December 18th 2017

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Gideon Moi seeking a share of Busia seats in 2017 polls

Ronald Ochalu, Anthony Odera and Julius Nyapidi (Angurai S), Benard Papa and Simon Oruchum (Malaba C), Moses Omuse (Angurai S), Leonard Emadau (Chakol N), Barasa Esiba (Angorom), Zakayo Ete (Malaba S), Paul Ibalai (Malaba N) and Martin Idewa and Joel Okomol (Malaba S) will run on Kanu.

By Tobbie WekesaMonday, 02 Jan 2017 13:38 EAT

Mr Moi and Teso North parliamentary aspirant Oku Kaunya. (Photo: Tobbie Wekesa/Kenya Free Press).

KANU National chairman and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has told the Iteso community of the many benefits from him if the community supports the party in 2017 general elections. Speaking in Amagoro, Busia County where he opened the party's Teso Sub Branch office on Saturday, Mr Moi said his father did a lot for the community including creating a district for them.

"I have come to the region where my father was the symbol of the Teso unity since independence. I promise to complete the projects Mzee Moi left when he retired in 2002. Fruits are many from the Moi family. We hold the Iteso community in high esteem. I praise Gerald Odikor who has remained steadfast in KANU for three decades," he said, paying homage to the local Kanu official.

Mr Moi said he was happy KANU is still "a force to reckon with in Teso region" with many aspirants already showing interest to contest for various seats  on KANU ticket. Among those who will vie for MCA seats includes Ronald Ochalu, Anthony Odera and Julius Nyapidi (Angurai South), Benard Papa and Simon Oruchum (Malaba Central), Moses Omuse (Angurai South), Leonard Emadau (Chakol North), Barasa Esiba (Angorom), Zakayo Ete (Malaba South), Paul Ibalai (Malaba North) and Martin Idewa and Joel Okomol (Malaba South).

KANU NEC member for Rift Valley Jonathan Bii said URP that "died a natural death" was not KANU's breed but for ODM. "We have brought  KANU fresh to revitalize the country. Malaba Central MCA Ishmael Orodi said NASA is the only solution to kicking Jubilee out of power and urged Moi to take that path.

The writer is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press

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