January 23rd 2018


The Kenya Free Press’ main purpose is to inform readers about the important political, social and economic events that shape the Eastern Africa region, and to some extent the African continent. We are a pluralistic platform committed solely to the pursuit of the truth, providing readers with insights that enlighten and inspire.

We welcome contributors' features, profiles and opinion articles. The articles should preferably be between 700 and 1,500 words long. Contributing authors wishing to provide supporting evidences are advised to use embedded hyperlinks to point to sources as we do not accept articles with source notes.

Opinion contributors are not required to adhere to any viewpoint or style, but we expect them to have familiarized themselves with articles published on the site and to have a sense of the ongoing conversations within them. Authors submitting articles should be aware of the arguments presented by their predecessors and either address those arguments or break new ground.

Submissions including pictures or video should be sent by e-mail attachment only, to editor@kenyafreepress.com or kfpmedia@hotmail.com, with the word “Submission” in the subject line. Please also indicate the submission type clearly in the body of the email. Opinion writers are requested to include a short one to two sentence biography at the end of the articles.

Due to the expected high volume of submissions, and in keeping with our editorial practice of reading all submissions, we will respond only to articles we are interested in publishing, within three business days from the time of submission. If you do not receive such confirmation after three business days, you should feel free to take your article for placement to another publication. Our editors do not provide editorial advice, comments or give reasons for rejecting articles.

Contributors are advised that, for reasons of possible copyright and other legal restrictions, all articles submitted to us should be exclusive to the Kenya Free Press. The Kenya Free Press does not pay for unsolicited contributions.

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