February 24th 2018

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Wajir Palace Hotel, the finest of all hotels in the entire northern Kenya

Wajir Palace Hotel never leaves anything to poor quality in its conference, accommodation and dining. The hotel offers conference facilities at international standards and is normally used by organizations holding conferences in the region and families for weddings and other events.

By Mohamed Gediyarriska90som@live.comSaturday, 01 Jul 2017 10:38 EAT

A section of the hotel showing the yard to ensuite rooms. On the left is a garden where guests can relax in an outdoor environment.

Nested away from the noisy Wajir Town central business district is "the only hotel" in the town. The Wajir Palace Hotel brings serenity to this otherwise backwater town, and provides an accommodation of luxury and high quality food not available anywhere in northern Kenya.

From food to drinks and rooms, this hotel provides the experience for a business and leisure traveller comparable only to that offered by established institutions in Nairobi and some of the key commercial and tourism hubs in Kenya such as Mombasa, Kisumu and Naivasha.

One cannot write about the uniqueness of this hotel and its high quality services without underscoring the global award it recieved this year - the International Hotel and Restaurant Quality Award at the end of January during the Global Trade Leaders Club in Madrid, Spain. The award was in recognition for its outstanding and excllent food!

The chief executive of the hotel, Mr Abdifath Athar, told this writer that achieving their present standing came through a long sojourn "to create home away from" for clients. "We have well-equipped, air-conditioned guest rooms. Our close proximity to the airport, 200m, offers guests an opportunity to relax as they await their flight or a moment to refresh after arrival". 

The rooms are extremely comfortable, equipped with the state of the art and precious materials and personalized with authentic antiques that make them perfect for relaxation in this usually warm and dry locale.

A kingsize bed at the hotel.

Security is never a worry as armed guards take charge of security within the facility 24/7. The facility's close proximity to the military barracks also helps promote its security as soldiers are known to move around at different times of the day. The hotel's neighbors are top county government officials and other county leaders, its situated opposite to the Governor's residence and the deputy governor's residence is adjacent to its fence!

Wajir Palace Hotel never leaves anything to poor quality in its conference, accommodation and dining. The hotel offers conference facilities at international standards and is normally used by organizations holding conferences in the region and families for weddings and other events.

A conference room.

Accommodation is offered in en-suite rooms with flat screen TVs from which guests can watch all the top global channels. The hotel also offers Wi-Fi internet access, and all the rooms have air conditioning. The restaurant serves a wide menu of both local Somali cuisine and the main Kenyan dishes in a la carte setting. 

Made to perfection using the best raw materials, the right process, and the best technology, the hotel's tea extracts provides the essential top note and most intense tea flavor, resembling that of freshly brewed tea. From Somali camel tea, cow milk tea to black tea, and from liquid extracts to spray dried extracts, the hotel's products are natural yet consistent in quality and naturally safe.

The tea is available in form of Essence and Concentrate. All favourite eats comprising of local food abundant types of meat, from rosted to wet charm in test. In complete package for both instant and take-away customers, four corners bufet menu for a healthier diets, greens and vegs, natural  fresh cow and camel milk is unique to this inn.

Produced from African origin Coffee Robusta & Arabica beans, Wajir Palace Hotel's coffee extract is made for one sole purpose: resembling the sensory characteristics of a freshly brewed coffee. Their technology allows the process to capture the entire aroma profile of roasted coffee beans, whilst extracting the body to its optimal yield, making it a distinctive coffee extract compared to others. The coffee is also available in Coffee Essence, Coffee Concentrate, and Coffee Extract.

The hotel is non-alcohol, in tandem with Islamic traditions, but it has a set bar exclusive for special dietary needs, as well as catering for events held at the hotel. 

The hotels’ newly restored property is a sanctuary, and among its unique provisions is a modern Somali hut (mudul) made of contemprary building materials like cement. Its presence testifies to the hotel's celebration of traditional culture and it’s the perfect place to wind down after a busy day or night in the capital while harking back to memories of a much older, warmer Wajir.

That styling of the Somali hut dates back to the end of the 19th century – it’s officially a landmark, a turreted, brick style. Though made to modern needs, it feels of that time still, benefiting from all of the luxury and ambition that characterised that joyous period.

The traditional Somali hut can be seen to the right.

Given the centrality of the Wajir Palace Hotel to the town's commercial and political life, it ushers almost all high profile personalities including business tycoons, presidents and other statesmen. His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader and former prime minister Raila Odinga and many dignitaries including several CSs usually have to stop at the hotel whenever they visit Wajir.

Examples ot the customer comments. One guest wrote: "I came there to spend my weekend with my family it was great experience." Another wrote: "Far from the city but value for money." Another said, "Good food, lovely room and helpfull staff," wile yet another said "Overall great experience. I liked the parking facility!"

With that and many more the hotel has well managed website for any experience and online service. Interested customers can visit their website at www.wajirpalacehotel.co.ke.

Mohamed is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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