February 25th 2018

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Banking on legislative experience, Wajir's first speaker Bishar Omar seeks to transform Wajir East

Bishar outclasses all with a show of sincere intent to battle down the problem. ‘When they have proved to us beyond doubt through action and word they cant end this problems, they still want to play with the mind of the people and talk unreal of situation facing the common mamas.

By Mohamed Gediyarriska90som@live.comWednesday, 07 Jun 2017 11:48 EAT

Mr Bishar Omar.

Mr Bishar Omar, the first Speaker of the 45-member Wajir County Assembly, lives with the conviction of clinching the Wajir East parliamentary seat, one of the most hotly-contested races in the county. Relying on the experience of his speakership, Bishar has cultivated networks he believes will come handy in his election.

He enjoys vast accolades as the first Speaker of the local assembly which he guided a very odd point to its current standing as an illustrious oversight organ for the people in this vast county. Linguistically vocal and eloquent, the Speaker presided over hotly debated sessions in the house, sometimes with intrigues well calculated to make wrangling parties at ease. He is known to be the most charismatic plenary member in the House.

Bishar in office helped set the contours of public policy in Wajir through legislative leadership. He oversaw the enactment of policies and laws to drive good governance, among them budget and appropriation Bills, Climate Bill, Bursary Bill, Disaster Bill, Flag, Emblem Bill and Video, Posters and Pornography Bill among others.

Talking to the Kenya Free Press, the man with interactive persona defies the rest in this hotly contested seat, pointing to areas in which he stands above his competitors. Talking candidly with doubtless voice on his manifesto, he says, ‘Mine is not to lay down empty promises of heaven to my people. I need to be frank and talk of possibilities, the difference I have with my contending fellows is that I am poised to invest on bringing into existence local solutions that will easily enhance the lives of my people.

"For instance, my people have livestock as their livelihood backbone, but this wealth has been suffering for long, unattended to. In my 100 days of office plan, I promise to bring in to existence a very unprecedented move to juggle and replace the phase of livestock today.’’

The Speaker aims at bringing a new model of livestock and livestock produce transportation to totally open a new chapter in this key sector, ‘I will introduce cargo delivering system for the livestock, by coming up with speacialised heavy duty trucks to ferry our livestock and produce for better markets where they can fetch good money.’’

Concerned and aware of challenging scenarios of the poor electorates from his backyard, Bishar put on the readiness tacts of ending perennial education fees problems facing the less unfortunate members of the society, while blaming the incumbent and other racers on the fault of either being inept or having no serious agenda.

Bishar outclasses all with a show of sincere intent to battle down the problem. ‘When they have proved to us beyond doubt through action and word they cant end this problems, they still want to play with the mind of the people and talk unreal of situation facing the common mamas.

"For me it’s my commitment to stand the needs of the less fortunate people who earn living of hand to mouth status, if elected MP in my tenure, no, absolutely no needy student will pay a coin for school fees." A claim that can look most honest of all claims.

Many view his promise honest and holding water as compared to his contenders. Hassan Mohamed, a local activist, approved of Bishar's message. Talking to this website, he reassures his support for the speaker on this grounds, "The speaker talks of fact-based promises not pushing for his interest to clinch victory,when some aspirants just tell you that they will wave school fees totally and do not configure who needs it, then they are not sincere with us, that is why I am for the Speaker.’’

Having cleared by the IEBC and given the nod to run as competent candidate for the seat of the Wajir East Mp, Omar hails from the the thought democratic politics where every one has the right to contest as protected by the CK 2010.

The 2017 politics in Wajir County is characterised by elders endorsement through what is known as negotiated democracy. Nevertheless, the negotiated democracy model in the Fai clan where the Speaker hails from did not nominate anybody for the seat of MP. 

Free-wheeling political aspirants have turned downed allegation opposite to that and rather traded along democratic lines. Reacting to a question on whether he had the elders' endorsement, Bishar said that, since the community under the negotiated democracy did not nominate anybody for the seat, he is free to contest.

On party politics, Bishar is a member of PDR, on whose ticket he will vie for the seat. The party supports President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election, something the candidate holds dearly as he believes the president has transformed the lives of many Kenyans through infrastructure development including the SGR launched recently.

Besides being a politician, the Speaker is also well educated and has worked at senior levels in government and the private sector. He holds a Masters of Public Health degree from Maseno University.

Mohamed is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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