April 25th 2017

2017 Elections

Observers galore in awaited Homa Bay ODM poll, creating general election mood

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 24 Apr 2017 17:29 EAT

Outgoing governor Cyprian Awiti was optimistic that he would win. "My development record speaks for itself and I know I will win," he said. His main opponent Joseph Oyugi Magwanga asked his supporters to remain vigilant and guard against rigging.

Civil society leaders join politics, seek to fight from within

Nyambura Muthoni | Saturday, 22 Apr 2017 17:46 EAT

"The entry into politics by these colleagues is a very inspiring move that will enable us build a new political leadership in Kenya. We must revive the spirit of Pio Gama Pinto and Bildad Kaggia,” said Gacheke Gachihi, the Nairobi-based social rights activist in regard to his colleagues' political a

Taking heat on Jubilee primaries fiasco, Uhuru uses false justification

Free Press Reporter | Saturday, 22 Apr 2017 14:11 EAT

The Party leadership and the National Elections Board are now remapping the entire process to address all the shortcomings we experienced. A detailed revised primaries timetable will be issued by the party headquarters today, in accordance with the IEBC timelines.

The aspirant held several meetings in Eastlands and Nairobi West on Thursday and Friday, and the video trending on social media platforms captured her dishing out notes (believed to be in denominations of Sh50) to rally-goers who surge forward to her convoy in the rally.

KPL petitions Government over proposed betting firms tax hike

David Jagongo | Thursday, 20 Apr 2017 18:28 EAT

Top betting firm SportPesa have sponsored the Kenyan Premier League believed to be in the tune of Sh450 million in a 4.5-year deal. They also penned a Sh607 million deal with Kenya Rugby Union, which among other things sponsors the national sevens team.

Senator Kuti quits Jubilee as party loses key northern Kenya stalwarts

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 20 Apr 2017 14:06 EAT

The governor said more than five other aspirants in Isiolo who were to seek Jubilee Party ticket have also moved to PDR. He did not name them, and Dr Kuti is likely among them.

Awaited NASA unity to raise stakes even higher for Uhuru

Joe Khamisi | Thursday, 20 Apr 2017 11:30 EAT

Politicians must realize August 8 is not the end of the world. Opportunities still exist in future. It is obvious, however, that more than any other election in recent history, what we are seeing this year is a high decibel, high-stakes exercise.

It seems that notwithstanding the universal expression of desire by Kenyans for change in the country's governance, few are prepared to sacrifice their comfort and resources to realise it. Jicho Pevu is also facing fundraising challenges in his bid for the Nyali parliamentary seat.

Jubilee gubernatorial candidates, Peter Kenneth, Mike Sonko, Margaret Wanjiru and Dennis Waweru have failed to agree on a line-up and are expected to face each other during the Jubilee nominations slated for April 21.

A source at the ODM headquarters informed this website that Mr Obado's clearance was the culmination of high-level negotiations within the party involving a number of Luo elders and professionals from Migori County who appealed to Mr Odinga to make a decision himself.

Wiper tables plan to give NASA 'all elective posts' in Nairobi

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 13 Apr 2017 14:46 EAT

According to inside sources, WDM-K party has mapped out its strongholds in Nairobi where it is seeking support from NASA partners to capture the seats. However, most of elective seats in such zones are held by their ODM counterparts, and how the matter will be squared is yet to be seen.

Defying pressure from allies, Kalonzo, Mudavadi crave for more clout in NASA

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 12 Apr 2017 11:42 EAT

But as they, Ford-Kenya deputy party leader and Kakamega senator Bonny Khalwale post on his twitter “Mudavadi must contain ANC disgruntled elements. We had our lessons in 2013 after our vigorous campaigns. He won't ditch NASA 4 a sole run” (@KBonimtetezi).

Uhuru launches new campaign website, but old credibility problems persist

Joshua Mwangangi | Tuesday, 11 Apr 2017 08:05 EAT

Earlier in October 2013, the president had launched yet another website, www.president.go.ke, which was also said to be a one-stop shop for those seeking government information.

Ruto proxy games undoing Uhuru's efforts to reach Kisii electorate

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 09 Apr 2017 15:10 EAT

The Bagetutu have about 95,000 voters compared to Bagirango who are about 115, 000 voters. Because of this small difference in numbers the rivalry between these two clans is usually intense. Only a person with special virtues is able to cut across these clan boundaries.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Wajir: Down but not out

Free Press Correspondent | Saturday, 08 Apr 2017 17:28 EAT

Speaking after the rally, Sultan Najib Ugas told the Kenya Free Press that residents of Wajir would rally behind the Jubilee Party and vote for its candidates starting with President Kenyatta down to the MCAs.

These ominous signs could never have been anticipated by a politician who almost achieved parity with President Kenyatta in the 2013 elections. While ODM had 95 MPs and therefore the largest party, Mr Kenyatta’s TNA was a close second with 86 MPs while Mr Ruto's URP had 72.

President Uhuru runs into hostile crowds in Narok, Governor Tunai rejected

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 07 Apr 2017 18:25 EAT

President Kenyatta was also heckled and several rally goers walked out of him when he began to address the crowd. However, the commotion was felt in the far reaches of the large crowd that had gathered for the meeting since as early as 11am.

ODM nominations postponed; party in dog fight with IEBC

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 07 Apr 2017 16:15 EAT

The ODM Central Committee met this afternoon under the chairmanship of Mr Odinga and rescheduled its nominations to between 13 - 25 April. NEB had yesterday pushed the nominations ahead by one day with chairperson Judith Pareno saying the postponement was to have schools closed.

"Many people talked to him about NASA but it was the comparison the Kalonzo kids made to the Mutula family that went deep into his heart," the source said. He told this website that Mutula's daughter had rejected pleas by opposition supporters to run for the Nairobi women representative position.

IEBC beats retreat, okays NASA's plans for parallel vote counting

Cynthia Gitau | Thursday, 06 Apr 2017 16:02 EAT

It has also been put clear that all stakeholders including political parties and the state security agencies should condemn violence at all cost and they should encourage their members to flee from any conduct that is likely to bring forth violence during and after the general elections.

Uhuru heads to Wajir in new effort to 'wipe ODM off' the county's map

Nyambura Muthoni | Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017 13:49 EAT

Wajir voted overwhelmingly for ODM in the 2013, and all its top leaders currently belong in ODM including Governor Ahmed Abdullahi, Senator Abdirahman Ali Hassan, Woman representative Fatuma Ibrahim, all MPs except one (Wajir East MP Abass Sheikh Mohamed), plus a majority of MCAs.

“As a leader it is important to articulate important and national issues that not necessarily affect your community, but cutting across others. That is why being a leader is being able to lead other people apart from those in your home turf,” he said.

In bid for Nairobi Kikuyu vote, Peter Kenneth discards sheepskin

Priscillah Wanjiru | Sunday, 02 Apr 2017 16:52 EAT

Where has criticised Kidero, he calls the governor by his little-known Luo name, Odhiambo, conveying a keenness to remind voters who might not known that Kidero was a Luo. But he suppressed his own Kikiyu identity, including his tribal name reported to be 'Githendu'.

"The unity of NASA heralds the end of Jubilee misrule. A NASA government will be the most inclusive, representative, equitable government since independence. I urge all leaders, the people of Wajir and Kenya at large, not to squander this opportunity of finally setting this country on the correct pa

Witnessing distrust from opposition, Kalonzo fights to save face

Nyambura Muthoni | Friday, 31 Mar 2017 19:22 EAT

He said that NASA principals will meet after the team tasked to handle the matter submits its report and agree on who is to be the alliance's candidate. The committee mandated with advising the principals on the flag-bearer has recommended a formula that favours former PM Raila Odinga.

Mr Kilonzo Jnr said Nyenze's position as member of the technical committee discusing modalities for identifying the NASA presidential flag-bearer was now "untenable and he should be removed without any delay. "The Principals must take charge and save us this embarrassment."

Why the Somali community will support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election

Dr Abdullahi Ali Kabreta | Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017 15:33 EAT

What the opposition has perfected is encouraging its governors to despise the president, as has been evident in Mombasa, Kilifi and Turkana counties. With the pressing developmental needs of Wajir County, we can’t afford such superfluity for another five years.

Leader of Minority in Parliament Mr Francis Nyenze who is also a member of Wiper NASA coordinating committee attended the press briefing. He had earlier addressed another press conference at Parliament buildings and issued same ultimatum to NASA team.

Matungulu MP enrols 56 bodaboda riders into driving schools

Oscar Ndunda | Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017 12:41 EAT

"Today is a remarkable day here in Matungulu, I have successfully registered 56 bodaboda riders in driving schools, which has costed us 500,000 shillings. I am appealing to our leaders to give the youths what they deserve because they are the leaders of tomorrow," he said.

As my friend Ndung’u Wainaina tweeted recently, “it is corrupt leaders and elite beneficiaries of corrupt deals who feel most threatened by opposition chief Raila Odinga”. Never mind that Raila has shown over the years that he is very pragmatic and would not use a blunderbuss to achieve his goals.

"The President wants nominees to focus on this important democratic process," the statement said. "He is keen to ensure that all processes are fulfilled as required by guidelines provided for by the necessary institutions mandated to ensure a credible nominations process."

Jubilee set out to tame Joho but ended lionizing governor

David Mutua | Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017 11:29 EAT

“This is a war that began in 2013. They started (it) through their bloggers and then the newspapers. But I tell you this is a futile attempt by the Jubilee government to discredit the governor,” said Joho in a statement that was released today by his Communication Director Richard Chacha.

In fresh effort to prop Kiraitu's governor bid, Uhuru to visit Meru

Phillip Mulee | Monday, 27 Mar 2017 14:46 EAT

Jubilee leaders in Meru Country have expressed fears that opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) was making inroads in the area warning that unless President Kenyatta intervenes the party might face rebellion on the face of the opposition.

“Forget it, we are only going to get CVs from people who are dying with us, we will only consider those who are in the struggle with us. If you are fighting against us, please don’t even bother to apply for jobs in Meru County,” the senator said at a meeting with party supporters in Meru.

There was confusion as to whether the Kamau group would proceed to name the names in the absence of the Wa Iria camp, but the matter was resolved when Ms Leah Ntimama, the Jubilee national official who was overseeing the exercise, announced that it had been postponed to next Tuesday.

"I challenge the Jubilee administration to stop piggy-backing on the projects of various counties across the country. Let them demonstrate to Kenyans what they have done with the Sh8 trillion that you, as tax payers, have given the administration since they took office," Mr Odinga said.

