February 25th 2018

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Tips on caring for facial skin

The largest organ of the body, the skin protects the body from harmful effects of the sun, ridding the body of harmful substances through sweat and the synthesis of vitamin D, among other roles. Facial skin is exposed to toxicity on a daily basis and should, therefore, be cleansed regularly.

By Sandra Onindosonindo@kenyafreepress.comThursday, 23 Jun 2016 16:57 EAT

Facial skin is the thinnest thus the most fragile of all human skins. Caution should therefore be taken when handling it, especially  on the lips and around the eyes. Skin in these areas lacks sebaceous glands and collagen, making it more delicate and susceptible to damage from rough handling. For effective cleaning, press a ball of cotton soaked in makeup remover gently on your eyelids with your eyes closed. This should be done every evening as going to bed with makeup is not advised. For the lips, brush them softly using your toothbrush in order to get rid of dead skin after which petroleum jelly should be applied to keep them from dehydrating.

Washing your face twice per day helps preserve that fresh look. The proper procedure for this is washing your face with warm water and then using a mild soap or cleanser in a circular motion. After covering every area, rinse your face thoroughly. It is also important to exfoliate every few days. Exfoliating simply involves scrubbing.

Exfoliation should not be done too roughly or too often. A combination of honey and sugar should work perfectly as exfoliators. When drying the face after cleansing, do not rub a towel against the skin. Instead, use the towel to pat your face dry. Rubbing  encourages wrinkles and may also irritate the skin.

Make a habit of using a moisturizer as part of your skin care routine, as it keeps your face from drying up. When heading outdoors on a sunny day, use a moisturizer containing sunscreen to protect your screen from harmful sunrays. Avoid purchasing products containing fragrances and alcohol as these can be irritating and drying.

Using coconut oil on your face is highly recommended since  the oil is a natural product and also contains anti-bacterial properties. Rub it on your face to remove makeup or right before the cleansing process. This will also help prevent drying. Observing facial hygiene helps in the prevention of conditions such as acne so your skin remains vibrant and in the best working condition.

Sandra is a staff writer at the Kenya Free Press specializing in news, health and lifestyle coverage.

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