January 23rd 2018

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Three young Kenyans receive Queen’s award for improving lives of others

According to the website, Ngetich launched the site after he read a World Health Organisation report on low accessibility of medicine of essential medicine in all developing countries.

By Derrick Kirakadkiraka@kenyafreepress.comWednesday, 05 Jul 2017 15:29 EAT

Three young and innovative Kenyans have had the singular honor of being honoured by the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth for their efforts in improving livelihoods of others, a clear indicator that the youths in the country are great philanthropists.

In the ceremony dubbed Young Leaders Awards held at the Buckingham Palace in London on June 29th, the three, Chebet Lesan, 27, Ms. Domitila Chesang, 28 and Towett Ngetich, 21, were all feted for various contributions to solving environmental and social issues affecting Kenyans.

Ms Chebet Lesan is the founder of Bright Green Renewable Energy, an enterprise that uses agricultural waste and paper to make charcoal, an idea that developed after she visited Mt. Kilimanjaro and was taken aback by the expansive environmental degradation in the area.

Ms Chesang was recognized for her fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriages in West Pokot, her efforts ensured that young girls in the area are allowed an education and an opportunity to achieve their potential.

Mr Ngetich, meanwhile, is the brains behind uthabiti.org, a healthcare mobile application that links patient to certified medical consultants. The enterprise is dedicated to the fight against counterfeit medicine, which has become quite a headache in Kenya and the world at large.

According to the website, Ngetich launched the site after he read a World Health Organisation report on low accessibility  of essential medicine in all developing countries.

The three were part of the 60 inspirational young people to receive the award which seeks to celebrate exceptional young people between 18 and 29 across the Commonwealth countries with leading projects in tackling global issues including education, climate change, gender equality, mental health, disability and equality.

The award was started in 2014 and those selected become the ‘Young Queen Leaders’.

Ms Chebet developed her idea of renewable energy after attending the International Development Design Summit (IDDS) in Tanzania, where she met Ugandan social entrepreneur Betty Ikalany, who gave her a challenge.

“She said to me, ‘it’s not enough to just be working for ourselves. We have to be thinking about what we can do for other people. What kind of social impact are we having?" Ms Chebet said in a past interview.

Her enterprise aims at giving the brand a completely local phase, with the manufacturing factory set up in Kenya.

In a country with a serious dearth of leadership, these young Kenyans are the luminaries this country needs so as to move forward . Having the youths properly ingrained into issue of national concern will not only drive them to the apex of their potential, it will lead to a solution of many problems currently bedevilling our country.

Congratulations are in order for Ms Chebet, Ms Chesang and Mr Ngetich and the youths should take lessons from them and take advantage of the opportunities available to them to foster change in whatever industry or whatever social issue they feel needs to be addressed. It is the only way we can bring the change we want – by being active players.


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