February 25th 2018

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The Kenya Free Press comes to promote open and frank dialogue

We are pleased to welcome you to the Kenya Free Press website.

By The EditorsThursday, 16 Jun 2016 07:58 EAT

We are pleased to welcome you to the Kenya Free Press website.

The main goal of the Kenya Free Press is to keep our readers informed through direct and reliable reporting on the events that are shaping the future of Kenya and Africa.

The paper’s main goal is to contribute to increasing the Kenyan and African people’s understanding of the cultural, economic, political and social changes on the continent so as to build more cohesive and prosperous communities.

In order to bring you reliable news and analysis, we would benefit from your perspectives as well. We therefore invite you to engage with us on this website, and on Facebook and Twitter, to share any ideas on stories and views you would like us to highlight. This website will be very interactive and we will deliver to you regular newsletters highlighting the stories from our reporters and analysts.

The Kenya Free Press will seek to expand the breadth of media coverage by taking up neglected subjects. In this regard, we would like to build a network of independent journalists, media savvy grassroots observers and activists working especially with marginalized communities who can help us produce timely reports and analyses on the important events shaping those regions.

Once again, welcome, and looking forward to mutually beneficial engagements.

The Editors

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