January 22nd 2018

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Ex-minister Katuku on a countrywide tour to popularize his new party

“This party is about a generational statement of change. Kenyans are tired of political parties that are nothing more than special purpose vehicles to elect selfish leaders or enclaves designed to protect tribal interests at the expense of the national good”.

By Phillip MuleeThursday, 27 Oct 2016 12:13 EAT

PTP leader John Mutua Katuku (Right) and party secretary general Joseph Mathuki (centre) at a past press confrence (Photo courtesy of star)

Former Cabinet Minister John Mutua Katuku has initiated countrywide tours to popularize People Trust Party (PTP) as the new electoral vehicle for candidates feeling left out in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party or the main opposition coalition CORD which is reportedly laying strategies for a ‘Super Alliance’.

Speaking to the Kenya Free Press after arriving from Tana River County, Mr Katuku said PTP is promoting a political platform of uprightness and  integrity among leaders interested in vying for elective seats under the party’s ticket. The party leader who was accompanied on the tour by the PTP Secretary General Joseph Mathuki aka Kekee who is also an aspirant for Masinga Parliamentary seat in Machakos County said the party would be fielding  candidates for all elective seats from the Presidency to MCA

.Katuku, the former Mwala MP did not disclose who would be the party’s Presidential candidate, saying his agenda first is to popularize the party. So far, he has toured several counties within the Rift Valley region among other areas. He said the party has managed to recruit members throughout the country and have been able to open over 30 offices in different Counties, adding that the process was not easy and ‘we thank the Almighty God for seeing us through’.

Katuku who is disappointed with graft within the Jubilee government as he condemned the latest reported looting of Sh5 billion at the Ministry of Health declared that those who do not meet integrity and moral test will not be allowed to join the party, despite being open to those above 18 years of age upon payment of Membership fee and ready to respect the Party constitution.

PTP, the former Water Minister and Finance Assistant Minister said is non –Allied and is determined to form the next government adding that it is open to Post Election Coalition with the like-minded parties if need be. “The Party believes in humbleness, fairness, justice and participation of the common citizens and that’s why the party symbol is a bicycle. Welcome on board. Together we can—pamoja tunaweza”, he said.

“This party is about a generational statement of change. Kenyans are tired of political parties that are nothing more than special purpose vehicles to elect selfish leaders or enclaves designed to protect tribal interests at the expense of the national good”.

PTP whose registration was finalized by the Registrar of Political Parties on October 11, 2016, according to Katuku will be out to acquire and retain power democratically and form government at national level and in the 47 devolved county units. He says PTP will promote the democratic principles of separation of powers between the executive, the legislature and judiciary as well as those between structures of the national and county governments.

The birth of PTP has been informed by the need to expand the democratic space and give Kenyans a chance to exercise their democratic rights, he said adding, since the re -introduction of multiparty politics in Kenya in the early 1990s Kenya's politics has largely been organized through non-representative, personalized and ethnically-based political parties.

PTP approach, according to Katuku is to admonish the political elite whom he accuses of dominance at national and local levels of public participation, while majority of the citizens remain ignored, marginalized and manipulated for short term gains by the same political elite.

“Dictatorship and Impunity has been preferred by a large proportion of the country’s leadership over democracy thereby rendering Political Organizations the preserve of personality cults and a small clique of sycophants. “Honest and genuine leaders have been edged out and replaced by the corrupt and the rich who have no interest of providing better lives for all Kenyans”, he said.

Mr Katuku states that PTP will ensure transformative servant leadership and remobilization of the human resources. We will ensure inclusiveness by all citizens in making decisions that affect their lives, he added. The party, he notes will ensure the gap between the “Haves” and “Have not’s” is reduced tremendously. Mr Katuku expresses concern that Kenyans are flooded with reckless wastage and stealing of public resources yet Kenyans continue to pay high taxes to fund luxurious life of a few leaders and well-connected business men and women. The rights of all Kenyans must be respected, he adds.

The party leader says PTP is determined to the democratic ideas of the rule of law, fairness, social justice, gender balance and equality, affirmative action, voluntary participation, respect for human rights and freedoms, unity of purpose in diversity as well as the national values and principles of governance enshrined in the Kenyan Constitution.


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