February 25th 2018

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Kituku's plan will steer Kangundo on ambitious development path

Dr Kituku is mobilising teams in every village to assist him reach the electorate. He is also the chairperson of the Board of Management of St. Mary's Mukunike Secondary School and residents and teachers have observed that the quality of education has improved since he took up that position.

By Rose Mukonyorosemukonyo@yahoo.comSaturday, 22 Oct 2016 19:40 EAT

Dr Nzioka attending a school fundraising. (Photo: Rose Mukonyo/Kenya Free Press).

Dr Ancent Kituku Nzioka, a medical doctor and lecturer at the Kenyatta University School of Medicine, has declared his interest in the Kangundo parliamentary seat. A man of vision, Dr Nzioka has outlined a plan for the constituency that, if implemented to the letter, would transform the area from its current state of underdevelopment.

Dr Kutuku, who hails from Kawethei village, stands a high chance among the aspiring candidates owing to the many development initiatives he has been involved, in particular the promotion of education, water and agricultural projects. His manifesto for the seat has the acronym WEALTHY - standing for Water, Education, Agriculture, Leadership, Transport and Youth empowerment, which are his major areas of focus.

The seat is currently held by Hon Katatha Maweu, who was elected in the 2013 general elections, and whose performance Dr Kituku says is below par. The aspirant has identified leadership gaps in Kangundo and has come up with the manifesto dubbed WEALTHY which he has been selling to voters.

His development blueprint presents a bold agenda whose financing would come from constituency funds, national government allocations and locally sourced resources including donor funding. His priority is water development, whereby he intends to construct a mega dam in Kangundo to supply water to the residents and the surrounding areas. He plans to sink boreholes and renovate existing ones and most importantly to encourage planting of trees in the constituency to secure the water sources.

The education sector in Kangundo has been characterised by poor performance for years. Dr Kituku is passionate about education and this is why he formed a caucus with other professionals in Kangundo to explore ways of improving the quality of education in the county. They have agreed to reward the best performers and start mentorship programs where they intend to bring in role models. He also intends to start culturing institutions where they link up with universities to put up campuses in the region. He believes that bursaries will also boost the level of education in the sub County and ensure the deserving benefit. Scholarships will be availed to students who go to the university level.

Under leadership and governance he wants the people to know their rights. For instance,  people think that an MP is doing them a favour by constructing classrooms using the CDF money not knowing that it's their right and their money. He intends to fight corruption in the sub County and ensure there is good governance. He wants to work well with other leaders and stakeholders in the area.

In transport and infrastructure, he feels that the number of schools in the area are not proportional to the population.  There is need to construct schools which can accommodate the children and ensure there is no congestion. Overpopulation in the existing schools might have been one of the causes of poor performance. In regards to roads, he is willing to partner with the county as well as the national government to improve the state of roads.

Being a doctor, he feels very passionate about the health sector. There have been a lot of issues since the health ministry was devolved to the county level. We have seen doctors and nurses go on strike due to lack of salaries. Working as a legislator will put him at a better place to air the views of the medics that could see this ministry back to the central government. 

Under youth empowerment, he will enable working to support orphans, widows and people with disabilities. It will also involve promoting sports among the youth.  He needs people to start seeing sports and music as a source of income. He has promised to partner with universities to see the needy students get a work-study program to get minimal jobs as they study. 

Dr Kituku says he is in the process of mobilising teams in every village to assist him reach the electorate. He has managed to distribute textbooks in schools for a period of eight years. He is also the chairperson to the Board of Management of St. Mary's Mukunike Secondary School and residents and teachers have observed that the quality of education has improved since he took up that position. 

He has been sponsoring teams to tournaments and has bought a team he supports uniform and darts boards. He has also been hosting a health program in a local FM station. If given a chance, this lecturer, doctor, consultant and part time missionary at Kijabe has a strategic development plan which will see Kangundo Sub County rise to become among the best in the region.

Rose is a contributing writer for the Kenya Free Press, based in Machakos County.

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