February 17th 2018

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With Meru at crossroads, Munya can reach prize if he humbles self

Let us die seeking the true social, political and economic justice for our people. Anyone propagating a Jubilee agenda in Meru is not sincere and is against the wishes of the Meru Community. We vote in faith, we live in tears and we begin the cycle of campaigns in bitterness.

By Mithika Daniel Impwimithikadaniel@gmail.comTuesday, 06 Dec 2016 15:06 EAT

A campaign chopper branded in Governor Munya's PNU party.

Of all the key voting blocs in Kenya, there is hardly undergoing as fascinating a period as Mt. Kenya East. I'll limit myself to two counties today: Tharaka Nithi and Meru. I pity Tharaka Nithi people, when they rejoice in being referred to as a stronghold of votes, but never of agriculture because their land disputes are the fiercest under the sun. The impenetrable Tharaka North and South will never attract investors in this millennium, and boarder disputes will be an adage passed to the next five generations of their miserable children because they have chosen to believe in Jubilee. May God open their eyes.

Regarding Meru County and our support for the Jubilee government, I just think we must be highly gifted fools who should seek atonement. But no, we are not fools, we have fallen victims of hoax. And we rely for our political guidance on decisions elsewhere. As a community, we should love our neighbours but also remember we are not them. We should not be asked to join Jubilee simply because we are a vote bloc that has voted a particular way before and yet seen no life-transforming developmental projects.

Jubilee has not done much for Meru County. The only recognisable project I can think of is the Huduma Centre. However, unlike Tharaka Nithi we have leaders who can stand out and gain the respect of their national peers. We have senator Kiraitu wa Murungi, the leader of the Meru people for much of the past two decades. There is also Dr Kilemi Mwiria, the respected former assistant minister who is a good friend of the Jubilee administration.

However, none of these leaders has captured the imagination of all Merus in the recent past as has Governor Peter Munya. Even though Mr Munya has been my MP for long and governor for four years now, I have never been his fan. Yet I have come to acknowledge that he is the only leader who carries the dreams of the current generation of Meru people. Mr Munya is a leader we should strive to nurture, by which I mean we should support his propulsion to national prominence while also pointing out his weaknesses.

Now, Mr Munya has presided over rampant corruption in Meru County. But that shortcoming is incomparable with Uhuruto's. At least, he has a sense of what development means. After all, if Merians wanted a development oriented governor, they had the best choice, second only to Dr Mutua of Machakos: And that is Dr Kilemi Mwiria.

Mr Munya, however, can catch up if we support him to strengthen his PNU party, to defy the damned dominion of the Jubilee, to give us as a community a self-standing role in politics. With that, we would attract development in the near future. Mr Munya wants us to reach for the national share, but rightful national share not handouts stolen from a good taxpayer like myself.

We have been threatened that we beware that some people will lose lives in this campaign, we speak in one voice lest we face what is in store. I say let it come. Let us die seeking the true social, political and economic justice for our people. Anyone propagating a Jubilee agenda in Meru is not sincere and is against the wishes of the Meru Community. We vote in faith, we live in tears and we begin the cycle of campaigns in bitterness.

Peter Munya is a politician of his worth. His worth because he is calculative, manipulative, arrogant, a gifted liar but above all, very emotional but articulate. I recently watched with pain when road construction equipment: bulldozers, backhoe's, trucks, excavators etc, arrived in various markets that the blessed governor visited. Why now? He wanted to tell the people thy should re-elect so that 'kazi iendelee'. He had demonstrated that those machines can work. That was the story.

Next, he embarked on the usual tired African rhetoric of 'I belong, I am yours, they hate us,' etc. All fine, but how is one ours? Ours in spirit or in the body? Do these things matter? I considered his choice of the action people, his choice of rhetorics, his naive display of all that, and pitied him a little. I pitied him given that his rivals are engaging university students, strategists, logisticians, propagandists and mobilisers way before the action day. Yes, there are various approaches against Kiraitu that are very interesting. The answers are ready.

Mr Munya should improve his approach to appeal to the majority that he does not appeal to. In fact, he requires a thorough postmeetings analysis before the next. He is becoming so predictable that the Merians too think that he is assuming them so predictable. The governor carries the same group of people to speak and grace his occasions in every journey.

If the people working in the county government campaign for the governor, COG chairmanship will be the highest political office he shall hav had to reach, and 2017 would be his last political year. Kings are dressed by others, yet they walk in grace. Mr Munya cannot be everything about himself.

The writer, a graduate of Kenyatta University, is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Meru County.

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