Ruto's low profile throwing Uhuru campaign into slumber

David Mutua | Friday, 24 Mar 2017 13:38 EAT

Lately in what is seen as an aggressive strategy by Jubilee technocrats, the DP is now commonly seen alongside President Kenyatta, hosting him at his rallies, an apparent attempt to solidify their bond in the eyes of the voters.

Police attack on Joho rally to hurt Mvurya's re-election bid

Liza Makena | Friday, 24 Mar 2017 12:22 EAT

Mr Zani said "the only antidote to this meaningless dictatorial behaviour is to vote Mvurya (the Jubilee boss in Kwale) out in August, 2017. Mvurya must go! Jubilee must go! As we pray for rain, Mvurya/Jubilee rained teargas on us. It is a sad day in Kwale. God help us."

Following the difference, Mr Sonkos supporters stormed out in protest, with the senator accusing Starehe MP Maina Kamanda of trying to rig the selecting of the board members. Mr Kamanda is the team leader of Kenneth’s campaign in Nairobi.

Police break up ODM Kwale rally, say Joho shouldn't hold rallies out of Mombasa

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 20:17 EAT

As soon as Joho’s chopper arrived, police threw teargas at the place of landing inviting the wrath of members of public who chanted Mvurya must go. The rally consequently aborted.

Did Uhuru reward Kisii community with CJ's appointment?

Liza Makena | Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 20:14 EAT

Many political pundits wondered how appointment of the Chief Justice could be used in a campaign platform while it’s a constitutional office and the holder is by merit and not politically inclined to any political divide.

Jubilee planning to rig August poll, claims Mudavadi

Free Press Reporter | Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 18:03 EAT

The IEBC has deliberately not managed the ICT issues prudently thus raising questions on the integrity of the procurement process. It is only in February that NASA alerted the country to suspect IEBC infractions in chaotic voter listing and procuring the electronic equipment.

Kalonzo summons Wiper aspirants to Nairobi amid grumbles

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 13:40 EAT

The aspirants meeting comes in the heels of Kalonzo’s presentation of his presidential nomination papers to the party's national elections board. He said at the time, this is the first step towards clinching the National Super Alliance (Nasa) presidential ticket.

"In the rally, there will be an announcement that will intend to significantly change the political landscape of the country," said a statement from the opposition coalition that urged its supporters to congregate at the venue from 8am.

Only a Raila, Kalonzo ticket can beat Uhuru

Joe Khamisi | Thursday, 23 Mar 2017 12:42 EAT

Each one of them wants to be the boss not an underling. Unfortunately, this procrastination is frustrating supporters and eating up time. I am not surprised it's causing so much public speculation over NASA's unity and survival.

Uhuru, Raila clash on 2007 violence casts dark clouds over August polls

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017 20:01 EAT

“Raila was at the centre of the 2007 chaos in which Kenyans fought but he blamed it on Ruto," he told a gathering of leaders at Nyanturago Stadium in Kisii County. "Yeye ndio aliwasha moto (He is the one who ignited the flames," he said.

Kenyatta names Tuju Jubilee SG as he woos support from Raila’s backyard

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017 20:02 EAT

Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Vice President Faith Waigwa has been named as the chairman of the party’s Appeals Tribunal. The changes come at a time the party is preparing to handle crucial nominations next month.

Makali, however did not name the party through which he would be using after ditching LPK. "I thank you for the chance to do what we did and for your support in rebuilding and re-branding the party during the six months period I served," he said.

Kalonzo Musyoka in NASA to stay, wants maximum concessions

Free Press Reporter | Thursday, 16 Mar 2017 16:20 EAT

"The endorsement is part of the party's electoral mechanism which requires Wiper to field candidates for all electoral offices unless its organs mandate otherwise," said the source. Mr Musyoka was the only Wiper member who declared his interest for nomination as a presidential candidate.

It is increasingly becoming apparent that ongoing political events - marred by violence and hate speeches - could create problems for the country after August 8. But this situation could be reversed if we all sober up to the realization that an election is a contest of popularity not a call to arms.

Ruto fights for Kalenjin power base as outsiders desert in droves

David Mutua | Thursday, 16 Mar 2017 12:05 EAT

"While the media is focused on the defections between Jubilee and the opposition, the movement of politicians from Mr Ruto to Mr Kenyatta's camps in Jubilee is astounding," said a political operative from the Rift Valley.

Mungatana’s defection torpedoes Jubilee's Tana River game plan

Free Press Correspondent | Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017 12:13 EAT

Tana River normally votes on ethnic affiliation which normally favours two out of the three major ethnic groups. The county is inhabited by the Pokomos, Ormas, Wardhei and other smaller tribes. A coalition of two of any of the three ethnic groups have normally led to victory in the past.

The leaders, according to Katuku have resolved to push for Mr Musyoka to be the Nasa flag bearer and ensure the Kamba community votes as a block for the Opposition coalition.

Uhuru is making it hard to build a relationship with ODM governors. As the governor of Mombasa, Joho is expected to welcome the president at his county and accompany him when conducting the county functions and developments, despite their political differences whenever he visits.

Muthama, Musila take NASA war to Kalonzo's doorstep

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 13 Mar 2017 17:44 EAT

Mr Muthama dismissed the memorandum of understanding recently signed between Mr Musyoka and Makueni Governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana, saying it was not the kind of deal Mr Musyoka should be pursuing. “Kalonzo needs to form a coalition with national parties and not village ones”.

Outrage over Uhuru's attack on Joho, Nanok

Jack Otwala | Monday, 13 Mar 2017 17:37 EAT

The President’s response to facts laid by Mr. Nanok proved that he was unfit for the presidency and that he lacks respect for other leaders. One cannot be a fool for telling another person what he does not want to hear.

Kalonzo, Wetangula open new flank in NASA

Charity Wainaina | Monday, 13 Mar 2017 12:35 EAT

Mr Musyoka claimed "some people are paid to give the opinion wanted by the financiers. Pollsters, and I am mentioning Ipsos and Infotrak, stop misleading Kenyans. Kenyans are tired of being led by your cooked figures."

NASA experts differ on formula putting Raila in the lead

Nyambura Muthoni | Monday, 13 Mar 2017 12:20 EAT

With the news about the committee's split spilling into the open, the tensions between Mr Odinga and his partners Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi are likely to escalate ahead of the committee's submission of its report NASA coordinating committee.

Joho 'detention' ignites new clash with Uhuru over Coast projects

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 13 Mar 2017 10:46 EAT

"This is misuse of power," Mr Joho said, explaining that he had the right to attend the president function as a citizen and governor of Mombasa. "I don't attend these functions because I love the president, these are public functions and he only happens to be the president at this particular time,"

Despite his pompous style, Joho is a junior league politician

Joe Khamisi | Thursday, 09 Mar 2017 12:19 EAT

My view is that Joho must move beyond bluster and platitudes if he wants to advance politically and compete in the top league. He must work towards expanding his base from the townspeople to the Mijikenda voters on the fringes of the island and beyond.

Intra-NASA Coast war escalates as Kalonzo to receive more ODM defectors

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 09 Mar 2017 12:13 EAT

In joining WDM, the former minister also schemed to benefit from the sizable community vote bloc which constitutes approximately 30 percent of the voters in Kwale County. Mr Musyoka has assured Mr Mwakwere of an automatic nomination as the Wiper candidate.

Ukambani-based parties seeking election pact with Wiper, NASA

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 08 Mar 2017 17:09 EAT

In the deal, Prof. Kibwana became a Wiper member, through which he would seek re-election and his Muungano Party will not field a gubernatorial candidate. Consequently, Wiper will not field a candidate where Muungano has one.

Allies of the president and those of opposition leader Raila Odinga are engaged in a slugfest over the future of Wajir politics, and that a similar effort was underway in Mandera and Garissa, with the president determined to win over all current ODM elected members.

Other political parties have been accused of using irregular tactics as well. For example, Caroline Wafula discovered that her National ID was registered as a Kanu Asili member since December 2016 and her ID was registered under a Ruth K. Kazungu born in June 1999.

Will Nyeri MCAs abide by Uhuru's directive and pass county budget?

Charity Wainaina | Tuesday, 07 Mar 2017 10:04 EAT

Uhuru urged the MCAs to honour the late Gachagua and the people of Nyeri by passing the budget. He faulted MCAs whom he said had stopped playing their roles of oversight and instead became executors.

Deadlock in NASA as allies bank on ODM's nominations fiasco

Oscar Ndunda | Monday, 06 Mar 2017 13:11 EAT

According to sources who spoke to this website, WDM, Ford-Kenya and ANC are banking on internal divisions in ODM to weaken the party's candidates and create room for their members.

Joho makes grand return, answers critics on ODM Coast defections

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 05 Mar 2017 18:38 EAT

ODM has lost a number of top leaders to its coalition partner Wiper Democratic Movement and some to Jubilee Party. The latest high profile defector is former cabinet minister Ali Chirau Mwakwere, who joineD Wiper Party last week.

Ex minister Katuku to face Muthama in Machakos senatorial race

Phillip Mulee | Friday, 03 Mar 2017 14:35 EAT

Mr Katuku told this website, "Yes, it’s true I will be going for the senator Machakos County. But I will give details during a press conference at a later date and announce my agenda and campaign schedule”.

Why NASA faces uphill task dethroning Kenyatta, Moi families

Joe Khamisi | Friday, 03 Mar 2017 09:26 EAT

The recent meetings between Moi and Mama Ngina and between Moi and Uhuru were not accidental. They were strategic and a show of familial might. The aftermath of those meetings will reverberate for a long time to come.

A source in the Mwakwere camp intimated to this website that the former ambassador was apprehensive over ODM's nominations, fearing that he could be rigged out and locked out of the race at the last minute. Mr Musyoka hinted that Mr Mwakwere will get a direct Wiper nominations.

Stop the smear campaign against governors, Munya urges EACC

Jackson Okata | Wednesday, 01 Mar 2017 18:25 EAT

"In 2022 I will be running to be president of this country and the belief that someone from the Ameru cannot lead this nation is misleading and I don’t believe in it. The Ameru people will no longer be cheerleaders for leaders from other regions.”

They have put the legislator on notice to explain why Kayole 1 Health Center staff houses, which was one of the CDF project since 2013/2014 at a cost of Sh4,482,759, has not been completed to date.

