promise of direct ticket, only to subject her to a totally flawed nomination process in favour of the senator’s loyalist Kajuju.

By Liza Makenalmakena@kenyafreepress.comWednesday, 10 May 2017 13:37 EAT

PNU aspirants have strongly condemned Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi's allegations that their party leader Peter Munya is sponsoring opposition activities in the Meru region.

Led by Mr Mukunya Muthumbi, the aspirant for Tetu parliamentary seat in Nyeri, the leaders asked Mr Murungi, who is vying for the Meru governorship against incumbent Munya, to face the governor in a free poll rather than introducing what they called "sideshows". 

They also challenged Mr Murungi to "come clean" on the Sh1 billion that the national government recently allocated for alleviating the production and marketing challenges facing the miraa crop, claiming that miraa farmers were being apprehensive about the whereabouts of the money.

Below is the leaders' statement issued to media houses today.



We the undersigned leaders and electoral candidates of the Party of National Unity have been horrified by the reckless remarks by Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi alleging that our party leader, Governor Peter Munya, is working for the NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

PNU was the first party to endorse the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta last October 28th. This unequivocal position was overwhelmingly endorsed by the PNU Delegates Conference, the highest decision-making organ of the party, at the Bomas of Kenya. The whole country is aware of this truth, except seemingly Senator Murungi.

As all keen observers of contemporary Meru politics know, Senator Murungi is a footnote in today’s Meru politics and no amount of sideshows against Governor Munya will salvage his dwindling political clout. The senator has had over 25 years in politics to implement his vision for the development of the Meru region and failed miserably.

In fact, his latest pet project for the Meru region, which is the government allocation of Sh1 billion towards the Miraa sector, has become a cropper and farmers are apprehensive as to what became of the money.

On the specific allegation that Governor Munya is working with opposition leader Raila Odinga, there is no one in the whole of the Meru community with as close ties to Mr Odinga and his family as Senator Murungi’s, a relationship spanning several decades.

Alongside Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and his son Raila Odinga, Mr Murungi was a founding life member of Ford Kenya and even won a political seat under Ford Kenya when the Mt. Kenya region largely rallied behind Mwai Kibaki and Ken Matiba in 1992.

Mr Murungi is well known for misusing and undercutting upcoming politicians in Meru and Mr Munya is no exception in evil schemes. In the just-concluded party primaries, the senator misled a descent aspiring women representative, Ms Kawira Mwangaza, to join the Jubilee Party on the promise of direct ticket, only to subject her to a totally flawed nomination process in favour of the senator’s loyal follower Florence Kajuju.

On his own admission of having misled the President on the dissolution of Jubilee affiliate parties, one would expect Mr Murungi to recognize that he is the least qualified person to comment on political party programmes.

He probably does, but having sensed defeat by Governor Munya, he is desperately trying to endear himself to the Jubilee Party establishment in the false hope that President Kenyatta might have some magic of handling him the Meru governorship. He must be reminded that votes are with the people and not power cartels.

As PNU leaders, we stand firmly with Governor Munya and will not hesitate to defend our gallant and brave leader who has shown us the way. We are strongly in support of President Kenyatta.


Mukunya Muthumbi, parliamentary aspirant, Tetu – 0720-439547

John Lalaito, parliamentary aspirant, Kajiado South – 0722-333615

Khalif Abubakara, parliamentary aspirant, Bure – 0721-115205

Beth Mengo, civic aspirant, Kayole Ward – 0721-699935


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