February 23rd 2018

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Mbeere Schools hire APs to boost security

There are many ways to kill a rat.

By Winfred Mbuya Mwanikiwmwaniki@kenyafreepress.comTuesday, 21 Jun 2016 02:55 EAT

There are many ways to kill a rat. This saying is well illustrated by the decision by principals of secondary schools in Mbeere South to bring in Administration Police officers for enhanced security management in schools.

After a spate of student strikes and school break-ins, the local school heads association has felt that punishing the students is not enough to curb drug abuse, which is the major cause of indiscipline among the learners, or insecurity.

The association is now encouraging the hiring of Administration Police officers to train school guards, according to its chairman Moshe Musyoka.

Mr Musyoka, who is the principal of Nyangwa Boys, has had to install CCTV in his school to monitor students and staff movement.

The chairman has also urged local school heads to hire strong and skilled guards who can confront thieves and not retired wazees who currently dominate the ranks of school guards.
The county has been hit by many students’ strike with some of them leading to destruction of property in schools.

Just last month, several schools including Kanyuambora Boys, Kirimari Boys and Kavutiri Boys were affected by strikes. Before that, students at Wachoro Boys went on the rampage.

The local police are currently holding seven Karaba Secondary School students said to have been caught attempting to burn a dormitory.


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