Under pressure from Uhuru supporters, Jubilee to relax rule on small parties

Free Press Reporter | Sunday, 26 Feb 2017 13:39 EAT

In Nyeri, aspirant for women representative Cecilia Ndung’u and Tetu parliamentary aspirant Mukunya Muthumbi who have joined PNU associated with Meru Governor Peter Munya. In Mukurueini, aspirant Dr Karimi Ndirangu has joined Narc-Kenya led by former Justice Minister Martha Karua.

In mammoth Eldoret rally, NASA struggles to find Kalenjin message

Free Press Correspondent | Saturday, 25 Feb 2017 18:10 EAT

The leaders emphasised challenges of the North Rift region, which include high agricultural input prices and corruption in the distribution of fertilisers, importation of wheat and poor prices for cereal farmers, promising to deal "decisively" with the issues once they come to power.

Mr Kenneth seems to have been caught between a rock and a hard place. Deputy President William Ruto's were up in arms, seeing his entry as a ploy by the powerful Kikuyu “Bilderberg group” to position the former Gatanga MP as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s successor.

Ruto meeting scuttled by bandits, then DP issues shoot-to-kill orders

Free Press Correspondent | Friday, 24 Feb 2017 19:04 EAT

“We want Uhuru himself here to address this crisis. If he doesn’t come, we will take matters to him in State House next week,” said Joshua Cheptarus, the executive secretary of KNUT in Baringo County.

Raila threat on corruption off the mark

Joe Khamisi | Thursday, 23 Feb 2017 13:59 EAT

It is easy in the vicissitudes of politics to make populist statements like the one Raila made, but bringing charges against opponents in a manner that looks vindictive is not a smart move.

Top leaders promote relatives into politics, creating a nobility class

Nyambura Muthoni | Thursday, 23 Feb 2017 10:30 EAT

Musalia Mudavadi, the Opposition Amani National Congress (ANC) leader first entered Parliament as the MP for Sabatia Constituency on a KANU ticket in 1989 following the death of his father Moses Mudavadi.

NASA leaders sign deal, set sights on Kalenjin, Meru youths

Jack Otwala | Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017 17:35 EAT

The committee's deliberations provide an elaborate framework for selecting the candidate that favoured Mr Odinga. Among these were party strength, public support beyond the candidate's ethnic base, commitment to reforms, international standing, and personal history.

When Uhuru ordered Ruto to keep ‘2022’ out of current campaign

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017 08:41 EAT

“The president sat his DP down and drew a red line. ‘I don’t want to hear any more talk about 2022’, he said. And that was the end of the subject,” the source informed us, saying the meeting took place a few days before the Jubilee leaders’ meeting at the Bomas of Kenya.

Mudavadi, Kalonzo back Raila as NASA candidate, but internal fissures remain

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017 19:04 EAT

At the Wiper meeting, tempers were reported to have flared when some party officials criticised Senator Johnstone Muthama and demanded that he be removed from his position as a NASA Coordinating Committee, accusing him of undermining the interests of Mr Musyoka.

Ruto, Gideon battles could put Rift Valley on edge of pre-election violence

Priscillah Wanjiru | Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017 11:26 EAT

Three top aspirants from the North Rift region have declared their intention to use the KANU ticket in contesting senatorial and parliamentary seats in Elgeyo Marakwet and Uasin Gishu, with more expected to come up in the coming weeks.

Surprisingly, he was driven to the church by his son Nick without any State security apparatus opening new grounds of speculation of what are his next plans.

Uhuru, Mungiki loom large in Muranga governor nominations

Cecilia Karanja | Sunday, 19 Feb 2017 15:41 EAT

Mr Wa Iria recently caused concerns in the county by publicly warning about the resurgence of Mungiki militia, and his increased campaign against the violent group has won him support among religious groups and educationists.

Is Governor Joho out to finish Senator Hassan Omar politically?

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 19 Feb 2017 15:33 EAT

“The senator has been going around saying that he won his seat without ODM. Let him try this time on any party without Joho,” said Jamal Mohamed, a party activist from Changamwe.

Joho scores a first for governors in U.S. visit

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 19 Feb 2017 14:16 EAT

According to a media statement provided by his office after the meeting with Mr Whitaker, Joho briefed the diplomat of progress made in redeeming the image of Mombasa County as a destination for tourism after the scare caused by terrorism threats.

Raila's outreach to small tribes sends alarm in Jubilee

Jack Otwala | Friday, 17 Feb 2017 18:13 EAT

“When TNA was dissolved, my people decided that I join ODM. The party appealed to us because we need a party in which as a leader from minority Maasai community, I will have an opportunity to even be President,” Mr Kenta had said.

Anti-Munya forces in final bid to wrest party from governor

Phillip Mulee | Friday, 17 Feb 2017 12:05 EAT

“We have given out signed affidavit in court to challenge Munya’s takeover of our party. Unless the court is compromised by the big monies from the governor, then the party will be returned to its owners”, he said.

Under pressure, Uhuru Kenyatta using old Moi tricks to win votes

Joe Khamisi | Friday, 17 Feb 2017 11:06 EAT

Take the multi-billion shilling mass transport system for Nairobi announced last week. Everyone agrees that the capital city is too congested on pedestrian and vehicular traffic and a faster and a more efficient system of transportation is required to move people.

Uhuru meets Moi, seeks support as Rift Valley base revolts

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 16 Feb 2017 19:40 EAT

The visit comes on the heels of the defection of 60 Kalenjin politicians to CORD in the last week. The politicians said they decamped to CORD as the Jubilee government was not honest on the issue of Mr Ruto's presidency in 2022.

Crisis in Wiper Party as leaders reject Kalonzo's deal with Kibwana

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 16 Feb 2017 13:34 EAT

“Kalonzo needs to resolve the internal wars in Wiper especially in Machakos and Kitui counties where he is reading from different scripts with senators Johnson Muthama and David Musila respectively”, said a party insider who declined to be named.

Koinange faces four opponents in tough battle for Kiambaa seat

Edith Kariuki | Thursday, 16 Feb 2017 13:19 EAT

Commonly referred as Sir Evans, Gichia is another promising aspirant. He is a self-employed businessmen who has outlined his development agenda for the constituency which is promising and could use it to clinch the seat on August 8.

Would Dr Mutua's Chap Chap turn tables against Kalonzo in Ukambani?

Joshua Mwangangi | Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017 14:29 EAT

A few days later Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti followed suit and quite Jubilee party to Maendeleo Chap Chap. He decamped with others including Embu Deputy Governor Dorothy Nditi, Mbeere North MP Muriuki Njagagua and 20 MCAs from the County.

Mathare MP's brother arrested with 1,000 ID cards

Joshua Mwangangi | Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017 11:11 EAT

The angry citizens tried to attack Mr Kariuki as well but he escaped in his car, according to eyewitnesses. But his brother who was captured and was saved from the mob only by the police.

More questions about NYS registration as Govt opens data for scrutiny

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017 08:37 EAT

"Interested parties have been invited to verify the nature of data captured by the NYS biometric equipment tomorrow (today) at the Gigiri Police Station,” the minister said.

Rigging fears grow as NYS men arrested registering voters in Runda

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 13 Feb 2017 17:06 EAT

There have been allegations by opposition leaders that the government was using its machinery to register foreigners and others not qualified to vote in Kenya in order to shore up numbers for the governing coalition.

Jubilee 'plotting to rob us of PNU', Munya ally claims

Jackson Okata | Monday, 13 Feb 2017 15:11 EAT

A Nairobi politician affiliated with the Munya wing told the Kenya Free Press that the Jubilee government was orchestrating divisions in the party with a view to having Mr Munya miss out on a re-election vehicle. "We have dealt with such legal obstacles before and will overcome this one too."

IEBC chairman faces acid test over Eastleigh BVR kits, Uhuru 'order' on IDs

Free Press Reporter | Sunday, 12 Feb 2017 14:47 EAT

Mandera senator Billow Kerrow, has demanded that IEBC address the reports that voter registration was going on in Eastleigh. “IEBC should come clean on persons arrested last night at the two lodges in Eastleigh by Pagani police, with BVR, alleged to be 'corrupting' data”.

As a result, some candidates who had initially shown interest to contest for seats will be the casualties including real estate tycoon Lloyd Masika who had declared to vie for governor ship position on Wiper ticket.

Raila wants IEBC IT, finance managers vetted over Ruto links

Free Press Correspondent | Wednesday, 08 Feb 2017 19:34 EAT

The source claimed that the CORD fraternity had prepared a dossier on the alleged meetings, including the director's wife's participation in multiple events where she interacted at length with the DP's wife Rachel Ruto.

With defections from Jubilee to PNU and MCC, there are growing fears within government ranks that the president might not retain the parliamentary majority he had last time. The two governors' support for the re-election of President Kenyatta doesn't bind them to support Uhuru's preferred successor.

Sceptical of Raila's plans, Musyoka walks tight-rope in NASA

Joshua Mwangangi | Tuesday, 07 Feb 2017 14:27 EAT

Recently the former VP had gained credibility with his allies for standing firm in the opposition since 2013 elections. However, since the formation of the proposed NASA outfit, he has made repeated demands that he be the coalition's candidate, claiming he has "sacrificed too much" for Kenyans.

"The DP persuaded Mr Mwaboza to join the Jubilee ticket in order to bring a big catch of the Mijikenda vote that, together with the minority Kikuyu votes, would propel the party to victory in a four-way race," said a Jubilee Party activist in Mombasa.

Top Mwingi Central aspirant Muliungi disowned by family

Phillip Mulee | Monday, 06 Feb 2017 21:00 EAT

“When I say Eric Tosha aware that my brother is fighting for the same seat then there is a reason. As we elect leaders let's be careful”, he told the rally.

Makueni governor's battle gets tough as Lloyd Masika enters fray

Rose Mukonyo | Monday, 06 Feb 2017 14:11 EAT

"I will offer myself as a gubernatorial candidate in order to bring Makueni back to the right track in matters of meaningful development," said Mr Masika.

Kalonzo man joins race to unseat Governor Mutua

Rose Mukonyo | Thursday, 02 Feb 2017 15:50 EAT

Also in the race to unseat Dr Mutua is former Kathiani MP and Chama Cha Uzalendo party leader, Wavinya Ndeti who made her declaration last year, and named lawyer Boniface Kabaka as her running mate.

Raila rekindles dream of 2002 'NARC alliance' as Kanu bolts out

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 31 Jan 2017 12:31 EAT

"Our quest for a united front is a direct response to the very clear messages from the Kenyan public that we must unite to rescue them and the country from the Jubilee misrule," the leaders said in their statement at the Serena Hotel.

