February 25th 2018

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Open letter to David Kimaiyo, presumptive Elgeyo Marakwet senator in 2017

KANU in that part of the world, is unerringly anathema! Translating to the biting fact that using that party to seek elective position is akin to ploughing the sand or chasing after the wind.

By Athanas Kipchumbaakipchumba@kenyafreepress.comFriday, 07 Oct 2016 20:38 EAT

Hello Sir, a fertile rumour has it that you are strategically planning to wrest the Elgeyo-Marakwet county senatorial seat from the self-styled Jubilee 'mouthpiece', Hon. Kipchumba Murkomen. If this is a fact, then I can unequivocally rest assured that my penning of this missive to you is timely.

When I heard for the first time of your bold decision to challenge the incumbent senator, who to me is sleeping on his job, spasms of an ephemeral elation surged through me. I leapt in ecstasy on the spur of the moment.

I am cocksure you're wrongly or rightly imagining and pondering why I found myself wriggling in a joyful dance over your pronouncement to throw your political hat into the ring. It is an open secret that there is a yawning leadership gap in our pristine county.

The current crop of leaders are a terrible disgrace, and demonstrably self-dealing! The incumbent senator, Mr Murkomen, is better placed than any other leader in our county to address the raft of issues facing our people, considering his closeness to the powers- that- be.

But the most disconcerting and unsettling reality is, the big-talking senator, with all due respect, has thunderously failed to exploit this golden opportunity, because he certainly has the president's ear, to the massive advantage of his people. Which beggars the question: will he do or has he ever done that? Whether the current senator will wake up and smell the coffee or never, only time will tell.

I'm cognizant to the stubborn fact that you are allergic to corruption. This is as far as I know you. Since you served in the National Police Service for the last three decades or so, if my good memory still serves me right, I can frankly say: you've never been reputed to have been embroiled in wheeler dealing. Neither have you been using your privileged status, and here I stand to be corrected, to corruptly influence decisions of your “juniors” to their unjustified embarrassment and demoralisation. This, in my opinion, is a phenomenal quality of an avowed leader.

While in public service you served whoever came to your office commendably, I’m told. I can categorically say without any fear of incongruence that you employed people from Marakwet and other parts who germinated from the humblest of family background. I am told by a reliable source that you turned away those who wanted to bribe their way into the police service, reason being they were corrupt. That was, to me, an excellent move!

I am also aware that hard work pays off. Which clearly underscores why you deservedly earned these rare awards: the Order of the Chief of Burning Spear (CBS), Order of the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) and Order of the Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS). On why you unceremoniously resigned as IG, to me remains a mystery. Or foggy and blurred.

But Sir, you mean your political vehicle is the “infamous” KANU party? Talk of this party sends cold chills down the spines of every Marakwet (especially along Kerio Valley) born before late eighties. What I simply mean is: KANU in that part of the world, is unerringly anathema! Translating to the biting fact that using that party to seek elective position is akin to ploughing the sand or chasing after the wind.

Let me bring to your attention these harsh truths. With the current somewhat unbridled wave of insecurity fanned by cattle-rustling topping the list of the mind-gnawing issues menacingly confronting the Marakwets of Kerio Valley now taking an undesirable shape, any mention of KANU rekindles some excruciating memories of the then alleged “state-sponsored” massacres like what happened in Murkutwo in 1997,2001 and etc.

Our presumptive senator, I can freely advise you without any reservations whatsoever, to decamp from KANU. Seek this elective office using other relevant parties/party, or contest as an independent candidate. Some couple of weeks ago, I introduced my aged granny to your candidature, as a senatorial aspirant. She was exhilarated beyond words, until I told her that you are vying for the seat through (the notorious) KANU party that she vowed never to hear or associate with anything KANU!

She thinks that KANU regime plus its convenient auxiliaries engineered the mass killings of her people. Even Jubilee will have a rough time convincing the locals to vote UhuRuto in. They feel some profound sense of betrayal by the current regime. Bandits are now having a field day along the valley? Question is, for how long? This tells you that our leaders are paying lip service to the insecurity issues along the valley.

This has proven to be a severe headache. Sir, do you have the magic bullet for this metastasising banditry invasion along the valley? Perhaps you will answer that quiz alone.

Before I wrap up my piece, I exhort you to totally jettison KANU, if really you are seriously seeking to trounce the incumbent come 2017.

Finally, whether you will heed my words (advice) or not, doesn't trouble me. I have signalled to you the rule of the game. Ignore it at your own political peril...All the best as you seek your elective office. Thanks a heap!

Kipchumba is a staff writer/columnist at the Kenya Free Press

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