January 22nd 2018

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Contradictions that riddle Jubilee Government, a lesson to Kenyans before they go to the ballot

Unless Kenyans wake up to the unsettling reality that politicians’ self-contradictions and unfulfilled campaign promises should be challenged, they will always be rendered victims of terrible political propaganda and white tissue of lies.

By Athanas Kipchumbaakipchumba@kenyafreepress.comSaturday, 24 Jun 2017 17:58 EAT

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto when Commissioning upgrade works to bitumen standard of the Laare-Ndumuru road in Meru today.

Any regime that is lost in the dark cloud of contradictory and erratic actions in the course of governance is doing itself more harm than good. Such a government is politically drinking from a poisoned chalice. Or simply put, shooting itself in the foot.

Our ruling party, Jubilee has on many occasions made a plethora of inconsistent statements laced with high octane political rhetoric, all in the remotest hope that Kenyans have memories like a sieve, thus easily forgetting what they have been told in the near-past or comparatively many moons or seasons ago.

I think it’s worth laying bare some of these intelligence-insulting contradictions that predominantly characterizes Jubilee government. Consider this. The UhuRuto government says the economy has improved remarkably while the situation greeting us routinely tells of unpleasant tales of companies retrenching workers massively. The government is tellingly missing their revenue targets and sources money to pay its workers from foreign financial institutions.

Does it, therefore, mean these glaring negative economic indicators are, in the thinking and imaginations of the Jubilee leaders clear signs of economic growth? I think what they are ostentatiously saying borders on an implicit mockery of our intelligence.

In the parallel universe that the Jubilee leadership lives in together with some of its avowed supporters and lackeys, what was once deemed sacrilegious is now sacrosanct – and vice versa.

Yes, the talk oscillating around unity has been preached by the president and his deputy whenever an opportunity to address Kenyans rears its head. But, what can you tell of the president that tells Kenyans that he’s a Kikuyu and his deputy is a Kalenjin, and they were elected by those two tribes? One will be right to point out that the word ‘unity’ means something else in the ‘dictionary’ of jubilee. Or, the jubilee leaders are making public remarks devoid of sincerity and honesty.

What is even very delicious is the fact that one of the self-styled jubilee loud-mouth, senator Kipchumba Murkomen’s vehicle was stuck in the mud at a time when the government increasingly boasts of having built roads all over Kenya. It simply highlights its contradictions.

As if that is a drop in the ocean of Jubilee’s contradictions, the government, with all due respect says all graduates are employed when the mainstream media – both print, broadcast and social media, is awash with stories of Kenyans with degrees and even masters living from trash bins as some carry placards looking for work.

It reminds me of what I witnessed some months ago along Uhuru Highway. A Kenyan youth with master’s degree in Economics tells me he’s been hitting the road for some [unspecified] number of years and knocked several doors in the city - in the expectation of securing a job, at least. This much desired job has, under UhuRuto’s chieftainship, become simply a pie in the sky.

Last in the chain of Jubilee administration’s contradictions is the illustrious statements on the maize crisis. The government says there’s enough food available for Kenyans and the minister of Devolution is flagging off a truck load relief of food from China. Revealingly, these statements are sodden with high-winging lies.

Going by these series of inconsistencies and incongruences visited upon the Kenyan populace, one thing features predominantly. That is, Jubilee government swims on the wave of the most misleading and confounding propaganda and incalculable proportions of lies.

These propaganda and flurry of lies are highly designed to brainwash and condition the minds of Kenyans into believing in the far-fetched narratives disseminated and spewed invariably by the political elites.

Unless Kenyans wake up to the unsettling reality that politicians’ self-contradictions and unfulfilled campaign promises should be challenged, they will always be rendered victims of terrible political propaganda and white tissue of lies. In a nutshell, Jubilee government’s plain contradictions must teach Kenyans a lesson or two. They have to open the eyes of voters.

Certainly, life under the government riddled with contradictions is hellish. So terrible because such a regime will always run away from accountability. Responsibility over its action or inaction oftentimes becomes a bird in the bush.  

Kipchumba is a staff writer/columnist at the Kenya Free Press

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