Kalonzo faces test in Ukambani as small parties stake claim

Phillip Mulee | Sunday, 29 Jan 2017 17:18 EAT

"It is unimaginable for somebody to be elected a governor, MP or MCA under Wiper and later turn against the party and start fighting it. I ask you to teach these traitors a lesson come August.”

After a high profile role during ICC trials, Mama Ngina has remained quiet for the last four years, but now she wants to put herself at the center of a tough presidential campaign. “She believes that Mr Ruto has run rings around the presidency,” said a Jubilee parliamentary aspirant in Nairobi.

Why Uasin Gishu governor Mandago could be sent packing

Athanas Kipchumba | Saturday, 28 Jan 2017 12:56 EAT

The business community, other tribes inhabiting the county, and a large section of the predominant Nandi have rallied their support behind Buzeki, the regional business mogul (scantily rumoured to the DP's “project”) who will be seeking the elective post on a Jubilee Party ticket.

Raila Odinga: Only the corrupt are thriving in Kenya today

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 27 Jan 2017 12:15 EAT

Only the corrupt are thriving in Kenya. Corruption is the only industry doing well. But the administration feels nothing. The entire Cabinet is being rolled out at the expense of tax payers to rally votes for Jubilee in readiness for more plunder.

Kalenjin elders demand fair share for community in Nakuru politics

Jackson Okata | Friday, 27 Jan 2017 11:24 EAT

“Whoever will be elected as a women representative will not be elected to serve one community but she will be there to serve the people of Nakuru and therefore saying that the seat should be a preserve of a certain community is misleading,'' said one aspirant.

Jubilee will be looking closely as to who CORD chooses. If CORD goes with Kidero, Jubilee would confidently put Kenneth on the ticket. However, the choice of Mudavadi would make the CORD ticket more diverse ethnically, and Jubilee would be hard pressed to present a Kikuyu regardless of his merits.

Nakuru commissioner in all out effort to register Jubilee voters

Jackson Okata | Wednesday, 25 Jan 2017 11:37 EAT

The county security boss on Monday summoned all sub county commissioners and ordered them to work extra hard in ensuring that Jubilee supporters come out in huge numbers to register as voters.

Undeterred by boos, Ruto fights Raila, Uhuru to keep 2022 dreams alive

Derrick Kiraka | Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017 18:32 EAT

The Moi-Mama Ngina meeting was informed, according to the source, by the president's own observation of the relative respect Senator Gideon Moi commanded at the burial of former Moi ally Mark Too a week earlier, an event where Mr Ruto's allies were heckled.

IEBC concedes opposition claims of 'fraud' in register

Martha Kwamboka | Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017 13:43 EAT

Mr Chebukati said that the problem may have been caused by a wrong data entered by clerks. Last week, opposition politicians Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka raised the alarm after they discovered their ID numbers were shared with other Kenyans.

Biased security forces a cause for worry in run-up to elections

Ndung'u Wainaina | Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017 12:05 EAT

We are gravely concerned because all indications suggest that the bias of security services witnessed in 2007 has not significantly changed heading towards 2017 general elections, unlike 2013.

Elders' endorsements clear the way for Jubilee, CORD clash in Wajir

Free Press Correspondent | Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017 11:02 EAT

The governor, a member of ODM (CORD coalition), will face former Wajir East MP Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, who is currently serving as ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Mr Mohamud, who will run on the Jubilee ticket, has been endorsed by a different group of elders from the Fai Sultanate.

“We are tired of being taken for ride by the Deputy President, he has been here so many times yet our region still lags behind in terms of development,” said one youth who sort anonymity.

PNU will "teach a lesson" to its Meru opponents, says Munya

Oscar Ndunda | Monday, 23 Jan 2017 15:47 EAT

A section of Njuri Ncheke elders drawn from Igembe South have issued a 14-day ultimatum to the people behind the vandalism of the billboards to turn themselves in to any elder or PNU official failure to which one risks being cursed by the elders.

Is Kiraitu Murungi counting his last days in politics?

Phillip Mulee | Monday, 23 Jan 2017 12:54 EAT

At many stops on the way, the Meru people didn't have time for the senator's name or his address. The president, eager to make his journey successful, appealed to Mr Murungi not to speak at events and the senator was left behind in some of the trading centres the president visited.

CORD won't accept results of a rigged election, warns Machakos MP

Rose Mukonyo | Monday, 23 Jan 2017 11:35 EAT

Speaking at Tala Town after sensitizing residents on voter registration, Mr Mule said: “We want IEBC to assure Kenyans that there will be no ghost voters in the August 8th election. As opposition, we will not take anything less than a fair, transparent and a credible election which reflects the will

We need to deal with the Police and how they are acting as a tool in the hands of the ruling party. Elections can never be fair or credible if the security sector is not independent, impartial and unbiased. I have deep fear regarding the police and the security sector agencies.

Jubilee in crisis as Uhuru, Ruto face angry crowds and supporters defect

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 22 Jan 2017 14:40 EAT

Tensions had been building in the region from Friday night, when suspected goons destryoyed billboards of the Party of National Unity (PNU), which is associated with Governor Peter Munya.

Concern growing that 'relatives' could affect Raila's presidential bid once again

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 22 Jan 2017 14:13 EAT

The 70-year-old Oburu sought the Siaya governorship position, whose primaries ended up in violence. The party had to inject a neutral candidate in the race. The Kisumu primaries ended in violence too, and Ruth was nominated in a compromise position as deputy to the candidate, Jack Ranguma.

CORD unearths massive 'fraud' in voter registration, demands audit

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 20 Jan 2017 19:04 EAT

That an audit be conducted of the software being used by the Commission that clearly lacks a default mechanism to prevent double ID registration. For instance, if you attempt to register a Gmail or Yahoo address that is already in use, the system default is to decline registration.

This outgoing election circle has been a disaster for city residents who expected much more in terms of results from the hitherto well-respected professional manager. Instead of progress, they got a lackluster performance interspersed with misuse of office and graft.

The real Peter Kenneth's CV would shock Nairobi voters, says Miguna

Jack Otwala | Thursday, 19 Jan 2017 10:17 EAT

"He prides himself of having “successfully managed” Kenya-Re in the same manner that Evans Kidero had dismembered Mumias Sugar Company when Nairobi deserves a visionary leader of integrity; not a certified thief like them."

Consensus emerging in CORD leadership for 2017 General elections

Ndung'u Wainaina | Wednesday, 18 Jan 2017 19:04 EAT

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and host of Governors are part of the broad based government that CORD intends to form. Also CORD is set to tap key people in crucial cabinet positions. Cabinet slots will reflect diversity of Kenya and people of impeccable intellectual, integrity and political acumen.

The report indicated that the candidates went through with baggage, though it was agreed that the issues would be dealt with at another stage after they got overwhelming support from the panellists. Kenyans can only hope that they live up to the huge task ahead.

The dispatch to all aspirants wants interested aspirants who intend to vie for any elective post to register at the party's headquarters at Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road. The party whose symbol is a bicycle, has given women, youth and people with disability a 25 per cent discount on the fees.

MCC has invited all aspirants seeking the party’s ticket. The party will charge MCA candidates Sh20,000 for nomination papers. Parliamentary aspirants will pay Sh150,000, Women Representatives Sh100,000, Senators Sh150,000 and governors Sh250,000.

In Siaya, William Oduol has taken charge of the mobilisation, holding big meetings in Rarieda constituency on the first day of the exercise yesterday. Mr Oduol’s team, calling itself ‘Siaya Manyien’, campaigned in the area whose incumbent MP Nicholas Humbo is also in the running for the position.

IEBC accused of plot to suppress Ukambani voter registration

Oscar Ndunda | Monday, 16 Jan 2017 15:04 EAT

"Jubilee is looking for ways to rig the elections. We will not allow this to happen because it is our right to register as voters and vote because it is our constitutional right and we know they are looking for ways to rig the elections but we are watching keenly”.

Jubilee can not scare me, says defiant Joho in Garissa rally

Phillip Mulee | Saturday, 14 Jan 2017 20:17 EAT

"Jubilee does not scare me," he said, and tore into deputy president William Ruto whom he accused of belittling the opposition while he was implicated in corruption scandals.

In a column in last week's Saturday Nation, political strategist Peter Kagwanja said that the ruling coalition had succeeded in making the narrative of 41 tribes again one a mirage since the inclusion of William Ruto in the government as deputy president.

Firebrand female newcomer carries Jubilee's hope in Machakos race

Mutinda Mulwa | Saturday, 14 Jan 2017 13:26 EAT

The remarkable thing about this race is that at public gatherings, both Ms Wambua and Mr Maweu, although fierce rivals, have been trying to bury their differences save for in few occasions when supporters of the two different camps almost clashed.

Opposition seeks to register more voters than Jubilee, says MP

Phillip Mulee | Friday, 13 Jan 2017 13:40 EAT

If the demonstrations could have been allowed to start as it was anticipated, CORD leaders say, areas which have actively taken part in demos such as Nyanza, Nairobi, Mombasa, Western, and Eastern among other isolated places could have witnessed a low turn-out in voter registration.

KANU in uproar over Nick Salat's role in NASA

Jackson Okata | Thursday, 12 Jan 2017 13:33 EAT

"We therefore pose to him the question: who does he represent?” posed Mr Ngunjiri. The branch officials further warned that they shall not be part of whatever decisions Salat takes without first consulting the party other stakeholders.

IEBC targets 520,000 new voters in Central Rift region

Jackson Okata | Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017 13:48 EAT

Mr Towett told journalists in Nakuru town this morning that the commission is targeting to register over 520,000 new voters in the Central Rift region which includes Nakuru, Samburu, Laikipia and Baringo counties.

In bid to diffuse Duale warnings, Kalonzo plans Garissa rally

Phillip Mulee | Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 11:54 EAT

Mr Musyoka is expected to campaign for former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Farah Maalim, who recently joined his party from ODM as part of the CORD coalition's reorganisation of its political forces in North Eastern region.

Away from Garissa Town Constituency, Kambas live across Northern Kenya, Coast, Nairobi and parts of Rift Valley, including Nakuru, Narok and Kajiado. If Mr Duale's hate speech is not checked, then members of the Kamba community could face similar wrath in different parts of the country.

