February 25th 2018

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Senior nursing officer Adan Ismail Kulow gears up to give Bute Ward effective leadership

Adan has joined politics because he is the sole candidate of Garen Council of Elders. He is fully prepared to do what it takes to become Bute MCA and has been holding meetings with youths, women and other influential segments of society to propagate his campaign.

By Abdirahman Rashid Farahabdirahmancajab@gmail.comWednesday, 07 Jun 2017 18:49 EAT

Adan Ismail Kulow alias Daktari.

Adan Ismail Kulow alias Daktari has joined the race for the  Bute ward representative position in the Wajir County Assembly. Daktari, as he is popular known, is running on the Orange Democratic Movement and has rolled out an ambitious to deliver services he says the Bute people have yearned for for decades.

Adan has joined politics because he is the sole candidate of Garen Council of Elders. He is fully prepared to do what it takes to become Bute MCA and has been holding meetings with youths, women and other influential segments of society to propagate his campaign.

A native son, Adan schooled first Malaba Primary School and Bute Boys Secondary School, both in Wajir North,before enrolling at the Kenya Medical Training College where he studied nursing and public health. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and public health from Kenyatta university.

His main objective of running for the position is to enhance representation for Bute Ward in the Wajir assembly and press for the region's share of development from both the county and national governments. He has projected a vision for the proposed Bute Dam, a muiltibillion shilling project, to be used for irrigation of local lands.

While there have been immense hopes in the region from the dam, litle has been done in terms of utalisation through hand pump. He also blames the slow paceof implementation on the national government's Sh9 billion Bute Dam at the doors of the incumbent MCA and Member of Parliament, whom he accuse of not advocating for the project enough.

The candidate also wants to deal decisively with the emergent challenge of drug abuse. He has started a local football league popularly known as the Incoming MCA League, where he engages jobless youth and promotes interaction between youth people to sensitise them on education, national cohesion, curbing laziness, immoralities and drugs. Miraa is the commonly used drug in Bute and has been identified as the root cause of vices in the community such as rampant divorce and poor performance in schools.

Adan believes he is well suited for the MCA position. He has worked extensively in the region, first at Wajir South Development Association, an NGO, as a food and monitoring officer. He then joined Islamic Relief as a field nurse officer for Wajir. He worked also with Save the Children as a field health officer for Wajir North. Finally, he worked with the Ministry of Health as nursing officer in charge of Bute Sub-County Hospital.

While serving as a nursing officer, he has the record of supervising the first Caesarean operation in Bute Sub-county. "I served my people well while I was not in power but once elected I will serve them even better," he said. The candidate has also initiated Dokono Football Club at high school level, in order to bring youth together.

Unlike some youth candidates, Daktari Adan believes in the concept of negotiated democracy, which is used in northern communities to promote coexistence and power sharing. "I respect so much the elders since community verdict is more power than personal verdict." Those who were endorsed by the elders in Kiborana language is called (Tokuma) while those who don’t believe in negotiated democracy are called (Firfirsa).

On his manifesto at 100 days in office he promises to boost health sector, particularly on matters of child mortality. He said he will want the county government to invest more on health. "This is my field of study and I know how to help the people." He said he will also boost education and water services.

Adan believes he is different from other contenders. "I stand tall among other contenders since I am professionally equipped with medical background and proven leadership. Unlike some in this race, I am not seeking money or fame but I want to bring change to my people."

The candidate is impressed by the way Wajir county government has invested in Bute Sub County particularly in health sector. For example, the local hospital now is a Level 4 Hospital performing both caesarian section procedures and minor surgeries unlike in the years before devolution when no surgical procedures could be undertaken there. "We are pushing for more once the process of election ends and I can identify the needs jointly with the county government," he told this writer.

On matters of party politics, Adan belongs to ODM and he fully supports NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga. He said the NASA agenda of national harmony and reforms is sellable to the people, compared to Jubilee which many voters in the region consider as being dominated by a few tribes and too corrupt. Adan said NASA will transform the leadership and the lives of Kenyans.

"Raila has no history of corruption allegations that is why he deserves the post as the next president of Kenya so that he can put into practice the values he has fought for over the years," said the candidate.

Another important goal of the candidate is to push for ward development fund to ensure that development budgets are assessed at the grassroots rather than county level.

On matters of security he urged all Wajir residents particularly politicians to keep peace and security during this electioneering period.

Abdirahman Rashid Farah is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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