February 25th 2018

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Eight things President Uhuru Kenyatta should consider before speaking about heroes

The Kenyatta Government appropriated the fruits of independence to Uhuru and his siblings and altered the rallying call of the Mau Mau struggle from “Uhuru na Mashamba” to “Uhuru na Kazi”.

By Wafula BukeSunday, 23 Oct 2016 17:48 EAT

1. On Pio Gama Pinto, don’t mention that name again. The late Hon Mirugi Kariuki told us what Jaramogi told him and James Orengo. “One day while attending a cabinet meeting, Jomo Kenyatta complained loudly on Pinto. ‘You mean there is nobody here who can deal with this Indian for me’. Two ministers stood up (names withheld); “We shall deal with that matter sir” they spoke up and sat down. Two days later, Pinto was gunned down. Who did it? The TJRC report says it all: “The state killed Pinto”.

2. On Kenyatta’s Link to Independence and Mau Mau, note that Kenyatta was  colonialist ‘mole’. Colonialists hanged Dedan Kimathi and started grooming your father to betray us. Kenyatta was kidnapped in the 50s by the Mau Mau and taken to the forest to explain why he was against them. “He urinated in his trousers as he pleaded to be forgiven,” Prof Maina wa Kinyati told me that and one of the judges in the forest trial, Bildad Kaggia, confirmed that to Ntai wa Nkuraru and myself in his posho mill at Makutano in 1997.

3. On why Jomo Kenyatta had a broken tooth, what you may never have known is that the Mau Mau urban guerrilla commander, Kariuki Chotara, shocked by Kenyatta’s dismissal of the Mau Mau struggle when they met in jail, gave Jomo Kenyatta a blow breaking his tooth. Ngei ran to the old man’s rescue. Kariuki and Makhan Singh remained in prison after independence for another year before they were released by Kenyatta for obvious reasons. Kenyatta was a consistent colonial project.

4. On Tom Mboya, don’t even mention that name. A former Assistant Minister from Mt Kenya told us that Mboya called him when he was in Ethiopia complaining, “Why does …want to kill me?” the Assistant Minister called State House then to enquire and was told, “Leave that squirrel alone”. When Mboya came back, he was killed. The assassin, Nahashon Njenga Njoroge, said it all when he was being arrested, “Why don't you go after the big man?"

5. On J.M. Kariuki, the boy Kenyatta initially loved was killed by his gang for advancing the Mau Mau agenda of liberation. The TJRC report says the same. The Uhuru government is yet to employ a member of the J.M. family and I can bet my big salary, he will never mention that holy name.

6. On Uhuru’s illusion of prosperity after independence. According to TJRC Commissioner Margaret Shava, one of the illegal alterations in the TJRC report was the reference to Jomo Kenyatta as “The Chief Land-grabber”. The Kenyatta Government appropriated the fruits of independence to Uhuru and his siblings and altered the rallying call of the Mau Mau struggle from “Uhuru na Mashamba” to “Uhuru na Kazi”.

7. On the 2nd liberation heroes, Uhuru should better stop the hypocrisy. Uhuru leaves out the real casualties of the war and picks the least wounded. Ngugi wa Thiong’o (our ideological father) was detained by Uhuru’s father and when he came back from exile recently, their GEMA conspiracy committed the most unforgivable crimes I can’t mention here. Prof Wangari Maathai was denied a ministerial position when Uhuru was a member of the kitchen cabinet. Uhuru can’t even mention his agemates Titus Adungosi and Hezekiah Ochuka who were killed by his godfathers.

8. On current heroes, there is nowhere in the history of nations where a leader has been baptized as ‘father of the nation’ and called so by all when there is a sitting president. That Raila is called ‘Baba’ is a vote of no confidence in Uhuru and defines where Raila really falls in the rung of honor. Thanks for giving him a headline by omitting his name and that of Jacob Juma on the government list while celebrating what Raila symbolizes: devolution.

The writer is a former university student leader who was detained without trial. He is currently working for the Orange Democratic Movement.

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