Nyanza police boss Willy Lugusa said they were on high alert and stand ready to contain the situation should the protests begin. "Our forces have been highly mobilised to go on beat patrols. They are expected to gather more intelligence reports and update the security agencies promptly," he said.

Ten things IEBC must do to prevent rigging in this year's elections

Ndung'u Wainaina | Friday, 06 Jan 2017 16:16 EAT

Because of a flawed register, IEBC has been unable to formally publish the final results of the 2013 elections. The registration of voters and the transparency of the register are once more the subject of controversy, with the independence of IEBC in question in the run up to the August elections.

The embers of tribalism are already there and only need to be ignited by one careless move. The country is stridently divided almost in the middle, and our leaders' unrelenting venomous spiel is only worsening the situation. Poll rigging will take place before, during, and after voting, whichever sy

Fears heighten in Rift Valley over Ruto's preferred Jubilee candidates

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017 19:13 EAT

A source said the DP had asked residents of Elgeyo Marakwet to support the re-election of Kipchumba Murkomen. "There is anxiety that leaders will be imposed on us, and the DP better play his cards well because that would open the region to Gideon Moi, CORD and NASA," said a URP activist from Iten.

Why this year's polls is shaping up as a rematch of 2007

Phillip Mulee | Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017 18:12 EAT

"The one who was declared the winner in 2007 was not the winner... We tracked all the results through satellite phones, and as per my records, Raila won the elections." Kibaki's re-election sparked violence that killed at least 1,333 Kenyans and displaced more than 650,000 from their homes.

Jubilee to censure Speaker for involving Senate in electoral laws

Jackson Okata | Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017 17:26 EAT

"We are going to question Speaker Muturi because we don’t understand why he had to take the laws to the Senate,” said Mr Gikaria, adding, "Any other amendments to the election laws must come to the National Assembly and the National Assembly alone.”

The Kenyan CSOs need to reclaim the space that was occupied by Release Political Prisoners, which is currently known as Rights Promotion and Protection Centre, NCEC and Muungano wa Mageuzi among other groups that minced no words while dealing with the then dictatorial Moi regime.

Nyanza 'apathy' spells doom for ODM's tough nomination rules

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 02 Jan 2017 14:33 EAT

In Migori, only Ms Anne Anyanga and Ochilo Ayako had bought the papers, and two aspirants each for the senatorial and women representative seats. The same level of apathy was registered in parliamentary races in Homa Bay, Kakamega, Vihiga, Mombasa, Kilifi, Nyamira and Taita Taveta counties.

Gideon Moi seeking a share of Busia seats in 2017 polls

Tobbie Wekesa | Monday, 02 Jan 2017 13:38 EAT

Ronald Ochalu, Anthony Odera and Julius Nyapidi (Angurai S), Benard Papa and Simon Oruchum (Malaba C), Moses Omuse (Angurai S), Leonard Emadau (Chakol N), Barasa Esiba (Angorom), Zakayo Ete (Malaba S), Paul Ibalai (Malaba N) and Martin Idewa and Joel Okomol (Malaba S) will run on Kanu.

Murmurs about tribalism as Uhuru drops top IEBC candidate

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 30 Dec 2016 14:38 EAT

"Mr Kenyatta’s handlers see Mr Chiloba as more of Deputy President William Ruto's man, having worked with his legal adviser, Korir Sing’oei," stated the report. The flipside of the logic should be that Mr Chebukati is a better bet for the president's allies.

Khalwale, Omar pull out of governor races, to defend seats

Free Press Reporter | Thursday, 29 Dec 2016 17:10 EAT

Kisumu senator Anyang Nyongo is expected to follow suit early in the new year and drop his gubernatorial ambitions according to well-placed sources at the CORD secretariat. The senators have faced an uphill task running against the governors in their respective counties.

Jubilee MPs adopted a proposal for manual transmission of results which the opposition opposed. Mr Odinga also stood by his initial announcement that the opposition would organise streets protests beginning January 4 to protest Thursday's approval of the contentious amendments.

Raila calls on Kenyans to 'stand up for country'

Free Press Reporter | Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 16:36 EAT

Parliament has been particularly notorious. Using its majority in the Houses, the Jubilee administration has used Parliament to pass laws and motions that compromise the interests of the people on whose behalf Parliament exercises the legislative authority of the Republic.

Nairobi police see new Mungiki activity, fearing violence in 2017 polls

Free Press Reporter | Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 14:52 EAT

"In Kayole and Mathare, we deal with Mungiki cases on a weekly basis," said a source, explaining that police headquarters have contingency plans to deal with opportunistic violence, but that organised chaos would pose a major challenge for the force.

Oburu Odinga accused of dirty tricks in new bid for Bondo seat

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 14:07 EAT

Oburu represented the constituency between 1994 and 2013, losing the last election simply because he contested for a different seat (the Siaya governorship). He was nominated to Parliament but is now campaigning to reclaim the seat, with the incumbent Ochanda as his main opponent.

Nakuru aspirants urge Govt, IEBC to 'put Kenyans first'

Jackson Okata | Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 13:57 EAT

Political aspirants from Nakuru County led by their chairman Abdul Noor said parliament should prioritize discussion of matters like the ongoing doctor’s strike which he said is affecting millions of poor Kenyans.

The elder said that Uhuru’s leadership was endorsed by God and should therefore be respected. “There is no king who can be in office without the approval of God and therefore people should respect the president,” he said.

Duale's claims on Raila rigging election could obscure Jubilee's actual plans

Athanas Kipchumba | Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016 15:35 EAT

I can assure the likes of Mr Duale that corruption will come atop the list of major campaign issues. In a nutshell, the national assembly majority leader's unsubstantiated allegations linking CORD leader to poll rigging should be construed as part of Jubilee's wider diversionary political tactics.

MPs got huge kickbacks to kill gambling Bill, claims mover Midiwo

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016 14:50 EAT

The Bill was defeated, Midiwo claimed, after MPs received gifts from cartels working in cahoots with the sector at Serena Hotel in Nairobi. The MP told Radio Mayienga: “I was shocked to be left alone during the tabling of the motion in parliament after MPs pocketed Sh200,000 each."

CORD wins round one, blocking amendments to electoral laws

Phillip Mulee | Tuesday, 20 Dec 2016 20:26 EAT

At the centre of the disputes was the proposal by the Justice Committee led by Ainabkoi MP Samuel Chepkong’a to amend the Elections Act and provide for a manual backup system for the voting, transmission and tallying of election results.

Wambora, Kivuti accused of polarising voters in tough Embu governor's contest

Free Press Correspondent | Tuesday, 20 Dec 2016 16:46 EAT

Mr Musyimi takes a different view, saying that national government representatives, the local provincial administration, the National Land Commission, and Lands cabinet secretary Jacob Kaimenyi had joined Mr Wambora and Kivuti in dispossessing some landowners.

Nakuru Jubilee officials, aspirants say Ngunjiri undermining party

Jackson Okata | Monday, 19 Dec 2016 21:04 EAT

Mr Manyara dared the MP to rejoin KANU if he was "man enough", saying that Jubilee elected officials were ready to work with him only if he toed the line. They warned Mr Ngunjiri against working with KANU to destabilise Jubilee, which they said was determined to win all elective seats in Nakuru Coun

The Elders in their statement appear fed-up with Mr Ruto and want him to campaign separately, specifically in Rift Valley where they feel Jubilee is losing immense support ahead of the polls. They say Mr Ruto is overly aggressive and has polarised regions with swing votes that may benefit Jubilee.

The governor's campaign to popularize his PNU in his opponent's backyard represented a new height of the contest for the Meru governorship. "The Presidency cannot rotate within two regions forever. It should move to another region in 2022, but I will be supporting Uhuru’s re-election in 2017".

"Things are not well here and we must speak out. We are mixing the 2017 with the 2022 politics and this is something that will make us fail. We cannot allow people accused of stealing government money to come and use the money to bribe others as we head to the elections," said the agitated MP.

Governor Mvurya's solid record could boost Jubilee's fortunes in Kwale

Free Press Reporter | Sunday, 18 Dec 2016 15:27 EAT

A teacher’s union official in Kwale Town said: “What has happened in this county is phenomenal. There is no question that Mvurya is the best governor in the entire Coast, he is effective and reachable to the people,” said the official.

Raila visit boosts Otichillo’s bid for Vihiga governorship

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 18 Dec 2016 14:09 EAT

The county has tarmacked 75 kilometres of rural roads. Mr Akaranga’s administration has also seen the establishment of the first university in Vihiga. He has refurbished early childhood education centres, dispensaries, youth polytechnics, and improved service delivery at Mbale Referral Hospital.

Uhuru's re-election pitch: My record speaks for itself

Free Press Reporter | Saturday, 17 Dec 2016 16:56 EAT

He outlined the accomplishments of NYS: the employment of over 91,334 cohorts spread over 21 constituencies across the country, expending Sh5.4 billion of which Sh3.4 billion went to direct wages, while the balance went towards savings. He also said the youth had mobilized Sh1.4 billion in savings.

Party violence sends alarm bells ringing over 2017 polls

Phillip Mulee | Saturday, 17 Dec 2016 13:26 EAT

The bishops stressed the need for peaceful elections, voicing concern about “the resurgence of violence, confrontational languages and hate speeches.” They warned such habits could return the country to the period of 2007-2008 when civil conflict became a real concern.

Uhuru's language suggests he's smelled defeat

Athanas Kipchumba | Friday, 16 Dec 2016 11:54 EAT

Being alive to the emergence of NASA, and the real challenge of corruption that has made most of his supporters lose confidence in his administration, the president is irrefutably smelling a political defeat from far into the horizon.

Kericho to build Sh6 billion sugar, energy plant

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 15 Dec 2016 16:56 EAT

Governor Paul Chepkwony signed the agreement with representatives of Kanoria Group at a public event in Sigowet. “This project will transform both the economic and social life of our local farmers and ultimately contribute to the strengthening of our overall economy as a county,” said Prof. Chepkwon

Using leverage in CORD, Kambas seek lost glory in Nairobi politics

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 15 Dec 2016 13:09 EAT

The politician's shift to Nairobi is part of a new effort by Kamba leaders to revive their historical role in Nairobi, where Kambas went head-to-head with Luos, Kikuyus and Luyias. At independence, the fiery J.D Kali, an ally of Jaramogi, won the Embakasi seat (then called Nairobi East).

