January 22nd 2018

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The real Peter Kenneth's CV would shock Nairobi voters, says Miguna

"He prides himself of having “successfully managed” Kenya-Re in the same manner that Evans Kidero had dismembered Mumias Sugar Company when Nairobi deserves a visionary leader of integrity; not a certified thief like them."

By Jack Otwalanewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comThursday, 19 Jan 2017 10:17 EAT

Peter Kenneth addresses a rally in Kawangware, Nairobi, during his 2013 presidential bid.

Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Miguna Miguna tore into his challenger Peter Kenneth in a series of social media posts that he believes will focus voters' attention on the former Gatanga MP's true record in the public service. Mr Miguna accused his opponent, who has a public reputation for integrity and effectiveness, of being part of the same establishment the former presidential candidate has been adept at criticising.

Using press reports about Mr Kenneth's leadership of a corruption-ridden public insurer and the former MP's investigation a few ago by a parliamentary committee, Mr Miguna said Mr Kenneth could legitimately claim to be a champion of the masses. He also said Mr Kenneth's poor record of administration should be traced to his days in school, having been one of only two students to fail national examinations in his year at the prestigious Starehe Boys Centre.

Starehe Boys Centre has long been reputed for academic excellence, and Mr Kenneth's failing to qualify for university education at the school has been a blot in his effort to engineer himself as an accomplished leader. Although the MP later a law degree from the University of Nairobi, some Nairobi-based activists have vowed to have his qualifications scrutinised as part of the Fred Matiangi-ordered audit on degrees held by politicians seeking public office.

Mr Miguna's accusations against his challenger went back decades into the former MP's alleged connections with powerbrokers in the single party era, which he used to rise the ranks in Kenyan society. Below is the full statement of one of Mr Miguna's posts.


§ Ambition – To become the 5th President of Kenya via ethnic gerrymandering.

§ Performed marginally in his “O” Levels at the Starehe Boys’ Centre.

§ Made history by FAILING his “A” Levels at the Starehe Boys’ Centre. Only 2 students failed in that year and Peter Kenneth was at the very bottom.

§ 1985-1986: Worked as a junior clerk at the National Finance Company.

§ From 1987-1996: Employed as a teller. Promoted to Branch Manager at the Prudential Finance Bank due to his “heritage.”

§ 1996: Became an excellent KANU sycophant and was rewarded and imposed by KANU’s vicious dictators and plunderers as Chair of KFF where he performed dismally.

§ 1992-1997: Loyal member and messenger for the RAPACIOUS Youth for KANU ’92 (YK’92).

§ 1997-2002: Presided over the DISMEMBERMENT of the Kenya Reinsurance Corporation (Kenya-Re), a public asset.

§ Attempted to FRAUDULENTLY sell Kenya-Re a public asset with a value of more than Shs. 2 billion to Monarch Insurance Ltd. and Zimbabwe Reinsurance Corporation at Shs. 800 million.

§ Mysteriously acquired a prime PUBLIC property in Kiuna Estate for a song.

§ 2003: Was stopped by Parliament and the High Court from FRAUDULENTLY selling Kenya-Re but not before he had BANKRUPTED it.

§ Beneficiary of the single-sourced and dubious CCTV tender between the Safaricom and Kidero’s cartels.

§ The HANSARD (Official Parliamentary Record) of October 23, 2002 at page 2639, Mr. Kenneth was identified as a corporate vulture who had orchestrated the fraudulent privatisation of a prime public asset.

§ December 2002 to 2013: MP for Gatanga. Claims that he was the “best CDF Manager” even though as an MP he was not a member of the Gatanga CDF Board nor did he have any direct role in the CDF management. Compared to the MPIGs who perform at the F level, even an E grade is considered “Good.”

§ 2013: Run for President of Kenya and got less than 10,000 votes from Nairobi County.

§ Has purportedly recently obtained 2 law degrees through the much maligned Parallel Degree Program.

§ He prides himself of having “successfully managed” Kenya-Re in the same manner that Evans Kidero had dismembered Mumias Sugar Company when Nairobi deserves a visionary leader of integrity; not a certified thief like them.

§ Has 30 years’ experience of corporate theft and ineptitude in the management of of public assets.

§ He has never opposed, spoken or fought against corruption; tribalism; human rights abuses; and extrajudicial killings.

§ He actively supported the one-party KANU/Moi dictatorship for 24 years and worked against the struggle for multi-party democracy and a new constitutional dispensation.

§ Peter Kenneth is DISTINCTLY UNQUALIFIED to become Governor of Nairobi. He is, however qualified as a Socialite Male Bimbo; an establishment and status quo and cartel ornament!"

Jack is a business and society writer at the Kenya Free Press

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