February 26th 2018

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NOCK elections set for May 5, Kipchoge may leave

Eighteen delegates drawn from NOCK members and 11 National Executive Committee members voted in favour of the new constitution.

By David JagongoTuesday, 28 Mar 2017 16:50 EAT

NOCK chairman Kipchoge Keino.

The National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) will hold it's election on May 5, this brings to an end the polls date and constitutional change debate, a debate that  has been raging since last year. The new development follows the passing of a new constitution  at a stakeholders meeting in Nairobi on Tuesday morning.

Eighteen delegates drawn from NOCK members and 11 National Executive Committee members voted in favour of the new constitution. The incumbents were initially opposed to the proposed constitutional change, but later gave in to pressure. The debate on the elections and change of the constitution took a new twist a shortly after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Several NOCK officials, including Secretary-General FK Paul were arraigned in court in Nairobi last year charged with theft and fraud. Apart from Paul, vice-chairman Paul Ochieng and  Stephen Arap Soi who was Head of Mission of the Kenyan team to the Olympics, were charged with stealing Sh 26 million, the property of the Ministry of Arts, Sports and Culture. The matters are  still in court.

They were accused that jointly with others not before the court and being officials of NOCK, they omitted to make inventory of the Nike kit uniform donated by Nike Company to be used by team Kenya at the Rio Olympics 2016. On matters constitution, the  incumbents, who have expressed interest in defending their seats, were opposed to the proposed constitutional amendment which was to take away their voting powers.

Now that the new constitutional was passed by all, focus shift to the elections on May 5. Tuesday's meeting mandated the NOCK executive to  pick one body out of four- Office of the Ombudsman, Law Society of Kenya, Transparency International and Centre of Multi-Party Democracy- to oversee the elections.

The man who has a mountain to climb is long-serving NOCK chairman Kipchoge Keino, who though heading the Olympic body, is not a member of a national federation. The constitution states that NOCK executive committee members, must be members of a national federation affiliated to NOCK.

With the NOCK image tarnished by the Rio fiasco and viewed by many as having overstayed in office, the sailing will not be smooth for the incumbents led Keino, come election day.


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