With opposition alliance, Rift Valley's end as solid Jubilee zone

Phillip Mulee | Wednesday, 14 Dec 2016 18:53 EAT

According to the Sunday Nation, three politicians were dispatched to beseech Mr Mudavadi not to accompany Mr Odinga during the Laikipia rally. Mr Mudavadi had been invited by Raila for Laikipia North MP Mathew Lempurkel's homecoming party.

Chaos mar Nakuru Jubilee elections, Manyara declared chairman

Jackson Okata | Tuesday, 13 Dec 2016 17:02 EAT

Some members were locked out of the voting venue with only Jubilee Party registered political aspirants being allowed in to participate. Police were forced to lobby teargas to disperse rowdy crowds who had gathered outside the party offices and who were trying to force their way into the venue.

Wiper expels Governor Mutua, 5 MPs, setting stage for by-elections

Phillip Mulee | Tuesday, 13 Dec 2016 14:39 EAT

"It is for the above reasons that we, the disciplinary committee recommend that the member be deemed to have resigned from WDMK in terms of section 14 (5) of the political parties Act," read part of the recommendations.

The messages reflect the leader's evolving pitch. In 2013, Uhuru ran on the platform of change, a break from the older generation. Raila, in a coalition with Kibaki, championed continuity on a number of fronts, including Kenya's support for the ICC. He now prefers change, and Uhuru the status quo.

Uhuru tour leaves Ukambani leaders divided as to its impact

Rose Mukonyo | Sunday, 11 Dec 2016 18:32 EAT

"When we (a section of MPs) went to State House few months ago, some people said we had gone to auction the Kamba community politically. But now everyone can see how much the region has benefited in terms of development," said the Yatta legislator.

Garissa governor 'smelling victory' in a two-horse race against Ali Korane

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 11 Dec 2016 15:24 EAT

A senior official in Jama’s office told the Kenya Free Press that the two leaders were working on a partnership where ODM will not nominate candidates in areas where the Wiper Party is strong. The same thinking has been well received in Mr Odinga’s campaign secretariat, the chief officer told us.

Will Kalonzo Musyoka bolt out of CORD and go it alone?

Free Press Reporter | Saturday, 10 Dec 2016 18:40 EAT

It is likely, therefore, that Kalonzo may opt out of CORD, or even the new alliance, should he miss the presidential ticket especially with Raila Odinga being considered the favourite candidate

“Owing to the high turnout witnessed today by those submitting forms, the Commission advises those still waiting to submit the forms to do so tomorrow, (Friday) at any IEBC office countrywide,” he stated.

Jubilee taking Kenya back to dictatorship, claims Ruto

Jackson Okata | Friday, 09 Dec 2016 13:54 EAT

On devolution Ruto blamed the national government for most of the problems bedeviling the devolved units saying that most county governments are unable to offer critical services because of the little money they get from the national government.

Jubilee should change tack to lock Meru, Tharaka Nithi in 2017

Mithika Daniel Impwi | Friday, 09 Dec 2016 13:52 EAT

His war against Mr Munya is seen as an attempt to block the governor from national politics, his endorsement of Chuka town as the headquarters of Tharaka Nithi being interpreted as open favouritism to Hon. Muthomi Njuki, who is running for the Tharaka Nithi governorship in 2017

Mwakwere formally joins ODM; Kenya Free Press reported move months ago

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 08 Dec 2016 16:05 EAT

The former cabinet minister was escorted to Raila’s Capitol Hill offices by Mombasa Governor and ODM deputy leader Ali Hassan Joho, who is the party’s kingpin in the Coast region. Mr Mwakwere later joined Mr Odinga, Mr Joho and other party officials for a group photo.

Election finance laws favour incumbents, say parties

Rose Mukonyo | Thursday, 08 Dec 2016 10:19 EAT

"We smell mischief in this because there are civil servants who are yet to resign by February and still have to comply with this new law meaning they will be locked out of the elections," said Mr Wambua.

Wiper to make major pronouncement on 2017 polls during Tuesday’s NDC

Phillip Mulee | Wednesday, 07 Dec 2016 18:47 EAT

He also opposed the Elections Campaign Financing Act No.42 of 2013, noting these laws add no significant value to leaders’ capabilities to lead and manage the affairs of this country.

Kenyans are incorrigibly gullible, and our leaders know it

Joe Khamisi | Wednesday, 07 Dec 2016 13:05 EAT

No! I am not asking you to steal your neighbor's chicken or snatch someone's land. I am asking you to go and filch the big bucks. Millions, and if you can, billions of hard cash....from the public.

Ruto has no respect for Luyia leaders, says Atwoli

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 05 Dec 2016 12:04 EAT

“The DP should learn from former President Moi. Moi never abused Luyia leaders like Ruto is doing, and if he thinks this is how he will earn the votes of Luyia community he has missed the formula. Ruto should respect Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula, na hata mimi anafaa aniheshimu (even I deserve r

You are wasting your time in West Pokot, Lonyangapuo tells Ruto

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 05 Dec 2016 12:02 EAT

“You have come here 22 times since the last election,” an agitated Lonyangapuo, a Kanu member, told the DP whom he accused of engaging in “unnecessary local wars” when his priority should be to win Jubilee votes in 2017.

Why Mandera Governor Ali Roba feels as Jubilee’s most hated member

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 05 Dec 2016 12:01 EAT

The governor has rebelled against a declaration by Jubilee supporters from Mandera that he should not contest for re-election in 2017. The resolution about inter-clan power-sharing, passed by elders from the clans, applied to Jubilee candidates since all its identified officials were from the Jubile

New fears over ODM nominations in Nyanza

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 05 Dec 2016 11:58 EAT

“Mr Odinga’s public association with leaders like Mr Awiti with whom the voters have publicly expressed their displeasure is sending wrong signals about the party’s readiness to conduct free and fair nominations.”

Ruto to tour Kerio Valley to address Marakwets’ unease in Jubilee

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 05 Dec 2016 11:57 EAT

Marakwet ODM chairman Samuel Chemweno, who was one of the protest’s organisers, is the one who invited opposition leader Odinga to the area. During Mr Odinga’s tour of the region, he addressed rallies at Chesongoch and Moiben among other areas.

Kidero on the spot as audit reveals rot, backward slide on reforms

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 05 Dec 2016 11:56 EAT

The city is chocking with problems associated with high population. Poverty and unemployment, pollution, traffic congestion, housing crisis and insecurity have rebounded with greater effect. Despite lofty promises, the city administration has not built a single housing unit to address housing shorta

David Ndii, educating a generation, stirs hornets' nest in Kikuyuland

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 05 Dec 2016 11:55 EAT

“While the political template remains exactly the same, many now realise that the harder they work, the poorer they become,” said the activist, who believes the president’s silence on the Afya House scandal catalysed a new understanding of Jubilee corruption in the region.

Facing hostile reception, senators pull out of governor’s races in droves

Free Press Reporter | Saturday, 03 Dec 2016 17:38 EAT

“Despite the voters’ limited understanding of parliamentary procedures, they can see that the senators have been running a smear campaign against governors for their selfish interests,” said the analyst, who expected the rebuff against senators to affect both sides of the political divide.

Uhuru’s Central tour dents fears about Kikuyu voter apathy

Phillip Mulee | Saturday, 03 Dec 2016 17:36 EAT

Before the trip, there were fears that CORD leader Raila Odinga’s rising popularity across the country would compromise the president’s re-election chances should voters in Central Kenya not turn up in large numbers during the upcoming 2017 elections.

It's a battle of titans for the Nakuru County governorship

Jackson Okata | Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016 18:52 EAT

Mututho and Kinyanjui are former members of parliament for Naivasha and Nakuru Town constituencies respectively. They are both are pegging their hopes of ousting Mr Mbugua on the three major things which include: Unfulfilled campaign promises, exaggerated wage bill, corruption and underdevelopment.

ODM arrogance could destabilise CORD, warn Wiper MPs

Rose Mukonyo | Tuesday, 29 Nov 2016 19:43 EAT

Mr Mathuki echoed the Wiper legislators' words that the ODM leaders public endorsement for Raila was slowly going to bring disintegration of the coalition if not checked. "Joho is not even a member of the CORD management board, therefore he has no mandate of endorsing a candidate in public on behalf

When the CORD leader's entourage arrived, there was no county government official to receive him, prompting Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to play the host.

Wetangula: Jubilee driving propaganda over CORD nominations

Rose Mukonyo | Friday, 25 Nov 2016 19:34 EAT

"This is the agenda of Jubilee to paint CORD as disunited since they already have a flag bearer but they should know it's not just about having a flag bearer but what agenda you have for Kenya," Mr Wetangula said.

Raila preparing to face 2017 election without Kalonzo, Wetangula

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 19:07 EAT

ODM sources also say Senator Johnson Muthama, following his recent dressing down by Mr Musyoka for allegedly working with his Siaya counterpart James Orengo in campaigning for Mr Odinga at the expense of his party boss, might be considering joining ODM or an Ukambani regional party to ally with ODM.

Busia County targets 400,000 registered voters by 2017

Tobbie Wekesa | Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016 16:24 EAT

“We are hoping they will all acquire voters’ cards plus others who shall have acquired IDs before the start of the Mass Voter Registration 2 on 20th December, 2016," he said, decrying that poor turnout and low registration is hindering the county's residents from fully participating in the electoral

Orengo wins support of MP who was 'insulted' by Rasanga

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 21 Nov 2016 20:37 EAT

The MP was delighted that Mr Orengo had bought ODM nomination papers as was reported by the Kenya Free Press, confirming the long-held expectations that the Siaya senator would contest the governorship. He said Mr Rasanga couldn't bring leaders from Siaya together for the development of the region.

The event at Nyamagenga Primary School in Kuria East sub-county last Thursday created a new dynamic in the race for the governorship, reflecting a change of heart by Kuria community elders who had endorsed Governor Obado in 2013.

Raila misses Bomet rally billed as first step towards opposition alliance

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 20 Nov 2016 18:35 EAT

Speakers at the event took issue with corruption in the Jubilee government and declared their readiness to unite to ensure President Uhuru Kenyatta loses re-election in the next elections.

Former Saku MP Hussein Sasura plots comeback

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 20 Nov 2016 14:53 EAT

The former MP is also credited with unbiased allocation of cdf bursaries for secondary and tertiary students, facilitation of resettlement our people in Jaldesa and Qupi qalo boreholes and upgrading of roads to allow free movement of vehicles both in Jaldesa and Qupi Qalo areas.

