February 25th 2018

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Kabreta smelling Wajir senatorial victory

Kabreta has the support of the majority support of the dominant Degodia clan for the senetorial seat, as borrowed from the close friendly and compatabilty he has with Mohamed Abdi Mohamud led Bandwagon. Mohamed Abdi is the Fai family's flag-bearer for the gubernatorial seat.

By Mohamed Gediyarriska90som@live.comMonday, 13 Feb 2017 15:28 EAT

Dr Kabreta flagged by Hon. Ibrahim Abdi Saney (Wajir North MP) and clan elders drawn from the Waqle and Walamage of the Ajuran dominant clan, during his endorsement by the elders.

As campaigns for the Wajir gubernatorial and senatorial positions begin in earnest, the candidature of senate aspirant Dr Abdullahi Ali alias Kabreta has excited the region. The two-time former MP for Wajir North's recent endorsement by Ajuran clan elders last month has boosted his chances in a race where he was always a front-runner.

Kabreta was born in 1963 at Buna, a small town forming part of the seven wajir north sub-county wards. He sat his CPE at Garissa Primary School in 1976, KCE at Wajir High School in 1980 and later finished his A levels at Kangaru School, Embu in 1982. Thereafter, he attended the University of Nairobi Medical School and attained degree of medicine (MBChB) in 1990, after which he joined Kenyatta National Hospital for internship.

As a doctor, he served in Moyale, Isiolo and later Wajir, where he was Medical Officer of Health. He resigned in 1997 from his medical occupation and volunteered to serve in remote areas in his field of career till 1997. Dr Kabreta made his political debut in 1997 and is recorded to be the first MP of Wajir North which was hived from the larger Wajir West.

He went on to win re-election one more time on KANU ticket in 2002. In 2007 elections, he made to the history of Kenyan elections when the candidate he was running against, Mohamed Gabow, recorded the same vote mark of 3065 with him in the then hotly contested elections. However he lost the seat to Mohamed Gabow of ODM through a by-election.

During his term in Parliament, Kaberata saw the establishment of schools, dispensaries, renovations of roads amongst many other developments, at a time when MPs did not have devolved funds such as CDF. Kabreta is candid of his achievements. "You know there was little money during my time but still I am the one who established Bute Girls and Buna Secondary Schools," he says, citing the institutions that have seen so many students go through secondary school. He is currently a member of the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Kabreta is widely touted to capture the seat of Senator. Recently, a bunch of respected elders drawn from the Waqle and Walamage sub-clans of his dominant Ajuran clan unanimously endorsed him in Wajir, as their sole candidate for the Wajir senatorial seat, a mileage that sells him to the other two dominant clans in wajir county-Dagodia and Ogaden, in the trianguler coalition of his choice.

The Haji Yare-led Committe of elders that endorsed him, in a press confrence told the media that the time had come for Ajuran to unite in support of one candidate in the sharing of top political seats among the local Degodia, Ogaden and Ajuran clans and that they have settled all other contenders in the political play.

Kabreta, with the solid backing of his Ajuran clan, has now made considerable inroads in the dominant Degodia clan for the senatorial seat, as borrowed from the close friendship and compatabilty he has with Mohamed Abdi Mohamud led Bandwagon. Mohamed Abdi is the Fai family's flag-bearer for the gubernatorial seat. Recently, the Fai Sultanate in Wajir county has resolved to end long standing disputes within the Fai family in its bid to capture the county’s governorship and agreed on the name of Amb Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, who is expected to run on a Jubilee ticket.

Aden Keynan, the Eldas MP, and Mohamed Elmi (the Tarbaj MP) are leading a team likely to form a Mohamed Abdi Mohamud Bandwagon, a move to unseat the incumbent Governor Ahmed Abdullahi in the coming polls. This would see Kabreta as their political darling and share to Wajir North Nation in the senator seat in the awaited elections.

Dr Ali, who many see as a close associate of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, will run on a Jubilee ticket, a view he responded to affirmatively on a previous phone interview. "Yes, I am a friend to the president and his deputy, I will confidently run on a Jubilee ticket," he said, while sending his call of support to the people of Wajir to elect him.

He has assured the people of his readiness to work justly and devoid of discrimination on any basis and requests the people of Wajir to be in his favour in the coming August election. With the current senator, Abdirahman Olow, not stating explicitly whether or not he will defend the seat, Kabreta, 54,is seen by many as a man with record of impeccable integrity and joyful persona.

Mohamed is a contributing reporter for the Kenya Free Press based in Wajir County

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