February 25th 2018

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Young and fit, Korof-Harar MCA makes mark with only two months in office

"I was reached by family members including community elders, youth and women who determined that this ward needed a new kind of leadership," he told this writer in an interview. And winning he did, garnering 1,667 votes.

By Abdirahman Rashid Farahabdirahmancajab@gmail.comTuesday, 24 Oct 2017 19:01 EAT

The MCA.

When Ahmed Ismail Dugow joined politics ahead of the last elections to contest the highly-competitive Korof-Harar Ward MCA seat, the odds stood starkly against him.

Not only was he running on a fringe political party ticket (Narck-Kenya), he was also quite green in politics, having spent his short working career in the NGO world and business. Ahmed did his KCPE examinations only in 2007, at Wajir Primary School, when some of his opponents were already trying their hand for the seat, then a civic position in the Wajir County Council.

He completed his secondary education at Wajir High School in 2012. Later he joined Kenya Methodist University and earned degree in Business Administration and specialized in procurement. On job experience he worked mostly NGO world, beginning his career in Hargesa, the capital city of Somaliland where he stayed for one year.

Thereafter, the MCA, who is among the youngest in the Wajir Assembly, worked in a mining company called African Logistics based in Congo in 2015. Later he come back to Kenya and lunched his own businesses in Nairobi before he joined politics in the last election.

"I was reached by family members including community elders, youth and women who determined that this ward needed a new kind of leadership," he told this writer in an interview. And winning he did, garnering 1,667 votes.

During the campaign, he made promises that his constituents saw as more realistic. Top of his agenda was the water programme. He said he's only two months in the office but had started water trucking to the area since there is a big drought situation people are facing. Places that benefited from the water trucking in his ward include Handaki, Riba, Konton and Arbakhyranso.

In his efforts to serve the water to residents, he said he had received support from the National Drought Managemet Authority (NDMA) which has helped in getting the resource, in conjuction with the county government. He congratulated the NDMA county manager Yassin who had mapped the whole area and identified the most vulnerable groups.

Ahmed Ismail Dugow.

The MCA also promised to revamp education, in particular that of the girl child. He said he will support youth, women and people with disabilities. He also seeks to promote enterpreneurship in order to empower small scale traders by giving them revolving funds at no interest at all. On health sector, he said the last regime had failed to boost health centres in the ward but he said he will boost health sector through working with the CEC health of the County.

On legeslative issues, the MCA is among the key contributors in the assembly, with rich English language and prolific delivery. He contributed to Finance, Budget and Appropriation on the Budget Estimates for County government and County Assembly for Financial year 2017/2018 which was successfully passed by the house yesterday. He also contributed to debate on the Governor's speech and many motions that have been canvassed in the House.

Being in charge of ward that borders Somalia, Ahmed has urged the county security team led by the County Commissioner in the county to fully support the residents with enough security. He thanked the security team for doing their work and promised to work with them since security team played a vital role.

On county politics, Ahmed said Wajir is lucky to have Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud as the governor. He told this writer that the governor's promise in his campaign manifesto to give each ward Sh25 million for development per year. He said that, being an elderly leader, the governor is politically matured and knows how to handle situations.

On national politics, he supports President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election campaign. He said the president had done a lot for the people of Wajir County and northern Kenya, citing yesterday's granting of a charter for Garissa University as an example of his development record.

Abdirahman Rashid Farah is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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