February 25th 2018

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Our leaders are not licensed to lie, for whatever reason

What I find quite delicious here is the fact that our leaders [obviously across the political divide] behave as if they are licensed brazenly lie to their subjects. Even the irredeemably corrupt go public to lie before the myriad eyes of the incensed and dejected populace.

By Athanas Kipchumbaakipchumba@kenyafreepress.comTuesday, 08 Nov 2016 19:54 EAT

A sin of whatever “scale” remains so, according to the Holy Book. There's no such thing as bigger or smaller transgression in the eyes of our Most High, we are told by our assertive and impassioned preachers, whenever we attend worship. The question is, is it within the confines of the gospel truth? I don't claim knowledge of the scriptural writings and its concrete interpretation. This notwithstanding, I spend considerable time, at least once or twice a week, wadding through sumptuous Biblical lessons drawn from the heart-nourishing biblical stories. The Holy Writ has been my primary source of inspirational messages.

Are our leaders, particularly the political class, still upholding the Bible plus its encouraging text? I ardently want to fathom this because, as things stand now, our ruling, and even the “enterprising” elites have so passionately delighted in bald-headed denials and heart-wrenching lies. Just imagine high-profile leaders publicly denying concrete facts and unchallengeable truths, with sickening impunity. In my feasible hypothesis, our political leaders are living in the alternative universe where a lie, subjected to vehement denials becomes a truth. Or, persistent renouncing of facts qualifies the converse of what I mean. The ruling coalition's political hotheads together with their morally compromised masters must know that the Bible loathes deceptions and lies. Proverbs 12:22,The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in people who are trustworthy.

Some couple of days ago, Kenyans woke up to the appalling realization that, as part of the widely stretched scheme to raid the public coffers empty, a staggering Sh5.2 billion has vanished into the thin air! According to the internal audit report from the ministry of Health that the Nation Media Group exposed, the amount of money in question could not be accounted for. As predicted, when curious questions were asked, the permanent secretary issued unwarranted threats to the journalist who was following the story. Sooner than later, the political opposition axis seized the seemingly “God-sent” opportunity to paint the Jubilee administration in negative light. Portraying the UhuRuto administration as “a government of the thieving elites”. The genesis of this earthshaking scandal has left the ruling coalition horribly exposed politically, especially at a time when the next general election is within a shouting distance. How, you may ask, will it counter this debilitating narratives of corruption?

Knowing that Wanjiku, who is reeling under the burden heavy taxation, is certainly dismayed and disappointed with this grand corruption revelations, the Jubilee propaganda machines led by one Dennis Itumbi, without much ado, resorted to weaving white, fat lies at least to counter the graft narratives threatening the deeply sink Jubilee's political canoe. The Jubilee propaganda machine has done all it could to safe the massively disfigured government's face but the obstinate fact remains, words once spoken cannot be unspoken!

In some sort of a knee-jerk reaction to the damning disclosure, the CS dismissed the first audit report that was published in the Nation's Business Daily, only to later tell us that roughly Sh3 billion couldn’t be traced. Or disappeared by diffusion! The CS forgot to comprehend that Kenyans cannot be fooled easily. In fact, they just wanted to know if there was misappropriation of funds. In the dazzling light of his statement, the cabinet secretary has answered the question on whether there was mega corruption in his ministry or not.

Which beggars the question: what or who gives the Jubilee's leadership the temerity and guts to deny the obvious, that no money was “stolen” or unduly used in the ministry of health? It is even more curious to note that this worrisome scandal emerged barely some few weeks, if my retentive memory still serves me right, after the noticeably frustrated head of state convened the state house summit. Meaning no amount of threats can leave the thieving business cartels and morally bankruptcy political cabals shaking in their boots, as they engage in their looting frenzy.

What I find quite delicious here is the fact that our leaders [obviously across the political divide] behave as if they are licensed brazenly lie to their subjects. Even those who are irredeemably lost in the deplorable miasma of corruption go public to lie before the myriad eyes of the incensed and dejected populace that they don't condone corruption and its practices.

These crop of leaders who are allergic to truth must be made to know that nobody is certified to lie. Any argument founded on falsehood is doomed to implode any time. We have known that the current leadership has failed its people, big-time. And yes, the general population is dog-tired of being fed with fat lies as political spin-doctors and their bosses work round the clock to redeem their political popularities that are increasingly on the drastic wane.

The electorates are fed up with the never-ending cycle lies! Thus it doesn't require the prophet's eye to see how our political leaders will be facing crushing rejections by the deeply angered voters in the next watershed elections! As I conclude my piece, our leaders must live to the reality of what the scripture says: “the righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves [proverbs13:5].Nobody, I reiterate, is licensed to dole out falsehood and lies for whatever cause.

Kipchumba is a staff writer/columnist at the Kenya Free Press

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