February 24th 2018

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Now Mbarire to face charges, compensate musicians, after scuttling harambee for group

Kivuti, Mbarire, incumbent governor Martin Wambora and another aspirant Kithinji Kiragu are vying for the governor's seat at the next elections.

By Free Press Reporternewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comMonday, 03 Oct 2016 16:03 EAT

The recent physical confrontation between Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti and Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire over the local governor's seat has taken a new twist after musicians who were meant to benefit from the aborted funds drive threatened to go to court.

The Embu County Artists Group have threatened to sue Mbarire whom they accuse of mobilizing drunk youths who disrupted the September 18 harambee at Karurumo in her Runyenjes constituency. The youths waved placards chanting anti-Kivuti slogans before disrupting the event.

Speaking on behalf the 31 musicians, 15 group members told a press conference at Izaak Walton Inn in Embu Town that the abortion of the harambee led them to miss the Sh1.5 million they aimed to raise at the function. They blame the MP for the clash.

Hon. Mbarire had stormed the event, claiming that Senator Kivuti should have sought her permission to visit her constituency. Kivuti, Mbarire, incumbent governor Martin Wambora and another aspirant Kithinji Kiragu are vying for the governor's seat at the next elections.

The musicians protested that the collapse of the funds drive saw most of the guests who had been invited disappear without giving their donations, thereby scuttling their goal of establishing a recording studio.

The group's chairman Justin Kagoche (also known as Pastor Kaende) castigated Hon. Mbarire for masterminding Kivuti's ejection from the funds drive. He said Hon. Mbarire’s should take the full responsibility for the failed harambee and pay them the missed target of Sh1.5 million.


The group also disclosed that Senator Kivuti reached out to them after the fracas and gave them his donation, yet Hon. Mbarire who scuttled the event had not.


Mbarire and Kivuti engaged in a physical confrontation as they pushed and pulled for a microphone and shouted at each other in an attempt to address charged supporters from either side. The pro-Mbarire group which caused the confrontation was chanting slogans in her favour and against Kivuti.

Mbarire shouted, “You cannot come to my constituency and ridicule me in the presence of my supporters at the same time launch your gubernatorial ambitions here!” Kivuti, meanwhile, refused to hand the microphone to her.


Mr Kiragu was only gubernatorial aspirant to address the meeting peaceably, having arrived before the commotion began.



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