January 23rd 2018


The Kenya Free Press has openings for opinion writers, a number of whom might be considered to write regular columns. While the website aims for general readership, our stories will be written for the informed reader, but in a style and tone that cuts through jargon and spin to deliver accessible prose. The site will run a mixture of long-form news and investigative articles, interviews, and commentary on current affairs. All articles on the website will be open for comments.

Joining our team of writers provides you the chance to be part of a highly lively group that will transform the way Kenyans access their information, stay informed and connect online. Our writers will gain a competitive edge by being connected to a dynamic network of news, people and ideas that will shape our country in the coming years.

We welcome intelligent, ambitious, and self-motivated thinkers. Our team of writers and researchers will work with you on topics from conceptualization to publication in order to help you generate the content that influential decision makers in business, finance, diplomacy, and government need.

At the same time, we are seeking independent subject matter experts who can enrich our news coverage. The experts will talk to our reporters when required on or off the record and, with guidance, may also write multifaceted pieces in their line of expertise.


Interested candidates should drop us an email at kfpmedia@hotmail.com.


As our organization is just starting up, we provide no compensation for columnists. Experts too will not be remunerated, but they may get modest compensation for articles they publish with us.

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