February 25th 2018

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Rosehill School: Migori's new educational facility seeks to raise the bar

The school is planning an enrollment of approximately 200 pupils in this first year with each class planned to have 25 pupils. It is affordable, charging only Sh3,500 per term in fees plus a one-off admission fee of Sh1,000. Uniforms are bought at school, and the first 40 pupils to enroll will get t

By Nyambura Muthoninmuthoni@kenyafreepress.comThursday, 04 May 2017 10:55 EAT

The block of Rosehill School.

A new ultramodern medium cost school has opened its doors in Migori Town. Rosehill School is located in the serene upmarket neighborhood of Chamkombe in the town, providing a conducive environment for learning in a town where the development of schools, housing, health and other social services has not kept pace with population growth.

Rosehill is a comprehensive basic education school comprising of pre-school and primary classes. It is a co-educational institution founded by highly experienced teachers and is offering the 8-4-4 system. With facilities based on brand new premises, the school's construction work completed last month and all classes have been fitted with learning materials.

The school is planning an enrollment of approximately 200 pupils in this first year with each class planned to have 25 pupils. It charges affordable fees of Sh3,500 per term plus a one-off admission fee of Sh1,000. Uniforms are provided at an affordable cost although the first 40 pupils to enroll will be offered these as a complimentary benefit.

Since advertising for vacancies last month in readiness for the opening on May 2, the school received tremendous response from the local parents, registering 21 pupils on the first day, most of them being in the ECD classes. The headtacher, Mr Kennedy Oloo, informed the Kenya Free Press that they had 26 pupils by the second day yesterday and have commenced learning operations even as they interview more candidates for ECD and primary classes 1-4.

The school has a sufficient infrastructure including 11 classrooms, an indoor sports room, a garden and a small field, and its directors have plans to expand and include its facilities to include a football field, a performance arts section, swimming pool and courts regular sports from January 2018. It currently has two offices including the director’s office, principal’s office and a staff room.

It has hired five teachers for all the levels of study, all of whom are suitably qualified, including four P1 teachers registered by the Teachers Service Commission and one ECD teacher trained at a Diploma Level. Mr Oloo told this newspaper that his team, which was very motivated, had been impressed by the good reception by the community, explaining that new schools normally struggle to register students.

The school's director Rose Akelo, who has more than 24 years teaching experience and has served as a secondary school principal for the last six, informed the Kenya Free Press that the vision behind the school was to raise a new cadre of scholars who will master not only classwork but enjoy the full experience of studying in a conducive atmosphere and contribute meaningfully to society.

Mr Baldwin Oluoch, a human resources consultant who set up the HR policies for the institution and hired the teaching and non-teaching staff, spoke highly about the facility, saying its proprietors had set high standards for space allocation, staff recruitment and remuneration, and other aspects of institutional management. "The systems put in this school testify to the grand vision of its founders," he said. 

The school badge.



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