December 16th 2017

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Matungulu MCA says health projects launched by MP are 'fake'

"I want to tell Hon. Mule that he should stop white elephant projects, he should work with the county government, if he wants to build a dispensary he should collaborate with the county government because health was devolved," she said.

By Oscar NdundaTuesday, 11 Apr 2017 12:27 EAT

Ms Ndawa addressing residents of Matuu Estate Location in Matungulu. (Photo: Oscar Ndunda/Kenya Free Press).

Matungulu West Ward MCA Magdalene Ndawa has castigated Matungulu MP Mwana Mule saying that he is doing "white elephant" projects. Ms Ndawa, while addressing residents of Matuu Estate Location in Matungulu, blamed Mr Mule for not cooperating with the county government to initiate projects in the constituency.

Giving the example of the establishment of dispensaries, she said the MP should collaborate with the county government since health was a devolved function. "I want to appeal to Mr Mule to stop initiating more white elephants; he should work with the county government that is responsible for some of the issues he establishes projects for," she said.

Ms Ndawa added that the MP would soon find some of his projects unsupported by the county government, such as the hiring of doctors and nurses, providing medicines and other facilities which would be needed in the dispensaries. She claimed that some of the health projects Mr Mule had launched were not genuiene, which is why the county executive for health should have been present at their officiating.

The MCA distributed seedlings and commissioned a borehole and modern stalls to the people of Matuu Estate Location and urged them to support her bid for the parliamentary seat.

The writer is the news editor of the Kenya Free Press

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