January 23rd 2018

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Wavinya Ndeti’s Yaliyo ndwele sipite wording becomes a song

It was advantageous for one of Kenyan artiste M.C. Jangi who was seen to have been eager waiting for Wavinya to utter such verb for him to hurry and compose his new song.

By Joshua Mwangangijmwangangi@kenyafreepress.comMonday, 03 Jul 2017 17:32 EAT

Wavinya mimic song “Yaliyo ndwele sipite”

Kenyans’ creativity has now gone a notch higher after MC Jangi released a new song on June 30th composed using the Machakos gubernatorial aspirant Wavinya  Ndeti’s words which had also gone viral on social media. It’s only few weeks after Ms Ndeti vying on a Wiper ticket made a mistake as she was addressing her supporters after the Court of law cleared her to run for that post.

‘Yaliyo pita si ndwele tugange yajayo’ is a Swahili proverb but when Ms Wavinya Ndeti was addressing her supporters, her enthusiasm made her to make a slip of the tongue and instead said ‘yaliyo ndwele si pite’. This Wavinya’s quote has been trending all over the social media and in the society. Even some local radio stations are using that quote as inserts during musical shows to serve as after effects sounds.

“Yaliyo ndwele sipite”, said Wavinya.

It was advantageous for one of Kenyan artiste M.C. Jangi who was seen to have been eagerly waiting for Ms Wavinya to utter such a gaffe for him to hurry and compose his new song. The song is already on YouTube after Jangi released it. The artiste tried to use Ms Wavinya’s tactics to reverse the Swahili proverbs and compose a whole song with interesting lyrics which match his tune.

This may enable Wavinya  to raise her profile because Kenyans  have been entertained by her newly formed  proverb. In other words this may lead to suspicion over her education qualifications and it can be very delicate for her because her political rivals may use it to lower her dignity among the voters.

Ms Wavinya has not yet responded to the newly released song and the public is enjoying the video and the  words contained in that audio and video of Jangi


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