December 16th 2017

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Mbooni MP Kisoi faces steep competition as he seeks re-election

His opponents expressed their feeling of satisfaction even on social media claiming that Munyao has awaken from the sleep after discovering that the elections are near posting comments which indicated that they will not support him.

By Joshua Mwangangijmwangangi@kenyafreepress.comTuesday, 14 Mar 2017 12:07 EAT

Mr Munyao.

Mbooni is one of the six constituencies of Makueni County and its current Member of National Assembly is Michael Kisoi Manthi Munyao. He was elected to the office after 2013’s general election through the ticket of Wiper Democratic Party movement-Kenya and his predecessor was former Makueni Senator, the late Mutula Kilonzo.

Mr Munyao will be defending his seat during the upcoming elections despite the emergency of other contesters. This time around he will seek that seat through the ticket of Jubilee ticket. The MP defected from Wiper to Jubilee last year and this has led to controversy among his supporters because Ukambani region Wiper is the dominant party which is under National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition.

Last year, Mr Munyao was ranked as one of the best performing MPs in Kenya. He has initiated a lot of projects such as Kikima water project, Tawa social hall, building of secondary schools and dispensaries, distribution of bursaries to the needy among other projects.  

Mr Munyao’s supporters had views to give on Facebook and they seemed to be pleased by the work he has done although they said the biggest challenge is the party he belongs to and one of them advised him to remain in Jubilee. “Very competent leader, ‘shida ni chama’, imagine Kenyan politics are based on political parties. I would advise you to rethink about working with jubilee,” commented Bonnie Mwanzia.

His opponents expressed their feeling of satisfaction even on social media claiming that Mr Munyao has awaken from the sleep after discovering that the elections are near posting comments which  indicated that they will not support him. “You have been privileged to be offered a position of influence yet you have not used that influence. All I remember about you is the initiative you started in conjunction with honorable Musimba to have our Governor impeached. As a person what have you done for Mbooni," said Peter Mule.

Other aspirants have emerged including Mary Mutinga who has been seen to be having the motherly love to the children. She promises to initiate food feeding programme to the schools in Mbooni constituency if elected during the upcoming general elections. “A child should never learn on an empty stomach. I will seek to establish a comprehensive school feeding program for Mbooni Constituency. This is my promise to our children”.

Mary said that she will work hand in hand with the Kamba political kinsman and NASA Co-principal Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. During recent days she has involved herself in development projects such as giving sanitary towels to the school girls and food staffs. She has also initiated a programme of making soap from the local resources such as Aloe Vera with the purpose of benefiting the residents of Mbooni.

Her influence to the people of Mbooni is earning her a lot of fame and she is likely to send Kisoi Munyao home whose political star is likely to dwindle as a result of defecting from Wiper to Jubilee party. During the recent visits by Wiper party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka to Makueni County, the other aspirants did not attend the meetings except Mary Mutinga and this added her popularity among the residents.

“Just a question, where were other Aspirants from Mbooni in this Caravan? People simply don't understand politics. The Party Leader is in your locality and you are nowhere to be seen. ‘Halafu utasikia Mama’ is being favored”, commented Kennedy Ndambuki.

Other aspirants include Festus Kasyoka Mbuva who intends to vie for the sit also using Wiper Party ticket and like the other leaders his supporters expressed their views even on social media

This seat has pulled a lot of interest to the number of aspirants and this means the game will be tough therefore the survival will be for the fittest. The biggest question is all about whether the incumbent MP will retain his position or he will be send home because of his party choice


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