January 22nd 2018

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Jubilee man Abdi Mohamud soars in Wajir governor's race

Whatever the team does in terms of campaign and rallies must be a unifying step to this beautiful county, which is why we have gone to include other parts of this county into our campaign calendar of events."

By Mohamed Gedi and Abdirahman Rashid Farahabdirahmancajab@gmail.comSunday, 04 Jun 2017 12:33 EAT

Mr Mohamud is showered with milk by Ogaden clan leaders at Diif last week, an evocation of the community's acceptance of his candidature.

Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, a former school teacher who rose up to become cabinet minister in the Kibaki government, is being touted as the next governor of Wajir County, his campaign coalescing wide sections of society here and raising hopes for the Jubilee Party in this ODM-dominated region.

"Mwalimu pekee" (the teacher is fit) is the commonly used phrase by pundits here when it comes to the gubernatorial election, in which Mr Mohamud faces candidates from ODM and PDR parties. In a recent countywide tour, Mr Mohamud, leading other Jubilee candidates for parliamentary and civic seats, received remarkable welcome and endorsements from local leaders throughout the county's six constituencies.

The six-day entourage entered phase one of a meet-the-people tour from Griftu, a town at the border between Wajir West and Eldas sub-counties, 47km west of Wajir Town. At that event, the team deposited their manifesto. This website was informed that the team’s reason to take its manifesto launch to Griftu was to project unity and all inclusivity kind of.

Ahmed Shakur alias Ndudgu Shaks, a vocal social media campaigner of Team Ambassador, said: "Whatever the team does in terms of campaign and rallies must be a unifying step to this beautiful county, which is why we have gone to include other parts of this county into our campaign calendar of events. Our politics is documented by evidence’’

The sharing model of the Mohamud’s line-up in the top county seats configures all the three main clans, namely Degodia, Ogaden and Ajuran, who appear solidly as opposed to other slackly held-up contending line-ups in the sense of governor, deputy governor and senator respectively - a value that skyrockets the Mohamud-led bandwagon as the ‘ostrich’ of Wajir politics.

During the manifesto launch at Griftu, key among the points the team touched on included: Government of all inclusivity, improved health facilities, improved water systems, the realisation and implementation of the Ward Development Fund.

In what the team referred to as pesa mashinani, the Ward Development Fund was adopted by the local assembly through The Ward Development Fund Bill 2014  which has not been implemented by the current leaders since passed. The Bill had set aside thirty percent of the county development fund for the thirty wards of the county. 

If implemented, this law could bring to the table of every ward Sh40 million every budget year. Mr Mohamud has now promised to implement. The incumbent governor - Ahmed Abdullahi - faces criticism of centralising resources, corruption allegations, high selectivity in tender awarding’, personality defects, imp and general failure in the opinion of some who have done business with the county.

The ambassador's campaign tour took to him all the six constituencies before terminating at Diif, far south of the capital Wajir, where the campaigners enjoyed a charm welcome made up of lulus, cultural performances and lots of shoulder highs as it brought together vast backgrounds of people summarising who is who in Wajir County, from business people seasoned/incumbent politicians, pundits, vetran politicians, religious leaders, community local elders.

The team surprised many when they got an electric welcome in the places anticipated to be the stronghold of the incumbent governor and the PDR’s governorship candidate Mr Ahmed Muhumed alia Cato. His line-up included Dr Ali Abdullahi Kabreta, the senate hopeful who laid the team’s score-card during the Wajir North’s stop over.

Dr Kabreta, a former two-time MP for Wajir North, preached the message of peace and harmony, urging the voters to shun anything that can endanger the unity of the people of Wajir. Their meet-the-people tour came a time when inter clan clashes arose at Batalu, the border town of Wajir East and Wajir North where two men lost their lives,.

However the border feuds came to a successful and peaceful ending after quick intervention between the Degodia, Ajuran elders and no party is crying foul afterwards. The Jubilee team was credited with initiating some of the moves that led to the quick resolution of the clashes.

On June 1, Mr Mohamud had a date with the IEBC which has now cleared him to run for the governor's position. This was a monumental time when his candidacy matured from aspirant governor to now the Jubilee governor candidate - a man whose political ambition is viewed by many as the brightest of all in this governor's race.

The writers are contributing reporters for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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