June 27th 2017

Right of Reply

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Passengers stranded as matatu operators strike over police harassment

Joshua Mwangangi | Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 17:22 EAT

They said the corrupt traffic Police Officers who operate along their routes were interfering with their operations while favouring their rival Saccos.

It further goes on to say, the savings will be applied to enhance the country’s productive potential and offset its national debt burden.

He said his Government shall not increase any fees on Single Business Permits adding that any Officer charging increased fees and or harassing traders should be reported for immediate disciplinary action.

The fight against corruption has to be Jubilees biggest demons. Having had to deal with corruption scandals in key ministries in its administration, it is difficult for Jubilee to sell us on that front.

The question however is, for how long will poor Kenyans continue to suffer over the doctors and the nurses’ strike and yet the government had promised to increase their pay as well as improving the Healthcare?

Kitui County Government mobilizes locals to conserve the environment

Mutinda Mulwa | Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 10:54 EAT

The minister said that we do not just plant trees but we grow trees. He said that the Kitui County government is coordinating the mining of coal, iron ore and gypsum among many other types of minerals in the county for the benefits of the local people.