February 25th 2018

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Jubilee taking Kenyans for a ride by scapegoating CORD on corruption

Even without iota of evidence linking CORD leaders against the NYS scandal, Jubilee has unleashed its attack dogs and propagandist to paint CORD as part of the beneficiaries of the NYS loots.

By Athanas Kipchumbaakipchumba@kenyafreepress.comWednesday, 30 Nov 2016 18:34 EAT

Completely on the horns of dilemma is the average-thinking Kenyan who,for various reason,has no graphical knowledge of narrative oscillating around the NYS mega scandal. The aforesaid scandal has seen a staggering Sh1.6 billion “vanish into the thin air” under mazy circumstances. The then powerful Devolution CS, Ms Ann Waiguru having realised that the storm petrel of Kenyan politics, Rt Hon Raila Amolo Odinga was on the verge of unearthing this jaw-dropping scum ran to the press, under the false pretense of whistle-blowing.

On whether the presumptive governor of Kirinyaga county was really blowing the whistle or acting innocent is a story for our next discussion. Well, as usual, the EACC swooped into the issue ostensibly to carry out comprehensive investigation over it. One could be tempted to desperately hope that this time round, at least the EACC sleuths would gather ironclad evidence against the partakers and perpetrators of this grand scandal. But, guess what? The masterminds of the scandal were cleared by the EACC detectives,of course,cloudy circumstances!

The DP [who, in the recent past went on record saying “Kenya is running short of fools”, only to later throw dust in the eyes of the same Kenyans] together with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta came out, guns blazing in spirited defence of embattled Ms Waiguru. The dynamic duo, to quote the former president Mwai Kibaki, told off the CORD supremo, Raila Odinga, and heaped a huge mountain of contumely upon the ODM leader's revelation of the scandal in question terming it as pointless and unsubstantiated allegations.

The question is: who is blurring the line between the whistle-blower and the perpetrator of the said crime [perhaps, for lack of better word]? Before I shame the devil and tell the bitter truth, it would be unfair for me shirk away some crucial facts. Let us flashback on Jubilee coalition's manifesto, specifically on the third pillar of its manifesto. It talks of openness [UWAZI]; Cleaning up the mess. To slay the dragon of corruption the coalition government shall give EACC the powers to prosecute corruption cases as happens in other African countries.

Folks, have you seen this happen in our country since the power-that-be took the mantle of leadership? With the kind of the kleptomaniac attitudes our political elites, particularly those in the government have, this pledge was bound to come a cropper! As if that wasn't ample, the ruling coalition promised Kenyan to set up local anti-corruption boards at county level with the power to refer cases to the EACC or the director of public prosecution amongst other rafts of colourful pledges.

However, the sad reality is, there is no such thing as establishing anti-graft boards in every county. Why? Living up to this promise would asphyxiate Jubilee's stealing and looting agenda! Please, don't frown at me. I am just calling a spade by its name. If you think am dead wrong, or using scurrilous [or is it libellous?] language, what then informed the titling of Mr John Githongo's book as “It's Our Turn To Eat”. It is fantastic to skirt around unnecessary circumlocution. True, the Jubilee coalition is uncontrollably in looting frenzy! The motivation behind this plundering spree, to me, remain foggy and by extension, opaque.

Fast-forward, some couple of weeks ago, the ruling coalition was put into the defensive when fresh evidences emerged that the DP's aide Mr Farouk Kibet and his self-styled spokesman Senator Murkomen were adversely mentioned by Ms Ann Waiguru during PAC's grilling session. The DP, having seen that things were taking a grotesque shape, got his sharp claws into Ms Waiguru. He publicly told her carry her cross alone. Mr Ruto's public spat against the NYS key suspect stirred a political storm in the Central region with pro-Waiguru hotheads chanting anti-Ruto slogans, obviously as a way of responding to the DP's criticism fraught with mockery of Waiguru.

This latest development of accusations and counter-accusations is rocking the Jubilee coalition from within, isn't it? Realising that CORD is celebrating behind the scenes as their political partners point fingers at each other, Uhuru and Ruto conveniently had to “close ranks” and pour oil on the troubled waters within their coalition. They know very well that corruption has flourished under Jubilee administration, like never before. This will slump UhuRuto's political appeal and popularity among many electorates.

Thus, devising a way of countering the heart-wrenching corruption narratives massively hawked by the opposition across the nation couldn't have been made at a better time. Even without iota of evidence linking CORD leaders against the NYS scandal, Jubilee has unleashed its attack dogs and propagandist to paint CORD as part of the beneficiaries of the NYS loots.

The other day Mr Duale said Raila is directly benefiting from corruption proceeds, without proofing it. On the other hand, Mr Kimani Ichungwa alleges without that Mr Junet Mohammed corruptly won a procurement tender, courtesy of one of his relatives in the “boardroom.” Which beggars the question: how did Mr Ichungwa, the staunchest Jubilee fawn, prove that Mr Mohammed was or not qualified to be awarded the said tender, if any?

Don't get me wrong. I am neither defending Jubilee nor CORD. Mine is only to shed light on this perplexing political ping-pong. Now, Kenyans should know this: Jubilee is clutching at a straw, knowing very well that corruption has drowned its political relevance! The electorates across the political spectrum, safe for the fanatic few, are fed up with and tired of corruption! The writings on the wall depicts the ruling coalition as irredeemably corrupt regime, constantly in desperate struggle to ward off seemingly stubborn sticky flies of corruption!

Who is telling the truth between the two major political alliances? CORD is virtually hitting the nail on the head. On the contrary, however, based on the glaring inconsistencies punctuating Jubilees' statements, it is realistic to conclude that the ruling coalition is brazenly lying to Kenyans, on a broad daylight! In a nutshell, the UhuRuto administration is sickeningly and unashamedly taking Kenyans for a ride, rudely making the opposition a fall-guy on corruption matters.

We are watching keenly what these thieving political elites are doing. With the next election being within a screaming distance, Kenyans are better advised make wise choices at the ballot. This saying must constantly ring bell in the minds of every Kenyan voter, as we head to the polling station to cast our votes, come 2017: 'Once bitten twice shy!'

Kipchumba is a staff writer/columnist at the Kenya Free Press

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