February 25th 2018

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Corruption is the bane of Kenya

Corruption has become a menace in the Kenyan society with other countries looking to Kenya as one of the top leading corrupt countries in the world.

By Kelvin KariukiTuesday, 31 May 2016 09:54 EAT

Corruption has become a menace in the Kenyan society with other countries looking to Kenya as one of the top leading corrupt countries in the world.

As much as this has been a major disadvantage to Kenya and a shame as well, this is one major issue that puts Kenya on the spotlight.

Nations looking to know, how a corrupt government stays in power and its people stay silent and those that even try to question or inquire what really went down or where millions of money stolen f4rom government project6s really go to, hit walls, some journalists even end up being arrested for ev3en trying to expose this scandals and giving the public the information they need to know.

For many politicians in Kenya today scandals and sagas for them are publicity stunts for them because for them any publicity is good for them for as long as the name has gotten out and people have known them be sure they will vie for a bigger office during the next general elections. Look at Waiguru for example even though her name was cleared and it even seemed like the president himself was defending her has already given hint that she will vie for the gubernatorial seat of Nairobi.

Kenya should start now embracing this strategy because the Kenyan name has already been tarnished by corruption and embezzlements because the world has already set their eye on Kenya. Trying to rebuild the Kenyan name right now would be close to impossible because with the members of parliament seem to make laws today that seem to suit their personal selfish interests. So using the opportune time where the world is watching, Kenya should try to use the spotlight and market itself and its beautiful features. Use tourism, a developed Education system, the SGR and t6he pipeline deals all set to make Kenya benefit and develop as a whole.

Many people watch news either foreign or local today and to some their expectations is another big sum of money has been allegedly stolen, lost or rather Kenya has been attacked by terrorists, the AL SHABAAB  to be precise though ISIS has claimed an attack on Kenya recently. Using this moments of weakness to showcase our strengths as a country for example the advanced technological system, how terrorism has gone down over the last few months, how Kenyans are willing and ready to do business in a free market. This encourages investors foreign and local to come and build their trademarks in Kenya. With investors coming in and the implementation of vision 2030 today gives Kenya hope of growing economically and technologically.

The fact that Kenya has one of the major forces fighting in Somalia under the African union emblem is as much a marketing strategy for Kenya as well as a peace keeping mission. President Kenyatta recently threatened to pull their men out of Somalia due to the budget cuts made by the UN recently. His argument, Kenya doesn’t have the funds to sustain their men fighting in Somalia. Though it is speculated that this maybe the reason Uganda pulled their men out.

Pulling the Kenyan troops out of Somalia would be of consequence to Kenya, East Africa and Africa as a whole because the Shabaab will have their room to grow and they would bring their fight to Kenya and maybe expand to other countries in Africa. At the time when Africa is at the peak of economic development, and Kenya pulls their forces, we wouldn’t want to be blamed for the impairing of Africa’s economy, would we?


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