February 18th 2018

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Exclusive: Kalonzo children's role in nudging dad to stick to NASA at crucial moment

"Many people talked to him about NASA but it was the comparison the Kalonzo kids made to the Mutula family that went deep into his heart," the source said. He told this website that Mutula's daughter had rejected pleas by opposition supporters to run for the Nairobi women representative position.

By David Mutuadmutua@kenyafreepress.comThursday, 06 Apr 2017 18:10 EAT

Mr Musyoka during last night's Citizen TV interview.

The Kenya Free Press can authoritatively report that three children of former vice president Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka persuaded their dad to remain focused in the opposition coalition NASA over the last two weeks, nudging the former vice president to leave a legacy they can be proud of.

Drawing on the example of the late Mutula Kilonzo family, the children, led by Mr Musyoka's first born son Klein, sat the father down and said their own political careers would be in jeopardy if their father was to exit the political scene at a point of no respect. They appealed to Mr Musyoka to remain in CORD and earn them respect among their generation, according to a well-placed source.

"The Mutula are respected more not because of anything they have done, but due to the respect Kenyans pay for their father to date," one of the children told Mr Musyoka, a source told us, striking a painful reminder of the late Makueni senator's death and one of Mr Musyoka's closest allies in 2007-10 period when the former VP separated from his opposition colleagues. 

Mr Kilonzo moved from his strong opposition to CORD leader Raila Odinga in the period to his biggest supporters from outside ODM circles, and was instrumental in bringing Mr Odinga and Mr Musyoka together in the run-up to the 2013 elections. The late Mutula died mysteriously in April 2013, and his family has suspected foul play in his death.

According to a close Kalonzo family source who briefed this website, Kitui senator David Musila was also instrumental in talking Mr Musyoka out of plans to revolt from NASA if he was not made the presidential candidate. Mr Musila was perceived as one of Mr Odinga's leading critics from Ukambani even during the formation of CORD, but he has emerged in recent months as a strong supporter of both CORD and NASA.

"Many people talked to the former VP about NASA. However, it was the comparison the Kalonzo kids made to the Mutula family that went deep into his heart," the source said. He told this website that Mutula's daughter had rejected pleas by opposition supporters to run for the Nairobi women representative position.

"Imagine a lawyer with no experience being offered a parliamentary seat on a silver platter, where else can that happen if not in CORD? What is happening to (Sonko) Nairobi senator in Jubilee is the exact opposite. He is the most popularly by far but his partners would never allow him to become governor," the source reported Mr Musyoka's son as saying.

By last weekend, Mr Musyoka had made up his mind to stick to NASA, said the source, who revealed that his press conference last week was part of a plan to reassure his national constituency. Mr Musyoka has day in day-out left Kenyans guessing which political direction he would take, but last night he appeared before Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) at Citizen TV and changed that perception drastically, according to an analysis of social media feedback on that much awaited interview.

Mr Musyoka came out firm that he was in NASA to stay and, as expected, declared that he was better placed to carry the coalition's flag. He stood very firm and brilliant in answering the direct questions posed by Jeff, and was very firm on his stand and position in the NASA coalition. He said he can’t and will never defect to Jubilee Party.

"I am in NASA to stay,” he said, explaining that the government was beatable, giving an example of its failures to fight graft and cited an incident at state house when President Uhuru accepted his failure in corruption cases. He could not stop his conversation without adding up that many are the Kenyans who were fed up with the current government since 2013.

He identified Jubilee's failure to accomplish their promises, the economy stressing many due to high rise in cost of living. “The cost a packet of 2kg maize floor is Sh150, which is too high for normal person to afford. They said that it will be decreased to about Sh115, which is also too high,” he said.

When asked by Jeff whether he can rejoin the government and become the majority leader, he replied, “There was no Jubilee……no! no! no!, times have changed my friend, the lion has brought out the claws.”

Speaking about the decision of NASA, and how they would decide on who to be the flag bearer, he said that as a coalition they will come up with a plan and choose one principal as the presidential candidate, between himself, Musalia, Moses Wetangula and Mr Odinga. “I have no problem with any of our NASA principals, I believe in each of them”.

Mr Musyoka insisted that he was the best among the four apparently knowing that NASA's technical team had recommended Mr Odinga as the NASA flag-bearer and the former VP his running mate.

The opinion votes from Citizen TV viewers yesterday night showed that 48 percent of citizens supported him as the NASA flag bearer for the August elections, while 52 percent were opposed to him, reflecting the confidence people developed in him almost instantaneously.


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