January 23rd 2018

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Wajir Muslims turn up massively for Idd-Ul-Fitr, with Khutba content of peace

The prayers was led by Sheik Abdulrahman Saman. Speaking to this reporter after the prayers was the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims chairperson Dr Adan Y. Sheikh, who said the event turned out successfully and appreciated the national security team led by local county commissioner.

By Abdirahman Rashid Farahabdirahmancajab@gmail.comSunday, 25 Jun 2017 17:33 EAT

A section of the group that turned up for Idd prayers at Orahey Grounds in Wajir Town.

Hundreds of Muslims from Wajir County turned in large numbers to break Ramadhan and celebrate Idd prayers as the holy month came to an end. Wajir people prayed at three different grounds including Orahey Grounds, the Wajir Stadium grounds and Hodhan Grounds, all of which are within the Wajir Town centre and suburbs.

Locals also celebrated with their family members across the county in order to mark the celebration, providing local politicians to address worshippers, share their wishes for the season and, of course, to ask for votes for the forthcoming general elections.

But according to Governor Ahmed Abdullahi, the day was special for all Muslims and all prayers should take place. He said politics have sufficient time away from religious events where they can plead for votes. Outgoing Tarbaj MP Mohamed Elmi similarly asked worshippers to promote peace during this season and beyond.

Several leaders eyeing different seats in the county sent their wishes to the worshippers, among them senatorial candidate Dr Abdullahi Ali Kabreta and Wajir East MP candidate Dr Ali Muhumed.

The prayers was led by Sheik Abdulrahman Saman. After the prayer ended, speaking to Kenya Free Press was the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims chairperson Dr Adan Y. Sheikh, who said the event turned out successfully and appreciated the national security team led by local county commissioner.

Dr Sheikh said the county security team had camped at all the popular sites since last night to ensure security is tight and allow the worshippers to make their prayers unhindered by any security scare.

“We planned this invent two weeks ago with help of all Imams of Wajir County and other top clerics of Wajir. We ensured security was tight and the events have turned out colourfully,” he said, revealing that to him this year’s Idd was better than any other he had seen.

              Dr Sheikh, Supkem chairman.

Dr Sheikh said the content of the Khutba this year was peace and urged Muslims to live in peace with each other and other neighbours. He said out of the eight sub counties in Wajir the topic was on peace.

He also said that the county had received from President Kenyatta special program food to distribute for all eight sub counties for Muslims to celebrate the festivals with it. The program was led by the county commissioner and Wajir Supkem team.

“Now we are in the process of distributing this food and we are targeting the poor people,” said the chairman, who said all the people of Wajir appreciate the relief assistance from the president.

“We are in drought season and this food will help the effected people across the county,” he said, adding that the team received 3,360 bags of rice. Dr Sheikh, who holds a PhD in Islamic law from Saudi Arabia, said the local Supkem branch was implementing several programmes in the region.

He gave some of these as including the advocacy for peace in the county, preaching harmony between Muslims and other religions in the county particularly the Christian faith, organising religious functions in the county and bringing together all Imams across the county.

He also said that the group had taken up some non-religious functions such as promoting dialogue between warring communities, fighting violent extremism, acting as a watchdog on matters of bad politics and looking out for leaders who spread hate speech. The group also has the role of fighting vices like pornography and generally promoting the image of the Islamic religion.

Abdirahman Rashid Farah is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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