January 22nd 2018

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Jubilee revokes Nyambati's bid for Nyamira governor, Kiangoi in, women rep post still dicey

Nyamira leaders informed the party that it is only Mochama who has a chance of beating whoever gets the ODM ticket between incumbent John Nyangarama and Dr James Gesami.

By Free Press Correspondentnewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comMonday, 17 Apr 2017 15:13 EAT

Nyamira woman representative Alice Chae, whom the four aspirants are vying to depose.

The Jubilee Party is encouraging candidates for gubernatorial and other positions in Nyamira County to negotiate amongst themselves who to take the party ticket. The candidates who local party leaders want out are enticed with the prospects of being given jobs or be nominated into senate or MCA after the elections.

Some are encouraged to move to Jubilee friendly parties and are given some funding. Those who adamantly refuse to budge are threatened with disqualification from the party's ticket, according to multiple sources who briefed the Kenya Free Press about intricate discussions ongoing in the local branch.

It has now emerged that it is this kind of process that was used to entice Charles Mochama and Erneo Nyakiba out of the governor race leaving Mr Walter Nyambati as the sole contender for party's ticket. Mochama was promised the soon-to-be-vacant East African Assembly slot which is currently occupied by Joseph Kiangoi through ODM but who is now the self-declared Jubilee Party candidate for the Nyamira senate seat. Nyakiba was encouraged to move to PDP where he was promised some funding by the party.

However, after the uproar that was raised by leaders from the county, Jubilee leaders are considering reversing this decision so that Mr Nyambati waits for the East African Assembly seat and let Mochama become the candidate. Nyamira leaders informed the party that it is only Mochama who has a chance of beating whoever gets the ODM ticket between incumbent John Nyangarama and Dr James Gesami.

After Nyamira professionals demanded this reversal, reliable sources informed this website, Mr Kiangoi and Mr Nyambati were urgently summoned to Nairobi on Sunday, and the senator slot has resolved amicably - leaving Mr Kiangoi as the sole candidate. We could not establish what promises the party made Mr Kiangoi's opponents Timothy Rioba and Hellen Makone.

Mr Rioba, a fresh university graduate has a big following from the youths in the county and it must have been a big relief to Kiangoi when he was convinced to opt out. Ms Makone is the only woman vying for  senate or even MP for national assembly and Nyamira people, especially women, are wondering why anybody would want to a convince her opt out at a time when women numbers in parliament are supposed be boosted.

Negotiations are ongoing in the wards for MCA candidates. However, negotiations for women representative aspirants stalled because the four women involved could not agree. The four are Josephine Kerubo Nyarera, Catherine Moraa Nyamato, Jerusa Mongina Momanyi and Ann Nyaera Omwega.

Ms Momanyi, a retired primary school teacher, comes from Bogetutu while the other three are from Bogirango. She ran in 2013 and came second, and is using this experience as her strong point. Her opponents argue that she should not take the ticket given that the govenor's ticket will go to Bogetutu, and that there are seven other women aspirants from Bogetutu (including the incumbent) vying on various other parties. It is also widely felt here that the women representative should go to Borabu as the region's leaders had agreed.

Ms Nyarera, a former high school English teacher and teacher trainer, who was born, bred and is married in Borabu, feels she is best placed to deliver a win for the party if given the ticket. She ran in 2013 on a Wiper ticket but lost to the incumbent Alice Chae on an ODM ticket. Then as now, Wiper and ODM were in CORD. The electorate were rallied behind the CORD candidate. Her other advantages are that she is also from Bogirango, West Mugirango. Her husband has her roots in Bogetutu.

Ms Nyamato, 70, a retired civil servant and one time nominated MP (the first Kisii woman to go to parliament) also comes from Borabu, having switched her residency from West Mugirango, where she has been vying for MP since 1992, about five years ago. Ironically, when her opponents see her advanced age as a weakness this is what she says is her strongest point. She also well-resourced, having held with her husband senior positions in the Moi government.

Nothing much can be said about Ann Omwega, the youngest of the lot, because she registered in the party and thereafter moved to Nairobi. Because of this, impasse we are reliably informed that there is a high powered negotiating team likely to meet these women so that it is agreed finally who will take the ticket. Otherwise Jubilee is determined to have no nomination exercises in the swing counties.


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