Ruto ally Kihika fastens grip as Jubilee sweeps through Nakuru

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 20 Nov 2016 13:57 EAT

Governor Mbugua faces opposition from former NACADA chairman John Mututho while women representative position has attracted incumbent Mary Mbugua and Grace Kibuku. Hardly other parties have shown interest in countrywide positions, indicating their recognition of the hard battle they could face.

Kitui governor's alliance to shape winning formula for open senate, women rep races

Free Press Correspondent | Saturday, 19 Nov 2016 19:46 EAT

The former Environment minister’s role in the shaping Musila alliance has come at some cost to his familial relationships. The senatorial race, for which he supports Mr Kilonzo, his former opponent for Kitui West parliamentary seat, pits Mr Kilonzo against Mr Nyeze’s brother-in-law Enoch Wambua.

There are no easy ways to fix Nairobi’s problems, and even a hardworking would have had to put great effort to turn the capital city around. But there are many easy ways of making things worse, and Nairobi’s failures over the last four years stop at the doorstep of one man: Governor Evans Kidero.

Orengo buys nomination papers, launching bid for Siaya governorship

Samuel Owida | Thursday, 17 Nov 2016 15:20 EAT

There are those think that, just like with Kisumu senator Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o who is also interested in the governorship, Mr Orengo’s absence from the national scene would imperil that Raila Odinga’s campaigns as he make a final stab at the presidency.

Chepkwony, Cheruiyot tough as nails in Kericho governorship, senate contests

Free Press Correspondent | Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016 15:57 EAT

Mr Langat’s relationship with the DP could boost his chances, but pundits see the race as a three-way contest between Eng Kirui, Mr Bett and incumbent Chepkwony. Former NSSF CEO Richard Langat is seen as positioning himself as a potential running mate to one of the top aspirants.

Out of the county’s seven parliamentary seats, Wiper members hold four, and all have thrown their weight behind Mr Musila. The other three: Rachel Nyamai (Kitui South), Joe Mutambu (Mwingi Central) and John Munuve (Mwingi North) have joined the ruling Jubilee Party.

“The process of procuring BVR kits could be unnecessarily lengthy and open to manipulation. Rigging begins in the procurement of electoral materials and registration of voters,” he said.

Taita Taveta youths set to turn tables on old guard

Free Press Correspondent | Friday, 11 Nov 2016 14:20 EAT

Now, the Taitas, who are the majority, say Mruttu has failed and the seat should cross to the other side, hence Mr Mwadegu’s candidature, but the Tavetas who support Mruttu argue the pact was for two terms. Mr Mwazo is a Sagala.

The economy is still hovering at around five percent. It also guaranteed five million jobs over a five year period. Three years down the line, not even half of those jobs have been delivered. A staggering 70 percent of young people remain jobless.

"The last domino in Gikuyu country has fallen with @MarthaKarua now backing @UKenyatta and Jubilee. The tribe once again TRUMPS nation," wrote Prof. Makau Mutua, a close friend of Ms Karua's who also contributed to multiparty struggles.

Ruto, Tunai ground-game pits Maasai, Kipsigis against each other

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 10 Nov 2016 12:57 EAT

If the DP can develop a consensus there, he can begin to define Kipsigis interests in this election. Right now, many Kipsigis like Maasai feel let down by Governor Tunai but a tribal consensus can be developed through a narrative that sidesteps performance," said the politician.

In a blunt personal attack on Waiguru, Ruto on Sunday accused the former CS — now a candidate for Kirinyaga governor — of subjecting the country to "cat-walking" when “it's clear public money has been lost”.

Jubilee promotes ODM defectors at expense of loyal supporters, says senator

Free Press Correspondent | Wednesday, 09 Nov 2016 15:03 EAT

“In Kwale they picked Mvurya and Zainab who were initially in ODM. In Kilifi they picked Mung’aro, who is also from ODM. Shahbal was in ODM and moved to Wiper. Why not me yet I have been TNA, JAP and Jubilee?” she posed.

“We have watched in dismay as Jubilee continues to abet blatant corruption and gross misrule, casting doubt on the ability of the President and his Deputy to govern this country with the required ethics and constitution”, said Senator Omar.

“What this talk confirms is that the views of other Kenyans, our worries about corruption and ethnicity, it all doesn’t matter, the two tribes have the sole right to rule Kenya. These people think they are smart, but smart people sometimes run out of ideas. We could be looking at one such situation.

While Kisii has been perceived as a battleground region, ODM has gained in popularity there in recent years and the by-election, according to analysts, could foreshadow a 2017 election in which Kisii voters would punish pro-Jubilee leaders.

Money, clan clash as Homa Bay governors race starts in earnest

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 31 Oct 2016 11:54 EAT

The governor launched the project without any idea where funds for it would come from, and without any study as to its viability. Some projects that have been successfully implemented ended up to be white elephants or conduits for looting taxpayers' money.

Jubilee top leaders recognise that Mr Munya is capable of upending the president's re-election strategy due to his combative politics and influence in Meru, which is believed to be stronger than that enjoyed by current Meru senator Kiraitu Murungi, who is Jubilee's ally against Munya.

Mr Odinga had campaigned for the ODM candidate personally in the last campaign day, accompanied by Governor David Nkediaye and Kajiado East parliamentary aspirant George Lianto Kimite who are the leading ODM organisers in the county, along with the MP for Kajiado Central, Elijah Memusi.

Ex-minister Katuku on a countrywide tour to popularize his new party

Phillip Mulee | Thursday, 27 Oct 2016 12:13 EAT

“This party is about a generational statement of change. Kenyans are tired of political parties that are nothing more than special purpose vehicles to elect selfish leaders or enclaves designed to protect tribal interests at the expense of the national good”.

ODM braves voter bribery to win Nyacheki ward seat

Oscar Ndunda | Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016 20:39 EAT

The chaos erupted after claims of voter bribery by Mr Okenye at Mochengo polling station which did not go well with the electorate. The MCA, who was elected on an ODM ticket, had been campaigning forthe Jubilee candidate Mr Magoma.

Ruto, Gideon Moi proxies clash over supremacy in Baringo County

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016 12:24 EAT

The senator's meetings were deemed as Kanu political campaigns by the government-allied leaders, hence their absence. Prof. Lonyangapuo, who has recently been crowned Pokot political spokesman, is in a do-or-die battle against the West Pokot governor who has since decamped to Jubilee.

However, unlike Mr Uhuru who vied for a constituency seat in Central Kenya, Mr Kenneth's entry into the cosmopolitan Nairobi caused jitters among non-Kikuyu Jubilee supporters in the capital who perceived it as part of a plan to block Nairobi senator Mike Sonko's ascension to the sea

His joining the Jubilee coalition rekindled history of President Uhuru's own defection from his role as opposition leader to President Kibaki's supporter, which placed him in line of succession in Central Kenya.

Mudavadi poised for Nairobi governorship as opposition alliance takes shape

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 21 Oct 2016 20:32 EAT

“Mr Mudavadi has indicated unambiguously to Mr Odinga that he would be happy to take the Nairobi governorship as part of a new opposition alliance,” the source said, adding that the sticking point at this point was power-sharing in western Kenya.

A school of thought has also sprung up questioning his commitment to 'progressive' causes. Accordingly, the judge's absence in the struggles for multiparty system when he was supposedly established as an advocate in private practice, should mark him out for the top job.

Ngilu and former Starehe MP Margaret Wanjiru addressed the subject at length, with both saying the government had not fulfilled the promise to eradicate poverty among the people.

Busia women promise to show men "dust" in 2017 elections

Tobbie Wekesa | Friday, 14 Oct 2016 18:31 EAT

"We are determined to get at least 25 seats. We want men to be nominated and not women this time round," said the women, led by Busia women representative in the National Assembly Florence Mutua who presided over the opening ceremony.

Deputy President Ruto has no favourites for Kalenjin gubernatorial seats

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 13 Oct 2016 13:25 EAT

“Let no one lie to you that we as Jubilee leaders have preferred candidates for any seat even here in Bomet, it is the electorate who will pick candidates for Jubilee," Mr Ruto said.

In the course of more than one week of investigations to establish the reliability of this survey and the party's internal discussions on the nominations, no senior official agreed to discuss the matter while some laughed the questions away.

According to Lemi, the water mapping exercise was a scheme by the governor to secure demographic data of voters with an eye on the 2017 election and registration of the Maendeleo Chap Chap party.

Uhuru, Raila in tough battle for Narok, Maasai vote

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 19:22 EAT

Last Friday, the cold war in Jubilee came to the open when Tunai ‘welcomed’ his opponent Ntutu and former PS John Konchellah and former Internal Security Minister Julius Sunkuli to the Jubilee Party.

The Nairobi MCAs who accompanied Senator Sonko said that they were totally behind him for the Nairobi gubernatorial race and urged Kambas living in Nairobi to register in Nairobi and vote for the Sonko team.

Lonyangapuo, Poghisio join forces to depose Governor Kachapin

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 18:48 EAT

The two have demanded for an audit of over Sh15 billion which the national government had allocated to West Pokot County since devolution was introduced in 2013.

Think of other parties, not just CORD and Jubilee, Mudavadi urges Kenyans

Free Press Correspondent | Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 17:59 EAT

“Time has come for Kenyans to back Mudavadi so that we can get someone else to lead this nation. We want a focused and peaceful leader like him since he has served the government for 25 years and is nowqualified.”

“If you are vying for MCA position, please focus on how to be one in 2017. If you want to be an MP then focus on how to be an MP. Stop talking too much about another race in which you have no interest," he said.

Tharaka Nithi governorship race hots up, Muthomi Njuki loses grip on MCAs

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 09 Oct 2016 17:24 EAT

The majority leader accused the nominated MCAs of being inefficient in assembly, saying for example none of them had tabled any motion or Bill in the assembly for the four years they have served there.

Ukambani Jubilee defectors in dilemma as ground turns hostile

Phillip Mulee | Saturday, 08 Oct 2016 16:07 EAT

At the K-24 interview, Mr Mutambu also dared the party's leaders, who have initiated a process to discipline defectors from its ranks who announced their switch of allegiance to Jubilee, to make good their threats to call for by election.

Face the courts if you are innocent, Musyoka tells Governor Mutua

Oscar Ndunda | Saturday, 08 Oct 2016 13:37 EAT

In an apparent reference to their sour relationship, the Wiper leader also described the governor as an "ungrateful man" who did not recognize the support he had received "from the people".

