February 25th 2018

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Suave Wajir analyst, who has made many a politician's careers, throws hat into Tarbaj ward race

In the last elections, Issa was the campaign manager and political adviser of Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud. He is among the top professionals from Wajir County who served at different capacities in government sectors.

By Abdirahman Rashid Farahabdirahmancajab@gmail.comSaturday, 10 Jun 2017 19:59 EAT

Mr Garore's main campaign poster.

There is hardly any politician worth his or her salt in Wajir County who doesn't know Issa Garore Irobe. One of the region's suave political analysts, Issa has played role in the county's political life, advising campaign candidates and helping to mediate conflicting political ambitions at times.

In the last elections, Mr Garore was the campaign manager and political adviser of Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud. He is among the top professionals from Wajir County who served at different capacities in government sectors.

Reputed as a man of the people, he is down to earth and is loved by many. He was formerly a teacher and, as he is happy to says, "many of our professionals today are people who passed through my hands." His teaching career began with a diploma course at Shanzu TTC, and he eventually earned a Bachelor's degree in education at Kenyatta University.

A native of Tarbaj, he had studied his basic school at Wajir Primary School and his high school at Sambule Secondary School. He served different educational roles including class teacher, headteacher and education officer in charge of Central Division. From 2005- December 2008, he served also as district election coordinator for the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), where he oversaw the expansion of polling stations from 165 to 274. He also developed a human resource policy in which polling clerks were recruited from their own centres, thereby promoting equity in employment.

When ECK got dissolved in 2008, he served as district officer in different parts of Coast Province such as Malindi and Kisauni between March 2009 till April 2013. Again, he career shone, winning an award as a top-performing public servant in 2011. In 2015-2016 he was the chairman of the County Land Management Board (CLMB), after which he opted for early retirement in order to run his own businesses and practice political advising.

In the interview he revealed to us the key reasons behind he joined politics. First, he said many people wanted him to contest for Member of Parliament but when he talked to the elders, they decided that he should instead go for Tarbaj ward seat. He said he is the sole candidate of Geddi family in Fai sub clan.

Secondly, he emphasised that due to his experiences he would bank on his connections to bring change to the people's representation. He believes that due to his age he can deliver better compared to youthful leaders. "I am not new to leadership; leadership is not politics only but serving community true to its needs," explained the candidate.

On manifesto, Mr Garore said he will invest in Education since that's a field he knew best. His plan to delegate powers to the people by working through committees at the local level. On business financing, which he has recognised as a challenge to the poor, he plans to bring money for business people with Islamic principles.

He wants to spearhead the enactment of the ward development bill immediately he joins the assembly so that the county government budgeting process can be tracked for its effectiveness and impact from the ward level. The candidate promises to address the water problem in Tarbaj by coordinating with the county government and other agences to have watern pumped from neighbouring constituencies which have a lot of the resource.

His other priority if he wins will be to promote girl child education. Having taught in schools for several years, Mr Garore said he had witnessed the destructive effect of early marriages and the high drop out rates for girls in the entire region. "So many of our girls who could become profesionals at the highest levels, or in such vital trades in the community as nurses and teachers do not realise their potential. We must have a programme to ensure every girl spends the required amount of time in school in order to raise our living standards," he said.

Mr Garore said he is an asset to the county not only Tarbaj ward. "With my vast experience, I will go in to be results based leader, but not a stomach-driven leader. I have a history of working on elections such as the ECK coordinator where I served different politicians successfully," he told this writer, divulging that the first ECK offices in Wajir were built under his supervision.

On matters of county politics, he supports the Jubilee brigade led by Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Mohamud and other Jubilee members. "I was I a chief campaigner of Ambassador Abdi in the last general election, the same applies this time as I am fully supporting him and hoping the Jubliiee team in Wajir will carry the day."

On Mr Abdi who is runnig for the Wajir governprship for the second time, Mr Garore said: "I know him, he is a sellable leader and he can unite the people of Wajir County. He is one of our most experienced leaders and has vast of leadership experience," he remarked. The candidate said he strongly supports Pesident Uhuru Kenyatta for the second time in office.

Abdirahman Rashid Farah is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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