February 25th 2018

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Aspirant devises talent as he seek MCA seat in Wajir County

The famous footballer in Wajir County who retired at the level of captain of Barcelona team of Wajir, is using his past experience to promote the game and others in the ward as well as in the county.

By Abdirahman Rashid Farahabdirahmancajab@gmail.comSaturday, 29 Jul 2017 15:55 EAT

Mr Mohamed Adan Hassan.

An MCA aspirant in Wajir County has left his voters dumbfounded by using his experience as a footballer to popularize his candidature with a promise to make changes in the ward within 100 days after elections on August 8, polls.

Mr Mohamed Adan Hassan alias Ribiit who is eying Hadado Adhibohol ward seat has publicized a reach manifesto with a promise of making things working in the first 100 days. Improving provision of water tops his agenda as it outlined in the manifesto as well as ensure that the youths are employed and empowering women and other vulnerable members of the society.

Mohamed Adan Hassan with his supporters.

The famous footballer in Wajir County who retired at the level of captain of Barcelona team of Wajir, is using his past experience to promote the game and others in the ward as well as in the county.

"I have devoted much of my life in football games and since it’s a job creating venture for the youth, I want to utilize it well and promote other games to ensure Hadado Adhibohol ward becomes a center of talents", he said when he spoke to Kenya Free Press in Wajir Town.

Mr Ribiit who hails from Wajir West constituency and his family of Rerow Mahamud (RM) has unanimously indorsed him for the seat. 

Mr Ribiit is also using his job experience which most of the time has been a businessman but before joining politics he worked in the county Government as Head of Transport section. 

Generally Hadado Adhibohol ward is a competitive ward but Ribiit has put in place strategisies to outwit all his rivals and expressed confidence that he would win the seat.

The Ward is the new district which President Kenyatta awarded to the residents recently and Mr Ribitt has vowed to fastened development of the new district and deliver the services the voters need with promise for workable changes. 

On his manifesto, he further outlines a five year plan in his leadership to boost education sector, creating peaceful environment among hostile clans, empower youth and women group's and look for revolving funds with no interest to them at all. 

On matters of legislation he promises once elected to push for a bill in the County Assembly called Ward Development Fund, to ensure development is initiated in the marginalised 30 wards of Wajir County. 

As regards to the Party Mr Ribiit is affiliated to Ford Kenya under the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition. He therefore campaigning under the platform of electing Raila Odinga as next president. He says Mr Odinga is the father of devolution in the country and all Kenyans should rally behind him to reward him for the efforts he has made towards the democratization of Kenya. He says if Mr Odinga is elected will have a transparent government. 

A close ally of Mr Ribiit who never wanted his name to be captured said described him as a sole candidate of his expanded family. "We have endorsed him and we are banking on him to win this seat", he said adding "I am fully confident that he will be elected and can assure all that he can deliver as the MCA". 

Mr Ali known as Ali plus is a personal aid to Mr Ribiit and said following the intensive campaigns they had initiated he was sure that the seat is for him to take. 

Finally Mr Ribiit has urged all leaders in Wajir to remain peaceful during the remaining time of campaigning during and after the election. He said Wajir is more important than election or politicians and urged the voters to avoid being incited into tribal politics leading to chaos.

Abdirahman Rashid Farah is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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