April 29th 2017

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Outrage over Uhuru's attack on Joho, Nanok

The President’s response to facts laid by Mr. Nanok proved that he was unfit for the presidency and that he lacks respect for other leaders. One cannot be a fool for telling another person what he does not want to hear.

By Jack Otwalanewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comMonday, 13 Mar 2017 17:37 EAT

ODM party chairman John Mbadi leads his colleagues at the press conference earlier today.

Kenyans from all walks of life have expressed outrage at President Uhuru Kenyatta's order for the detention of Mombasa governor Hassan Joho early this morning. The governor was house-arrested for hours on orders of President Kenyatta who wanted to block him from attending the relaunch of the Mtongwe Ferry in the coastal town.

However, Mr Joho was later released after the president's delegation had arrived at the venue of the meeting. The governor had expressed interest to attend the event as the host leader but the president feared his presence would cause embarassment, akin to the one in January where Joho forcefully told Uhuru to his face that the Jubilee government was not helping coastal residents.

While Kenyans on social expressed outrage at the detention of the governor, the Orange Democratic Movement castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta for his relentless assualt on the party's elected leaders, recalling his verbal attack on Turkana governor Josephat Nanok just last week.

Below is a press statement read by the party's top officials today:- 


August 8 is around the corner. Political parties are preparing for a date with the people. Politicians are running up and down to seek re-election and others seeking to dislodge those in power. That is the nature of politics; during and around this time. The political temperatures are rising by day and those who have failed in their tenures have every reason to worry about the possible outcome of the election.

As the Orange Democratic Movement, we are prepared for the general election. As a party, we have gone ahead to release our nominations dates and schedule. We know very well that we shall be heading to the election head and shoulder high convinced by the fact that Jubilee regime has failed to deliver on their pre-election promises to the people.

Last week, the President used the word ‘Mjinga’ on Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok who had sought to set the record straight on allegations Jubilee administration has been peddling about the County Government. The President’s response to facts laid by Mr. Nanok proved that he was unfit for the presidency and that he lacks respect for other leaders. One cannot be a fool for telling another person what he does not want to hear.

Yesterday, during their rally at Tononoka in Mombasa, they all turned the event into a Governor Hassan Ali Joho bashing platform. Every speaker used the occasion to insult the governor and our party leader. But today, when Gov. Joho sought to make the record straight, they sent a battalion of armed GSU officers to barricade his residence and the office of the Governor of Mombasa. He was unlawfully barred from discharging his constitutional mandate because the President feared to be face the truth.

The ODM Party rejects and will not allow any further unwarranted treatment our leaders are being subjected to by the Jubilee regime. It is hypocritical for the President to keep telling leaders to stop insults, yet, when cornered, he resorts to the use of unpalatable and unprintable words like “mjinga”, “mshenzi” “shetani” (in Turkana), “ananifuatafuata kwani mimi ni bibi yake” (in Mtongwe/Mombasa today), muguruki (mad man) in Nyeri a month ago among others. Going to Counties to insult, intimidate and harass Governors who are working round the clock to ensure service delivery to the people is unacceptable.

For some time now, Jubilee has been claiming that Turkana County received Ksh50 billion from the National Government. We challenge the Jubilee regime to provide this data. In Mombasa, they claimed the county government has received Ksh40 billion. We again challenge them to provide the evidence to this. These are utter lies. Three things cannot be hidden here in Kenya today: the sun, the moon and Jubilee incompetence.

We therefore demand;

1. That President Uhuru should declare his interest in Mombasa and Turkana Counties. He must tell us why he is hell bent to frustrate and sabotage the Governors of these two Counties and why he is sending anonymous people to trail their movements.

2. That President Uhuru Kenyatta MUST stop making utterances that are inflammatory, derogatory, unpresidential and utterly contemptuous of other leaders.

3. That President Uhuru Kenyatta must appreciate that the constitution fundamentally changed the political architecture of the country and that the era of imperial and authoritarian presidency was buried deep and forgotten when Kenyans overwhelmingly chose a new constitutional dispensation.

4. That the Jubilee administration MUST stop frustrating, harassing and intimidating Governors, especially those who have out-rightly rejected their overtures and goodies to hoodwink them on their side.

5. As the Head of State, the President is the symbol of national unity and must at all times uphold integrity of the Presidency and respect the two levels of government as provided for in the constitution. The holder of the office of the president must never act in anger.

Finally, what we are not ready for, and will not accept, is a regime taking us back to the dark era that we fought so hard to come out of. The scars are still fresh for many families. We reject Jubilee intimidation.

Thank You and God Bless Kenya.

Hon. John Mbadi…………...Chairman, MP, Suba
Hon. Junet Mohamed……...Director of Elections, MP, Suna East
Hon. Opiyo Wandayi……….Sec. Political Affairs, MP, Ugunja
Hon. Abdikadir Ore…………MP Wajir West
Hon. Gladys Wanga………..Chairperson, HBC County & MP HBC
Hon. Timothy Bosire………..Treasurer, MP, Kitutu Masaba
Hon. Abdikadir Aden……….Org. Sec, MP Balambala

Jack is a business and society writer at the Kenya Free Press

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