Isaac Ruto's party promises tough battle with Jubilee in South Rift region

Free Press Correspondent | Friday, 07 Oct 2016 14:38 EAT

"Jubilee should prepare for a rough time. They will have to answers questions from voters on why they deserve reelection in 2017," said Ruto. The party will most likely go into the election as a part of the Jubilee Alliance, many of whose smaller parties were dissolved last month.

Machakos Governor Mutua's future hangs on pact with Jubilee

Rose Mukonyo | Friday, 07 Oct 2016 11:36 EAT

The source indicated that Jubilee had finessed the deal after noting a spirited push by Wiper Party operatives to ensure Dr Mutua is sent packing in next year's polls

Rule by minority, corruption threaten Busia Governor Ojaamong's re-election bid

Free Press Correspondent | Thursday, 06 Oct 2016 07:33 EAT

If the party contest is open, the persons likely to give Ojaamong a hard time during the campaign trail are none other than Eng. Sidai whom he defeated with a small margin in 2013, and Funyula MP Otuoma.

Why Uhuru could outwit Raila in 2017

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 05 Oct 2016 19:37 EAT

If there is a fact of Kenya’s politics that our so-called thinkers have problem understanding, it is that there are voters out there who looked rationally at Uhuru and Raila in 2013 and decided that Uhuru was the better president for them.

If Raila did these four things, he would win the presidency

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 04 Oct 2016 20:08 EAT

Despite its perceived failures, Jubilee has a firm grip on Kikuyu and Kalenjin tribes. He has the best chance of beating them, but to do so he requires a programme that will deflate the confidence of the other side and win independents.

Creating the immediate flashpoint is the campaign for the Mombasa governorship position over which the Wiper Party has emerged as an opponent of ODM's whose candidate is the incumbent Governor Hassan Joho.

Kivuti, Mbarire, incumbent governor Martin Wambora and another aspirant Kithinji Kiragu are vying for the governor's seat at the next elections.

With DP Ruto neutral, Kericho governor's race hots up

Free Press Correspondent | Sunday, 02 Oct 2016 19:12 EAT

Local political observers expect the race to tighten given indications from DP Ruto that he would remain neutral in the race. The Ainamoi MP's campaign received a boost in recent months when speculation was rife that he was the DP's favourite candidate.

Drug abuse, insecurity, emerge as top issues in battle for Nyandarua seats

Free Press Correspondent | Saturday, 01 Oct 2016 16:06 EAT

During a recent meeting in Haraka that brought together the provincial administration and other government departments, residents of Kinangop expressed their concern over the rising cases of crime involving hard drugs, theft and betting.

"DP Ruto, Governor Tunai don't scare me," says Johanna Ng’eno

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 30 Sep 2016 19:07 EAT

Local political observers predict that Ng’eno will retain his seat despite opposition from the Deputy President and the Narok Governor.

While rich families can afford to send their children to good schools, poor children in some rural areas still study under trees. Millions eat poorly and subsist under squalid, subhuman conditions in hardscrabble townships that are expanding fast and getting more dangerous.

Mutula and his county governor Prof Kivutha Kibwana piled pressure on opposition MPs who have left the parties that sponsored them to Parliament to either resign their seats or be ejected in accordance with the law.

Uhuru, Sonko alliance holds key to Jubilee unity in Nairobi

Free Press Reporter | Thursday, 29 Sep 2016 13:21 EAT

What to do with Sonko is the dilemma of Jubilee power elite and the business community, who are united behind the candidature of Dagoretti South MP Dennis Waweru. It is feared in Jubilee circles that Sonko would almost definitely defect from the coalition and run as an independent.

DP Ruto’s name being used as leaders impose themselves in Jubilee Party leadership

Free Press Correspondent | Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016 12:24 EAT

The wrangling among leaders is based on fear about how election boards would be constituted to work with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) during the party primaries.

Mwakwere has not officially announced his defection, but sources close to him have intimated to the Kenya Free Press his resolution to decamp to ODM. He was represented at the rally by former Kenya Ports Authority managing director Simeon Mkalla.

Wiper foregoes deputy governorship in its new plan for Nairobi

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 26 Sep 2016 19:54 EAT

The leading Wiper aspirants Fred Musau, Roy Kivusyu and Musili Mawathe will run in Embakasi East, Embakasi West and Embakasi South respectively. Wiper hopes to retain the Mukuru kwa Njenga and Laini Saba MCA seats held by Alexander Mutisya and David Kitavi respectively.

“I mind about the welfare of my employees and I will not allow them to suffer. The decision by the board is therefore rescinded, and the officers will be redeployed to other departments," the governor said.

But in forming ‘a Luyia party’ Hon. Namwamba will have to contend with better competitors. Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula, Cyrus Jirongo and Kenneth Marende already have political outfits they are using to rally the Luyia community's unity.

“We urge all our supporters and Kenyans of goodwill to come out in large numbers to welcome our party leader and 2017 presidential hopeful”, said Dr Jared Siso, the Wiper Executive Director.

"Coming from the inner sanctum of the judiciary he may be able to qualitatively blend both the theory and the practice of law as an heir to Dr. Willy Mutunga who emerged from a different background and history," Raila said in a statement.

“There are those who think we are going to opt out of the party but let me tell them know we are in Jubilee to stay,” Ragwa said at Rwanchege, Chogoria Ward, where he commissioned the upgrading of a road in the area.

ODM disciplinary organ issues threat to send party defectors home

Free Press Reporter | Tuesday, 20 Sep 2016 19:35 EAT

The committee's chairman Mr. Fred Athuok invoked Section 14(5) C of the Political Parties Act as having been violated by their action. Among those being threatened with the sack are governors Ukur Yatani (Marsabit) and Salim Mvurya (Kwale) and Joash Maangi (deputy to Kisii governor).

Politicians who have defected to Jubilee Party led by Francis Mwangangi (Yatta), Kisoi Munyao (Mbooni) and Victor Munyaka (Machakos Town) believe the Kamba community should take a political about-turn and support President Uhuru Kenyatta for re-election.

Defection of nine MPs raises political action in Ukambani

Rose Mukonyo | Friday, 16 Sep 2016 19:56 EAT

Their defection has also sparked a campaign by WDM party loyalists from the region who say the MPs have betrayed the wishes of their constituents.

Meru governor, deputy go separate ways in 2017, joining PNU and DP

Free Press Reporter | Wednesday, 07 Sep 2016 15:46 EAT

The coming of DP into Meru has into the mix of political rivalry among the leaders with Party of National Unity (PNU) which is being fronted by Munya and Jubilee Party being fronted by Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi.

MP differs with Nyachae over push for Omogusii unity in the 2017 elections

Free Press Correspondent | Wednesday, 07 Sep 2016 14:58 EAT

“You realized that those opposed to the unity talks were never given chance to speak. A number of those who spoke are those behind the talks,” Nyamweya said.

While Ngilu has pumped substantial resources into her campaign, she is beset by questions at major campaign stops for her to clarify whether her party is in Jubilee or the CORD coalition.

“Out of this effort was borne the Orange Democratic Movement; Kenya’s biggest and greatest political party. The party that fought against a bad constitution in 2005 and later in 2010, fought to bring alive the good one”.

While not everyone believes Thaara is a Moses, opinion is nearly unanimous in the region that Musyimi’s two terms have been a disaster. Caption - Emily Thaara, the county executive for Sports who is seeking to oust Musyimi.

ODM nomination panic grows as Rasanga hits out at Raila allies

Free Press Correspondent | Monday, 05 Sep 2016 18:10 EAT

“When people interfere with the eggs of a brooding hen, it will end up not hatching,” stated Rasanga to the amusement of the crowd at the Sidindi home of Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi.

Over 10 members of the group drawn from Muthungue in Kitui East Constituency declared that Musila was the best person for the Kitui governorship. They made their declaration during Musila’s meet-the-people tour over the weekend.

Keen to stamp his authority on Luyia votes, Raila returns to region he toured in July

Oscar Ndunda and Derrick Kiraka | Thursday, 01 Sep 2016 18:09 EAT

"Raila will visit Khwisero, Butere, Shinyalu, Ikolomani, Lurambi, Navakholo, Malava, Lugari and Likuyani,” said Mr Onyango in the statement, and he will also make stop overs at Emanyulia, Butere town, Sabatia, Shinyalu, Khayega, Musoli, Shisohe, Lubao, Malava, Pan Paper, Kongoni and Matunda.

Also present at the meeting was Baringo Speaker William Kamket who commended Gideon for rejecting calls to dissolve Kanu and join the Jubilee Party saying that Kanu is national unity symbol.

The MCAs say that Governor Ruto’s Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM), which currently has 38 branch offices across the country, is being funded through corruption at Bomet County government.

Anti-riot Police had to disperse the crowds before the deputy president's arrival in the areas. The police claimed they had not been notified of the intended demo and thus had to break it as it was an unlawful assembly.

“I don’t know where to go with all this knowledge and experience I have gained while working in this commission if you remove us. I am asking you to give this team a chance,” Letangule said.

The move came a day after rebel Orange Democratic Movement legislators Ababu Namwamba and John Waluke held talks with Lusaka, who said the decision to merge with the ruling coalition was due to New Ford-Kenya's analysis of the political mood in the country.

While Mutua has vigorously extended the Chap Chap gospel to the neighboring Kitui and Makueni counties, his critics within Wiper Party led by Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama have interpreted his move as a plot to spoil for Kalonzo, who is regarded as a potential flag bearer for CORD in 2017.

Giants to square it out for Kitui Governor position

Phillip Mulee | Saturday, 09 Jul 2016 23:28 EAT

As the contest heats up, Wiper Leader and CORD co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka is torn between Musila and Malombe as he sits on the fence to avoid siding with either as both are loyal party members.

Ukambani leaders to watch in 2017

Mutinda Mulwa | Friday, 08 Jul 2016 11:26 EAT

The rapidly changing political landscape has also unveiled Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, who is widely being touted as a potential challenger of Kalonzo’s dominance as the region’s political kingpin.

Cabinet Secretary Kazungu to steer Jubilee ship in Kilifi

Free Press Reporter | Friday, 08 Jul 2016 11:11 EAT

Hon. Shehe said at the iftar party that Coastal leaders want the deputy presidential position in 2022 and that they had identified Kazungu as the one to represent Coast at the high national table. “It's time for us as Coast to strategize or else we shall not go anywhere,’’ he said.

Fearing another troubled election, civil society struggles to find new voice

Free Press Reporter | Monday, 23 May 2016 12:23 EAT

Flurry of meetings and working groups as activists wrestle with means of forming coalitions that will give the sector a voice it last had in 2010.