February 25th 2018

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ODM politician says Parliamentary staffer snatched his wife, plotting to kill him

The users are generally sympathetic with Jakakimba, a heavy user of Facebook known to share many aspects of his life on social media, with some seeing his going public on the whole affair as being sort of carthatic, preempting the alleged threat to his life and story breaking from the other end.

By Free Press Correspondentnewsdesk@kenyafreepress.comFriday, 06 Jan 2017 12:35 EAT

A youthful ODM politician has accused a senior administrator at the Kenya National Assembly of snatching his wife from him. Silas Jakakimba, a former personal assistant to CORD leader Raila Odinga who also contested in the 2015 Homa Bay senatorial by-election, claims in a Facebook post that went viral (despite its subsequently being pulled down) that Mr Sam Obudo, the director of finance and administrator at Parliament, has had a long affair with his wife who also works at the National Assembly.

The politician, who seemingly sees no chance of reconciling with his wife, took the dramatic step of washing his dirty linen in public through the long Facebook post in which he also accused Mr Obudo of plotting to kill him. “Parliament’s head of Finance and Administration Directorate, who has for the avoidance of doubt seen a handful of young families broken within and outside Bunge, has for the longest time been SLEEPING around with my wife Lynette Jakakimba…for offers of financial and ‘allied career gains’ at her station of work in the Kenya National Assembly, where Lynette is his DISTANT junior,” Mr Jakakimba wrote.

In a sign that his marriage had hit the rocks, Mr Jakakimba said the affair was not his immediate reason for writing the post. “As we all know," he wrote, the affair "can’t be, shouldn’t be, the issue here,” before tendering his reason for going public on such a delicate family matter: “For reasons my immediate family and I have never understood, Sam, head of Bunge’s most ‘significant’ Directorate and known to splash cash and big favours to young female employees he sleeps with, ironically went ahead to directly THREATEN my person and life, an aspect the Kenya Police (DCIO Parliament Police Station and DCIO Homa Bay Police Station) has been actively investigating over the weeks.”

With both men being well-known personalities from Nyanza, Mr Jakakimba’s accusation against the alleged wife snatcher has generated animated discussion on social media groups by people from the region. The users are generally sympathetic with Mr Jakakimba, a heavy user of Facebook known for sharing literally every aspect of his life on social media, with some seeing his going public on the whole affair as being sort of carthatic, preempting not only the threat to his life that he alleges but also the prospect of the story breaking out from the other end.

The story has also sparked hilarious jokes by some Facebook users who have made fun about men from a particular area in Luoland, two of whose sons have now trended on social media following accusations of illicit sexual relationships in the span of one month. According to the commenters, Mr Obudo comes from the same locality as Mr Tom Oywa Mboya, who was arrested by the police last December after shooting prominent Nairobi hotelier William Osewe (Ranalo) over a suspected love triangle.


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